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Back Pain Radiating Into Stomach

Iliac Crest Apophysis Avulsion

Low Back/Abdominal Pain? Itâs Psoas Spasm! Do This! | Dr Wil & Dr K

Avulsion fractures of the apophyses of the pelvis are rare injuries. This injury occurs mainly in young persons, between the ages of 8 and 14, before they’ve fully grown. That is because fusion of these bones does not occur until between the ages of 15 and 17 years. The cause is typically a contraction of muscles during extreme sports activity. Treatment includes rest and physical therapy as well as pain medications.

Problems Digesting Your Food

The pancreas plays an important role in breaking down food . Its common for pancreatic cancer to cause problems with eating and digesting food.

Symptoms of this include feeling full up quickly when you eat, a bloated tummy, lots of wind, and burping. But these symptoms can be common problems and arent usually due to pancreatic cancer.

What Signs Suggest That A Pinched Nerve Is Causing Abdominal Pain

There are several nerves attached to the abdominal wall, muscles, and organs which provide motor and sensory function. If one of these nerves become pinched, you may experience:

  • Persistent radiating pain in the abdominal region
  • Pain that feels like it moves from the front to back of the abdomen
  • The pain is localised, sharp, or burning
  • Pain levels can change when you twist, bend, or sit up

Its always a good idea to talk to a health care professional if you experience these types of symptoms, as there are multiple potential causes

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Causes Of Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen

Abdominal and back pains are often symptoms of the same cause and this pain is often very common in people who suffer from chronic back pain.

Excessive enlargement of a large artery in the abdomen can often lead to abdominal and back pain. This is called an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Lower back pain that spreads to the front abdomen is an unpleasant and panic experience for anyone. There are many organs involved in the lower back and abdomen so there are different causes of pain.

Back pain and abdominal pain should be treated without neglect. Most of the time home remedies can relieve some of the symptoms of back pain and front abdominal pain.

But if this back pain is much earlier but has recently spread to your abdomen, it may be a matter of concern to you.

Sometimes back pain with abdominal pain indicates a medical emergency. Like, when lower back pain that radiating to the front abdomen.

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Who May Be Prone To Back Pain From Medical Emergencies

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While a serious medical condition can affect anyone, some individuals are more prone to these problems due to their underlying health conditions, physical characteristics, and lifestyle habits.

This list outlines the groups of people most prone to back pain from medical emergencies:

  • The young and the elderly. The age of the individual is an important initial consideration when diagnosing back pain. Those less than 18 years or more than 50 years of age are typically at a higher likelihood of serious conditions as the cause for the back pain and typically need immediate care when symptoms occur.
  • Tumors and infection occur with higher frequency in both these age groups.1
  • Younger individuals are at increased risk of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis.1 If these conditions are severe, they can affect the neural elements of the spine, causing pain and disability.
  • Elderly individuals are more susceptible to abdominal aortic aneurysm.3
  • Older individuals may sustain fractures, including pathologic fractures, even with minor trauma.1
  • The immunocompromised. Reduced immunity or a weakened immune system can make individuals susceptible to specific spinal conditions. Examples of the various causes of reduced immunity and the resultant back pain conditions that are likely to occur are outlined below1:
  • A history of intravenous drug abuse, and/or recent bacterial infection, such as pneumonia or urinary tract infection, may pose an increased risk for spinal infection.
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    Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain That Radiates To The Front Pelvic Area

    As lower back pain may cause referred pain in other parts of the body, including the front of the pelvis, its common to be misdiagnosedespecially if youre not seen by health care professionals who specialize in spinal-related issues.

    Low back and front pelvic pain can come from many sources including:

    • Bulging discs and nerve root irritation
    • Sacroiliac joint injuries and pelvic dysfunction
    • Physiological changes during pregnancy
    • Generalized low back pain and facet joint injuries

    A thorough examination can be used to figure out whether an individual’s pain is due to a problem with the spine, nerves, muscles, or sacroiliac joint. Physical therapists are well-versed in anatomy, biology, physiology, and kinesiology . This allows them to pinpoint areas of concern when symptoms are reported, such as lower back pain that radiates into the pelvis.

    Back Pain And Abdominal Bloating

    A number of possible reasons exist for the co-occurrence of spinal pain and abdominal bloating. Bloating can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from very benign causes like overeating or eating fatty foods to more serious concerns like autoimmune disorders and cancer.

    As far as foods go, there are quite a few different types of food that cause bloating, which can trigger pain in stomach and back. Foods rich in oligosaccharides can cause abdominal bloating, as can strawberries, apricots, prunes, Brussel sprouts, dairy products, sweeteners, and whole grains. When these foods cause fiber to get backed up in the digestive system, bloating and constipation can occur, making it crucial that you drink plenty of liquids to keep the fiber moving.

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    Lower Abdominal Pain That Spreads To The Back

    For pain in the lower abdomen that spreads tothe back, there are several possible causes, including irritable bowelsyndrome. The other causes include:


    Cystitis is a common and treatable infection of thekidneys, bladder, or urethra. It is often characterised by inflammation in the bladder.Those who suffer from cystitis tend to feel more tired than usual, pass urinemore often, and experience burning or stinging during urination.

