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Best Foods For Chemo Patients

The Best Protein Powder For Breast Cancer Patients

Chemo Diet

From a nutritional point of view, the best protein powder for breast cancer patients is probably a simple plant-based powder without added ingredients made up of a mix of different protein sources.

Since theres some controversy regarding branched-chain amino acids and breast cancer, it may be wise not to use whey as your main protein source.

An example of a protein powder with a few additional ingredients and additives is Ora So Lean & So Clean.

They use a blend of organic proteins alongside vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

Still, its best used in addition to eating regular food.

How Broccoli Fights Cancer

Studies show that there are compounds in cruciferous vegetables known as isothiocyanates that fight cancer. However, as far as we know, these compounds are only present in raw or very gently cooked cruciferous vegetables. So, thats why this recipe uses gently blanched and frozen broccoli florets.

Its also easier to hide the flavor of frozen broccoli as opposed to fresh broccoli. And, the frozen florets even help to thicken the smoothie.

If youre a fan of broccoli, you might also like this easy step-by-step guide for how to sprout broccoli seeds on your countertop without dirt. Sprouting broccoli and eating a tablespoon or two a day is another way to help prevent and fight cancer.

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Food For Chemo Patients

Cooking food for chemo patients can seem really tricky. But, I assure you that cooking food for chemo patients really isnt as hard as you think it is. Here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind before you cook any food for chemo patients.

Cancer treatments dont just affect the people going through the treatments. A cancer diagnosis affects the family and friends of the person going through them as well. These friends very often want to step up and help their loved one get through such a hard time in their life. Which is great! Very often, this type of support is received in the form of food donations to their loved one with cancer. And while these food donations are very much needed and incredibly helpful, there are a few things to take into consideration before baking your family member or friend a casserole. I have included this information so that you may share it with friends and family that want to help you, but dont know how. This article condenses all of the previously learned information about Cooking for Chemo into one helpful guide.

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How Can Your Diet Help Manage Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Some dietary changes can help you manage side effects after your treatment begins. These side effects include:

  • Appetite loss. Eat small meals or nutritious snacks throughout the day, rather than three large meals.
  • Constipation. Drink plenty of water, consider a fiber supplement, and add veggies and beans to your meals.
  • Diarrhea. Choose foods or drinks with sodium and potassium .
  • Loss of taste. Knowing what to eat when you cant taste can be difficult. Consider trying new foods with different spices or marinades. You can also add strong flavors, such as lemon or lime juice.
  • Nausea. Anti-nausea foods include citrus, ginger and peppermint oil. You can suck on a slice of lemon, drink ginger tea or eat ginger chews.

What Are Good Food Sources

Foods Ideas for Chemotherapy Patients

Proteins make up the structure of not just animal cells but also plant cells.

Hence, its present in plant foods such as broccoli, grains such as quinoa, and nuts such as peanut butter.

They have a little less protein than traditional proteins, such as eggs and red meat, but are still good sources of protein.

To assure that youre getting the best mix of amino acids in your diet, its best to vary your protein sources.

That way you can be sure that you have adequate protein quality in your diet.

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Quick Tips To Manage Side Effects

Nausea: Research shows that ginger can improve chemotherapy-induced nausea. Add a slice of raw ginger to tea, hot water, soups, or smoothies several times a day for optimum benefits.,

Mouth Sores: Choose blended foods like cold smoothies and warm soups. Avoid rough, textured foods and spicy foods that can irritate open sores.

Metallic Taste and Loss of Taste: One of the most common symptoms from chemotherapy treatment is a metallic taste in the mouth when chewing food or drinking water. Try adding in fruits and mint to water to overcome the metallic taste. Use plastic flatware instead of metal ones. Before eating rinse your mouth with ginger tea or ale, salt water, fresh fruit juice, or mint water to cleanse the palette.

Diet For Chemo Patients: Foods To Eat & Foods To Avoid

Cancer is an extremely serious disease where there is uncontrolled multiplication and division of the cells resulting in formation of tumor which can spread and invade to other areas and organs of the body. Cancer disrupts the patients stamina, mental abilities and energy. It is important to take proper food which has essential nutrients for maintaining metabolism and the strength to fight cancer.

