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22 Things To Bring To Chemo

Build A Perfect Chemo Care Package

The #AskDrA Show | Episode 22 | Menstrual Cycles, Staying Hydrated and Chemotherapy

From crosswords to cough drops and lip balms to lotions, care packages come in many sizes and contain many different items. But if you have a loved one who is undergoing chemotherapy, it will take a special kind of care package to make an impact.

When people undergo chemotherapy, their bodies go through various changes all at once and it can often be hard to handle. Thats why your chemo care package can make a world of difference. You can show your loved ones that you care and are standing by them as they go through these changes. So, we at Orange County CyberKnife want to help you give them a thoughtful gift that they will remember forever.

Make A Caringbridge Site

CaringBridge is a personal health journal that lets you easily share your health journey with all your loved ones. Creating a site is a great way to help your loved one easily communicate and receive support, which makes it an awesome gift to give someone battling cancer. Check out what a couple CaringBridge users had to say about creating a site:

Doing a CaringBridge for my mother-in-law was the best thing I did for myself! My writings were priceless in the time it saved me. I then could spend more time with her. Then trying to keep everyone up-to-date, which would have been impossible. Thank you for being there for us!

Linda W.

Some of the best gifts my husband and I are receiving right now arent physical things, but support on our CaringBridge site from people we havent heard from in a very long time. Another thing that was an amazing gift to me was the Loving Kindness Meditation connected with CaringBridge. It helped me focus every day, and I saved the link and still go back to it.

Carolyn M.

What To Bring To Chemo

Weve compiled a list of things that our own survivors as well as former cancer patients and health care professionals believe are must-haves to include in the chemo tote bag you bring to every treatment appointment. So grab your favorite tote bag and lets get packing! Heres what you need for the ultimate chemo care package!

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Foods To Eat During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment that uses one or more drugs to combat cancer cells in your body.

Its symptoms, which may include dry mouth, taste changes, nausea, and fatigue, can make eating seem like a chore.

However, its important to eat a healthy, balanced diet during cancer treatment to keep your body functioning optimally. Foods that are mild in flavor, easy on your stomach, and nutrient-dense are some of the best options (

Our Chemo Kits Are Designed Specifically To Help People Undergoing Chemotherapy They Contain Items To Offset Some Of The Unpleasant Side Effects Of Treatment Like Cold Hands And Feet Nausea And Sensitive Teeth

28 Best Chemo Care Basket ideas in 2021

Thick, Toasty Warm Socks

People undergoing treatment can experience very cold extremities. These thick, soft bed socks are included to warm them up, and make them feel more cosy and comfortable.

Sherbet Lemon Sweets

People undergoing chemotherapy treatment often experience a dry mouth and an unpleasant metallic taste, and these are a popular way to alleviate this symptom.

Sensitive Toothpaste

Many chemotherapy patients suffer from sensitive teeth, so as well as freshening their mouth and taking away unpleasant tastes, this can help reduce the painful sensitivity.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

During treatment, immune systems can be weakened, so taking steps to kill germs is important.

Notebook and Pen

Keeping track of hospital visits and doctors appointments can be a challenge, so a small notebook and pen are just whats needed to keep on top of it all.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

This can help to alleviate the experience of an unpleasant metallic taste, and help to feel fresher.

Packet of Tissues

Chemotherapy can be emotionally draining. A packet of tissues is included for when times are tough for patients and their families.

Sleep Mask

Good sleep is always important, but no more so than when someones unwell. A sleep mask helps to block out any unwanted light on a hospital ward.

Hand Cream

Dry skin is a common side effect of chemotherapy, both during and after treatment. A small, unscented hand cream is included to soothe dry and chapped hands.

Lip Balm

Ginger Tea Bags

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Things To Avoid While Undergoing Chemotherapy

If you or a loved one has had a recent diagnosis of cancer, you might be searching for information on how to optimise your health through your diet. In particular, if you are about to commence chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is critical to support your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve the nutritional status of your body. This will help to reduce some of the common side effects of your treatment such as:

  • Lack of appetite

My top 10 tips on what to avoid while having conventional chemotherapy treatment for cancer are:

  • Avoid caffeine as it acts as a diuretic and draws water out of your cells, causing you to urinate more fluid than you are consuming.
  • Stay away from strong smelling foods to avoid aggravating any disorders of taste. Avoid fatty fried, spicy and overly sweet foods, as they may induce nausea.
  • Avoid refined sugars as well as refined carbohydrates as most tumours prefer glucose as a source of energy.
  • Try to avoid only eating your favourite foods as these foods may become associated with nausea.
  • Keep away from excessive alcohol, nicotine, and unhealthy dietary fats as these foods decrease immune function. Smoking cessation is a priority, as it increases oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Avoid germs! Ensure strict hygiene during food preparation as immune activity is compromised during cancer treatments, leaving the body vulnerable to bacterial exposure.
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    About The Mesothelioma Center at