    Cystitis can also cause:

    • A dull ache in the lower abdomen around or just below the bikini line
    • Pain that worsens when leaning forward
    • Pain that spreads to the lower back and sometimes to one side of your back
    • A feeling of sickness and loss of appetite

    Darkerurine, often accompanied by a stronger odour

    Ovarian Cysts

    • Ovarian cysts are a common cause of abdominal and backpain on the right side, and abdominal pain on the lower left side in women betweenthe ages of 13 and 53. The pain of ovarian cyst typically: Starts on one side of the lower abdomen and spreads to the hip on that side, and to the lower back and upper thigh Continues but occasionally increases in severity Occurs a few days after menstruation, and for two weeks thereafter Lasts for a few hours but can become very bad within daysLeadto vomiting and abdominal bloating and severe pain if the ovary is twisted

    Menstrual Pain

    Menstrual pain is followed a few days later with avaginal bleed. The pain tends to get better after the bleeding has gone onfor a few days.

    Causes Of Acute Abdominal Pain

    Low Back Pain

    Pain can arise from many causes, including infection, inflammation, ulcers, perforation or rupture of organs, muscle contractions that are uncoordinated or blocked by an obstruction, and blockage of blood flow to organs.

    Immediately life-threatening disorders, which require rapid diagnosis and surgery, include

    ) are frequently done to look for signs of a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. Blood tests are often done but rarely identify a specific cause . An ultrasound Ultrasonography Ultrasonography uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of internal organs and other tissues. A device called a transducer converts electrical current into sound waves read more is helpful if doctors suspect a gallbladder or gynecologic disorder. An endoscopic evaluation, using cameras to look inside the gastrointestinal tract, may be needed.

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    When Should You Be Seen By A Physician

    In most cases, taking over-the-counter medication to resolve chronic gas can help ease back pain. For example, antacids are effective in neutralizing gas-causing stomach acids. Anti-flatulent drugs, such as Gas X, for example, can help ease feelings of fullness, painful pressure, and bloating, all of which are responsible for flatulence and belching. More often than not, resolving the buildup of gas in the body will indirectly relieve or eliminate back pain. Of course, if these over-the-counter medications do not provide relief, it would be a good idea to be seen by a physician as soon as possible as excessive gas could signify a serious underlying health problem.

    Treating Back And Stomach Pain

    In order to properly relieve your pain, a proper diagnosis will be important. A doctor will listen to you describe your symptoms and medical history to try and determine potential causes and will then use a series of tests to rule out serious issues. These tests may include blood tests, ultrasounds, endoscopies, X-rays, or urine tests. You may also be sent to an Atlanta MRI center for more advanced imaging.

    At AICA Orthopedics, our onsite imaging site is readily available and works with a range of doctors, giving you access to various forms of treatment depending on your diagnosis. If you are experiencing a combination of stomach and back pain, call AICA Orthopedics today.

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    Getting Stomach And Back Pain Relief

    If your lower abdominal pain and lower back pain are mild, you may benefit from taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and monitoring how you feel for a couple of days, Dr. Chang says. “However, if it’s a severe pain or if there’s fever, vomiting, dizziness or any other moderate-to-severe symptom, either call the doctor or go to urgent care or the emergency room,” he says.

    In cases when you’re experiencing both lower abdominal and lower back pain, determining any abdominal causes would take priority, Dr. Chang says. “From the perspective of a spine specialist, if there’s lower abdominal pain involved, they’re better served trying to get the abdomen checked out first. And if there’s still an issue, they could see a back specialist,” he says.

    If menstrual cramps are contributing to your pain, the Mayo Clinic notes that cramps can often be eased with over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, or a heating pad, among other remedies. However, if you find that menstrual cramps interfere with your life or worsen over time, or if you begin having severe menstrual cramps after turning 25, the Mayo Clinic recommends seeing your doctor.

    If the cause of the pain is pelvic or gynecologic, imaging may be needed to explore potential causes further, Dr. Chang says. “Those things are usually ruled out by ultrasound or CT scan by either a gynecologic or general surgery specialist,” he says.

    Fix The Root Of The Problem

    Back Pain: Upper, Middle, Right, Left, Sudden, Severe, Chronic ...

    Muscle imbalances happen when certain muscles work too hard and others dont work hard enough.

    Your muscles are designed to complement, not compete with one another. One overly weak or dominant muscle can literally pull everything off track.

    I recommend learning more about my targeted Muscle Balance Therapy program.

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    Can Back Pain Cause Stomach Problems

    Our overall health is affected by a variety of different factors. This is why it is so important to find the root cause when you are dealing with any type of health concern. While you may feel symptoms in one area of your body, they could be caused by a dysfunction in a completely different part of your body. This is why more holistic approaches towards medical treatments are becoming more popular throughout the United States.