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Living With Cancer Exercise Ideas

What Foods Should Patients Avoid During Cancer Treatment? | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

There are lots of ways you can become more active. It is important to do something you enjoy that also fits in with your life.

If possible, try to do a mix of activities that improve your aerobic fitness, balance, strength and flexibility.

We have more information on types of physical activity.

Remember, you can ask for advice from your cancer specialist or GP if you have any questions about becoming more active. They may refer you to an exercise specialist or physiotherapist.

Tips for getting started include joining a walking group or exercise class, playing a sport or encouraging your friends and family to join you. Setting realistic targets and keeping a record of your progress will help you to stay active.

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Recipes For Weight Gain

Maintaining a healthy body weight and making good food choices that give your body the right nutrients can sometimes be a challenge. But if youre preparing for cancer treatment, now more than ever is the time to focus on your bodys nutritional needs. The fact is that maintaining a healthy body weight may contribute to your recovery and the success of your treatment plan.

Keep in mind that a thin, underweight body may not be able to tolerate the stress of cancer treatment. At the other end of the spectrum, there is evidence that being overweight may increase the chance of cancer recurrence. So whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain during treatment, youll want to be sure that youre getting the nutrients your body needs to heal while carefully eliminating foods that no longer serve you.

The following recipes may be helpful if youre trying to increase your weight or avoid weight loss. They are from More Smoothies for Life by Daniella Chace .

For best results, combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and purée until smooth. Served chilled.

Which Protein Powder Is Best For Cancer Patients

When it comes down to which protein is best for you, a lot can go into your decision.

Things like your likes, lifestyle, whether youre currently being treated for cancer, and the different cancer types are factors to consider. Consideration for breast cancer may be different from small cell lung cancer depending on goals, side effects, and difficulties experienced.

You probably also want a protein that has few additional additives and that is safe for you to use.

If youre undergoing treatment, it might be best not to choose a powder with added probiotics, and be careful with concentrated sources of BCAAs, as mentioned above.

For instance, if you want to:

  • Try a plant-based protein, choose a plain pea protein powder or a mixed protein source. Some come with added powdered veggies and are organic.
  • To maintain your weight or gain weight, use your regular protein more often, or use products that include more protein, calories, and fat. Or to make high-calorie drinks for cancer patients, mix in some ice cream.
  • To maintain your weight or lose weight, choose protein as the only ingredient and mix it with fat-free milk or water.

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What Should I Eat During Chemotherapy

Read Time: 2 minutes

Joan Elizondo, RD, CSO

Joan Elizondo, RD, CSO, is a registered dietitian at Huntsman Cancer Institute. She is passionate about helping patients reach their nutrition goals through their cancer journey. Here, she provides answers to some frequently asked questions patients getting chemotherapy have about their diets.

Chemotherapy treatment is a roller coaster. One week, you feel horrible and the next week you feel great. Your body goes through a lot of stress during treatment and food gives your body the nutrients it needs to stay strong.

Think of food as a delicious form of medicine. Your appetite will improve, and side effects will decrease after treatment is complete. Every day will get a little better. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Try to eat a healthy diet during chemotherapy. Your body uses a lot of energy, so it is important that you eat enough calories. Chemotherapy affects each person differently, but here is a good rule to follow. Your normal plate should be about 75% fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The other 25% should be lean meats or plant-based proteins. Still, you do not have to eat a perfectly balanced diet every day. Get as close to your calorie and protein goals as you can. Eat what foods sound good and what you tolerate best.

Why Eating Well During Cancer Is Important

Healthy Recipes For Chemo Patients

Many people find that they lose weight without meaning to when they have cancer. Having cancer and treatments like chemotherapy can make eating more difficult. Cancer also affects how your body uses and processes nutrients in food. So even if you are eating, you may still lose weight or not get the nutrients you need. This is why many people have already lost weight before being diagnosed with cancer.

Being underweight or not getting enough nutrients can make it harder for your body to cope with the cancer and any treatments youre having. Treatment may even need to be delayed if youre not well enough.

Eating well helps you to get enough calories to keep your strength and energy up. This will help you manage your cancer and treatments better. Its also important that you get enough protein. Protein is important for healing and for your immune system, which help your body to fight off infections.

There are also many people who find they gain weight during cancer. This may be due to the cancer itself, to lifestyle changes or to certain treatments, especially hormone therapies. Its still important to eat well and focus on a healthy, balanced diet. Talk to your cancer doctor or nurse if youre worried about weight changes.