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    “My family has only the highest compliment for the assistance and support that we received from The Mesothelioma Center. This is a staff of compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who respect what your family is experiencing and who go the extra mile to make an unfortunate diagnosis less stressful. Information and assistance were provided by The Mesothelioma Center at no cost to our family.”Lashawn

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    Lus First Encounter With Cancer

    On January 1, 2002, Lu and her husband, Rob, welcomed a baby boy into the world. Their son, Gabe, started life with the distinct honor of being the first baby delivered at Vanderbilt University Medical Center that year!

    Almost a year later, on Christmas Day, Lu and Rob returned to the same hospital, but this time, the news wasnt as good. Gabe was experiencing enlarged lymph nodes and a lazy eye. Antibiotics werent working and the symptoms were getting worse.

    A CT scan revealed a large mass in his right sinus cavity. It was resting on his brain and crushing his optic nerve.

    That night, as families all over the country settled into the winter evening, we heard the words no parents ever expect to hear. Our beautiful baby boy, one week shy of his first birthday, had a malignant tumor, recalls Lu. It was devastating for a new parent. It was very, very frightening.

    Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients

    HOW TO MAKE CHEMO CAP. Adjustable with FREE pattern.

    CaringBridge Staff | 06.14.21

    When you find out someone you know has cancer, you wont always know exactly what to say or do to make his or her experience easier.

    Giving a thoughtful gift is one of the many ways you can show support to a loved one going through cancer treatment. For inspiration, we asked members of the CaringBridge community whose lives have been touched by cancer to share the best gifts theyve given or received.

    Check out the list and get inspired by these 15 thoughtful gift ideas for cancer patients:

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    List Of What To Bring To Chemotherapy / Devonyu

    Most people have several chemotherapy infusions. During those days or weeks between chemo sessions, the items in your bag may end up in other places.

    When you pack your bag for your first session, make a list of what’s in it. Bring the list with you in case you find you want to add items to it to bring for the next session. Keep the list in a safe place in a pocket of your bag or on your phone so you can easily check it before your next session.

    What Cancer Treatment Risks Can Diabetes Cause

    Diabetes can increase the risks of cancer treatment because:

    • Some cancer treatments and their side effects can make your blood sugar levels go up or down.

    • Some cancer treatments can make health problems you have from diabetes worse.

    • People with uncontrolled diabetes may have more severe cancer treatment side effects. For example, they are more likely to get infections and need hospital stays during treatment.

    These challenges can make it hard to finish cancer treatment as planned. Your health care team will work with you to lower your treatment risks. Use your personal medical record to share which diabetes medications you take and any problems from diabetes that you have. Also be sure to let your team know if anything changes about your symptoms or your prescription for diabetes medication.

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    Great Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients

    See our most recent compilation of gift ideas and products for cancer patients during and after treatment. When a loved one gets cancer, it’s hard to find the right words to say, let alone the right things to give to them during this time. The gifts ideas below are all designed to make the cancer experience easier for everyone involved, no matter what type of cancer the patient is faced with. Adult Coloring Books What better way to unwind then to spend some time with one of our favorite childhood hobbies, but with an adult spin: an adult coloring book. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Secret Garden: This was one of the first adult coloring books to hit the market, and is one of Amazon’s best selling books. It’s no surprise why – it is so easy to get lost in Johanna Basford’s beautiful illustrations.
    • Maybe Swearing Will Help: This is the perfect adult coloring book for those with a sense of humor and a bit of a foul mouth. This adult coloring book features funny pages with quotes of motivation, puns, and cursing for anyone to calm down with.
    • I Am A Cancer Warrior: A coloring book filled with powerful mantras – all of which are motivational, encouraging and empowering sayings and affirmations specifically for those fighting cancer.

    IHC Team Suggestions:

    Cozy Blanket Or Scarf

    The 22 Best Ideas for Gift Basket Ideas for Cancer Patient  Home ...

    Most oncology floors are chilly, and sometimes the medicine coursing through your veins makes you even colder.

    Bringing a cozy blanket can take the edge off and make the space feel more comforting. Some days, I would wear a scarf I could easily use as a blanket for double duty and less packing.