    Both patients and doctors are starting to understand that different parts of the human body work together in a synergistic manner, and the illnesses that affect us should be treated with that in mind. We should always be looking for the root cause of any medical problem that we suffer from so that we can find and use the most permanent and effective treatment possible.

    Are you suffering from any type of digestive issue? Well, there is no need to feel any shame about it millions of Americans suffer from some type of stomach problem. But just because these types of problems are so common, that doesnt make them something that should be ignored. Obviously, stomach problems can be very uncomfortable and even sometimes very painful in their own right. They can also be quite embarrassing as well!

    The Thoracic Spine Is Often No Mans Land

    One of the issues we see on a day to day basis is that most pain management doctors ignore the thoracic spine. Why? Injecting this area is more technically demanding, hence residency and fellowship programs tend to avoid it. In addition, there is much overlap between the neck and the thoracic spine. For example, lower neck joints and irritated nerves can refer pain into the shoulder blade areas. However, ignoring this part of the spine is not wise. Let me explain.

    What can go wrong in the upper back? As discussed above, you can have a bulging or herniated disc pressing on a nerve. You can have a facet joint problem here, just like you can in the neck or low back. You can also have a rib facet problem or an issue where the rib meets the spine. Finally, the ribs themselves can develop problems that can lead to pain that can wrap around to the front. Hence, there is much that can go wrong here, so ignoring a whole section of the spine is not a good idea.

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    Pain In Your Lower Stomach And Back Heres What It Could Mean

    If your stomach is churning or cramping and your lower back is aching, it’s important to know that the causes for lower back and lower stomach pain can range widely. Depending on your pain level, you may benefit from ringing your doctor’s office to figure out what’s causing it and get relief.

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    Can Back Pain Radiate To Stomach

    Safe Core Abdominal Exercises for Lower Back Pain – PHYSIO Beginners Guide

    Lower back pain that radiates to the front abdomen may occur together in a rare, serious medical condition called abdominal aortic aneurysm. Classic symptoms include: A continuous, stabbing pain of severe intensity felt deep in the abdomen between the sternum in the center of the chest and the belly button.

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    What Else Causes Pain In The Upper Left Abdomen

    Pain in the upper left abdomen can be caused by things besides pancreatitis. Many of these conditions are quite serious or even life-threatening. Any pain that is out of the ordinary should be checked out by a doctor, but especially pain in the upper left abdomen. Dont try to diagnose yourself. Often, even doctors will need to order tests to make a confident diagnosis. Here are the most common causes of upper left abdominal pain.


    These are some of the most serious causes of pain in the upper left abdomen. As with acute pancreatitis, they require immediate medical attention. They also underscore the importance of not ignoring upper abdominal pain, especially when its on the left side.

    • Inflammatory bowel disease


    Among the numerous conditions that can afflict the respiratory system, there are a few that are more likely to cause pain in the upper left abdomen. This could be an infection in the left, right, or both lungs , inflammation of the membrane inside the chest wall , or trapped air threatening to collapse the lung.

    Chest, Ribs, and Back

    Along with muscle strains and pinched nerves, there are a couple conditions that can cause upper abdominal pain above and beyond a persons normal amount of aches and pains. The cartilage that connects the rib cage with the breastbone can become inflamed as with costochondritis. Broken ribs or other physical trauma may also cause pain in this area.

    • Costochondritis
    • Back and shoulder pain

    Other Causes Of Abdominal Pain

    Abdominal pain can also be caused by problems in body systems other than the digestive tract including:

    • Abdominal trauma: Damage of the organs or blood vessels within the abdomen can result in internal bleeding, even if there is no sign of trauma from the outside. Always seek professional medical care after an accident or injury from blunt force or an explosion to rule out internal damage.
    • Abdominal tumor or mass: Ranging from a simple cyst to cancer, an abdominal mass causing pain and other symptoms requires prompt medical attention to diagnose and treat the problem.
    • Endometriosis: A condition in which the uterine lining grows abnormally outside the uterus. Symptoms include lower back and abdominal pain during and after your period, cramps, fatigue, and heavy bleeding. Medication can help relieve endometriosis symptoms surgery is necessary in some cases.
    • Hernia: A painful lump is one sign of an abdominal hernia. A hernia causing problems in the lower abdomen is usually an inguinal hernia. A painful hernia may involve surgical repair.
    • Kidney disease: Symptoms vary widely depending on the cause kidney stone pain is usually severe and felt in the side of the abdomen and moves into the lower abdomen and groin. Treatment also depends on the cause.
    • Medication side effect: Examples include anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, and sodium phosphate.

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    Who Is At Risk For Acute Pancreatitis

    Drinking too much alcohol can put you at risk for pancreatic inflammation. The National Institutes of Health defines too much as more than one drink a day for women and a maximum of two drinks a day for men. Men are more at risk than women for developing alcohol-related pancreatitis.

    Smoking tobacco also increases your chance of AP. Smoking and drinking rates are similar in black and white Americans, but black Americans are more than two times as likely to develop AP. A family history of cancer, inflammation, or another pancreatic condition also puts you at risk.

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