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Is Whey Protein Supplementation Good For Cancer Patients

Whey protein powder is produced from milk into 3 main forms: whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein isolate.

However, since there may be some controversy regarding whey protein powder for cancer patients, using whey as your only protein source may not be the best option.

An alternative to whey may a quality pea protein isolate. Pea protein isolates are absorbed faster than regular pea protein and are usually tolerated well.

Staying Active With Macmillan’s Move More Online Exercise Programme

Macmillan has developed an exercise programme for people living with cancer that will help keep you active. You can use these videos to get you started.

Warm up

The warm up helps to get your body ready for exercise. This video has a series of exercises to warm up your muscles and get your blood flowing.


Cardiovascular exercises work the heart and lungs. The exercises in this video can help give you more energy and make everyday activities easier to do.

Strength and endurance

Strength and endurance exercises can improve the strength and tone of your muscles. The exercises in this video can also improve your body composition and increase lean muscle mass. This makes it easier to do everyday activities.

Cool down

The cool down helps reduce the chance of your muscles feeling sore after exercising. The stretching exercises in this video also improve your range of movement and flexibility.

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Pizza May Actually Be Good For Cancer Patients

“Food for the Fight” – Nutrition Advice for Cancer Patients

Pizza is commonly associated with cancer patients, in part due to its high saturated fat and sugar content. A study conducted by the Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research found that people who ate pizza at least once per week had a lower risk of esophageal, colon, and mouth cancer. According to the researchers, the tomato sauce, which contains a lot of antioxidants, could have a significant impact on this. Despite the fact that it is best to avoid soft cheeses and cheeses with blue veins, cancer patients can consume most pasta. Pasta with chlorine or other chemicals should be avoided, but it is fine to eat it raw.

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If Your Tastes Have Changed

  • Try adding herbs, spices, garlic or lemon juice to your food. Alternatively, choose stronger versions of foods you normally enjoy.
  • Remember that chutney, pickles, relishes and dressings can all add flavour to your meals.
  • Try eating foods at room temperature rather than when theyre very cold or very hot.
  • If youve gone off tea or coffee, try fruit or herbal teas.
  • If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, see if using plastic cutlery makes a difference.
  • Keep trying foods you previously disliked, as your tastes may change again.

Dont Forget About Physical Activity

Physical activity has many benefits. It helps you maintain muscle mass, strength, stamina, and bone strength. It can help reduce depression, stress, fatigue, nausea, and constipation. It can also improve your appetite. So, if you dont already exercise, talk to your doctor about aiming for at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate activity, like walking, each week. If your doctor approves, start small and as you are able, work up to the goal of 300 minutes a week. Listen to your body, and rest when you need to. Do what you can when youre up to it.

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Throw In Some Healthy Fats

Did you know healthy fats help absorb nutrients as well as keep you feeling fuller, longer?

  • Chia or flax seeds. Spoon in 1 teaspoon of chia or flax seeds, which aid in lowering blood pressure and are loaded with antioxidants, protein, iron and calcium.
  • Avocado. Slice up 1 ripe avocado, which is high in oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory, as well as high in fiber.
  • Coconut oil. Scoop 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into your smoothie, which is known to raise good cholesterol and aid in heart health.

Getting Help With Your Diet

Healthy Recipes For Chemo Patients

If youre having difficulties with eating or managing your weight, speak to one of your healthcare team. They can advise and support you and prescribe medicines to help you cope. These may include medicines to boost your appetite, anti-sickness medicines, and medicines to combat constipation and diarrhoea. There are also artificial saliva products, which can help if you have a dry mouth.

A dietitian can help to plan your diet to make sure you get all the calories and nutrients you need. They can also give you advice on the best way to prepare your food. If youre not getting enough calories and protein from your diet, they may suggest trying food supplements. These come as a powder that you make up as a drink or add to food. Some types you can buy from a pharmacy but for others, your doctor or dietitian may give you a prescription.

If other measures arent helping, your doctor, nurse or dietitian may suggest artificial nutrition as a last resort. This means having a tube into your stomach or a vein to supply you with all the nutrients you need. Your doctor, nurse or dietitian will discuss this with you if they feel this is needed.

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