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    What Helps With Nausea And Sickness During Chemotherapy

    As well as taking any anti-sickness medication your doctor has prescribed, try one or more of these traditional remedies that could help with nausea and sickness, so that you can enjoy your food again:

    • Ginger many community forum and Facebook members swear by ginger. Its a traditional drug-free way of reducing nausea and sickness. Use it in cooking, have it in sweets and biscuits, drink it as tea or cordial, or try a flat ginger ale or ginger beer. We love the chemo pack put together by a Facebook group members thoughtful friend, Ginger wine, ginger biscuits and pieces of crystallised stem ginger along with a mini fan.
    • Peppermint you can enjoy this as sweets or tea to ease that queasy feeling.

    Find recommended Liver Better With products to help with nausea and sickness here.

    Help Out With Daily Tasks

    One thing a cancer patient does not need any more of? Stress. Offering to help out with tasks like rides to treatments, house cleaning, feeding pets or driving kids to school/sports will lift a huge weight off your loved ones shoulders. The less they focus on day-to-day chores, the more they can focus on getting better.

    Here are some specific ways you can help out with daily tasks:

    One of the best gifts I got when I had my cancer in 2001-2002 was, a church friend would come pick up my 3 kids and drive them to 3 different schools each school day. She had 2 daughters that went to school also. It helped me tremendously, because a lot of times my cancer appointments were early and I could not drive my kids to their schools. Others gifts were gift baskets of things that I could use for different things during my cancer treatment sessions like cards, money or gift cards and people praying for me ALL over the world while I had cancer treatments and appointments.

    Debbie W. R.

    Years ago a women in our town had TB and was staying in a special hospital. She had 5 small children. The Junior Womens Club took this on as a project. We took care of her children on a Friday took turns feeding the family and whatever was needed.

    Carol L.

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    What To Pack In Your Chemo Bag Written By Lyla Kiel

    A cancer diagnosis is often accompanied by chemotherapy. Two C words that are very loaded. There are different treatment options for specific cancers, but today, we are focusing on C-H-E-M-O-T-H-E-R-A-P-Y! I am not going to sugarcoat thisChemo is not fun. Is it at times overwhelming? Absolutely. If you choose to fight and your team of doctors put you on a chemotherapy protocol, can do you do it? Absolutely. Is it going to be easy? No, BUT you are a fighter. I have not been on chemotherapy myself, but I accompanied my mom to almost all of her treatment appointments. Therefore, I am going to give you a glimpse into the caregivers perspective.

    Below, you will find a guide to both The Caregiver Bag and The Patient Bag or as we liked to refer to them, The Lyla Bag and the The Deb Bag. Feel free to take this and run with it! My mom would have loved it. She was HUGE on not being referred to as a patient. She would always say, I am not my cancer, I am Deborah. The contents of the bags are similar, but I love lists, so you get both! Warning: My mom was an over-packer and I inherited that skill.

    Chemo Duck Program Is Born

    G-Mo Skee – Bring Em To Life (Prod. BlackOut Beats)

    Throughout his time in treatment, parents of other patients noticed Gabes duck. Because it was such a comfort for him, some of them requested one for their own child. Always eager to help, Lu started making more Chemo Ducks and giving them away.

    When Lu and Rob saw the other kids smiling faces and their parents relief, they knew they were onto something. They went out and bought every stuffed duck they could find. Lu dressed them up and gave them to the kids, hoping each of them would find that bond with Chemo Duck like Gabe did. The idea was so successful, Lu was inspired to start a non-profit organization in 2004 called Gabes Chemo Duck Program.

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    Something To Look Forward To

    Having something positive to look forward to is a great motivator for cancer patients to get through treatment. You can plan something to anticipate, or keep them reminded of a goal they have.

    When my sister was very sick with ovarian cancer, her friends and family did a mini-makeover on her kitchen, living room and dining room.including paint, new decor, new couch, etc. She got to come home to a fabulous, clean and beautiful home to recuperate!!!

    Renee B.

    During my radiation for breast cancer my main objective was to backpack with my friends & husband again. I went for radiation daily and then I went to the gym.daily. to get ready for the hike in the spring. I was so focused on the physical recovery that at times I forgot about the treatment the hour before.

    Jean K.

    Biotne Dry Mouth Oral Rinse

    Certain types of chemo, medications, and radiation can cause dry mouth. The American Cancer Society recommends drinking lots of fluids, using a humidifier and a mild mouth rinse to help treat symptoms of dry mouth as well as to keep your mouth clean. Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse is alcohol- and sugar-free and was created to ease dry mouth symptoms for up to four hours while also freshening breath. The six-pack travel size allows you to have one with you anywhere and everywhere you may need it. Theres also a mouth spray version available.

    Biotène Dry Mouth Mouthwash 2 oz Travel Size , $13.29,

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