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Best Gifts For Chemo Patients

Make A Caringbridge Site

Gifts for Cancer Patients & How to Help | Advice from a Cancer Patient

CaringBridge is a personal health journal that lets you easily share your health journey with all your loved ones. Creating a site is a great way to help your loved one easily communicate and receive support, which makes it an awesome gift to give someone battling cancer. Check out what a couple CaringBridge users had to say about creating a site:

Doing a CaringBridge for my mother-in-law was the best thing I did for myself! My writings were priceless in the time it saved me. I then could spend more time with her. Then trying to keep everyone up-to-date, which would have been impossible. Thank you for being there for us!

Linda W.

Some of the best gifts my husband and I are receiving right now arent physical things, but support on our CaringBridge site from people we havent heard from in a very long time. Another thing that was an amazing gift to me was the Loving Kindness Meditation connected with CaringBridge. It helped me focus every day, and I saved the link and still go back to it.

Carolyn M.

Comfortable Clothing Care Package

Women seem to have endless options available when it comes to comfy loungewear. Men dont always have many options on hand.

Put together a cozy gift basket with a plush robe and soft socks or comfy Ugg slippers. Round it out with a few pairs of soft and comfortable pajamas. Your loved one will feel like theyre wrapped up in a warm hug from you whenever they wear them.

Daniel Field Suite Body Lotion

“People with cancer aren’t going to be thinking of their bodies as something worth pampering, but it’s exactly what they need most,” Chelsey says.

Dena recommends getting them something from the Chemo Hair and Skin Collection, which offers products that are toxin-free and specifically designed for people going through treatment. The Daniel Field Suite Body Lotion is an especially good choice to soothe dry or sensitive skin.

âBuy it:â âPrice:â $16-$25

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Care Package Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

Many pre-assembled care packages have a distinctly feminine bend. Its easy to find a gift basket with floral bath and body products geared towards women. When making a care package for a man, you often have to think outside the box and get creative. Here, we brainstorm some ideas for custom care packages for male cancer patients.

Most Saving: Cozygem Blanket

Best gift chemo patient Chemo Sensitive gift basket

The CozyGem blanket is more than just a cozy addition to your bedroom or living room. The inspiring words printed onto the soft fabric bring a sense of hope, faith, and peace to your space. Not only does the blanket provide physical comfort with its fluffy, cloud-like feel, but it also offers emotional comfort through its uplifting message. And with its stylish design, this blanket can easily blend in with any room’s decor. It makes for a perfect thinking of you or comfort gift for someone going through a difficult time, reminding them just how much they are loved and supported. CozyGem blanket combines both physical and emotional comforts to create a truly soothing experience.

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Pavilia Premium Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

To make hours-long treatment sessions more comfortable, give a fuzzy blanket for snuggling. This option from Pavilia is a great choice that comes in two sizes50 by 60 inches and 60 by 80 inchesand a variety of colors. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and more than 6,000 reviews. Reviewers say this blanket is lightweight but feels extremely plush and comfy.

Worst Gifts For Chemo Patients

Posted on November 23, 2022

It is very important to know what the worst gifts for chemo patients are before you buy something that does more harm than good. While you may have good intentions its easy to make innocent mistakes. We got you covered with a list of things one should avoid buying cancer patients:

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Their Very Own Hospital Gown

There are few things as impersonal as a hospital gownand is it just us, or do they never fit? A personal robe could allow people with breast cancer to feel just a bit more like themselves during treatment. Something pretty, soft, and in a fun pattern is just a small way for them to feel like themselves during their hospital stay.

Perfumes Scents Scented Items

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Who are Going Through Chemo

As we have mentioned previously in our section about why buying flowers is a bad idea, chemo patients have an increased sense of smell, and any strong smell whether pleasant or unpleasant may cause nausea to the patient. Plus many perfumes have chemicals in them which may be too harsh on the sensitive skin of a chemo patient.

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Help Out With Daily Tasks

One thing a cancer patient does not need any more of? Stress. Offering to help out with tasks like rides to treatments, house cleaning, feeding pets or driving kids to school/sports will lift a huge weight off your loved ones shoulders. The less they focus on day-to-day chores, the more they can focus on getting better.

Here are some specific ways you can help out with daily tasks:

One of the best gifts I got when I had my cancer in 2001-2002 was, a church friend would come pick up my 3 kids and drive them to 3 different schools each school day. She had 2 daughters that went to school also. It helped me tremendously, because a lot of times my cancer appointments were early and I could not drive my kids to their schools. Others gifts were gift baskets of things that I could use for different things during my cancer treatment sessions like cards, money or gift cards and people praying for me ALL over the world while I had cancer treatments and appointments.

Debbie W. R.

Years ago a women in our town had TB and was staying in a special hospital. She had 5 small children. The Junior Womens Club took this on as a project. We took care of her children on a Friday took turns feeding the family and whatever was needed.

Carol L.

Soft And Warm Blankets

Hospitals and infusion centers can often be very cold and chemotherapy can increase ones sensitivity to extreme temperatures because of a number of side effects including neuropathy a type of nerve damage, weight loss and low blood platelets. A great option to stay warm during treatment and at home is by making or buying a soft blanket such as or a weighted blanket like VelvetLoft® Plush Throw Blanket or a weighted blanket like Gravity Blankets.

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Practical Gifts For Chemo Patients

Below is the list of the most useful items to see your loved ones through chemotherapy. All of these make great gifts for chemo patients. If youre looking for chemo basket ideas, the gifts in this list are the most essential.

Comfort gifts for chemo patients

  • A fluffy warm blanket These are highly sought out and appreciated by chemo patients. The chemo blankets most hospitals provide are often thin and insufficient. The patient will appreciate a warmer, bigger blanket. Patients commonly take these blankets with them to chemo for added comfort. Click chemo blankets to have a look at some good examples! This is a set that also has other items which are recommended in this article.
  • Food Delivery gift cards from UberEats or similar services. Chemotherapy can be taxing on the body and the patients may feel exhausted most of the day, so having discount cards for food delivery services can be extremely beneficial. Patients on chemo feel cravings for certain foods while other foods make them feel nauseous. Thus, its great for allowing them to pick from a restaurant of their choice and having it delivered to them so they dont have to leave the bed. More about food-related gifts can be found in the section below.
  • Books, Puzzles These can keep loved ones occupied.
  • A small portable metal fan These are highly useful as cancer patients often get hot flashes due to chemo. Make sure its a quiet fan so the patient can leave it on at night while sleeping.

Here Are Our Best Gift Ideas For A Chemotherapy Patient

30 Ideas for Gift Ideas Chemotherapy Patients

We listed the gifts below with chemo patients in mind, even though some may be suitable for cancer patients in general. For example items like lip balm can be soothing for cancer patients, but are of particular use for people undergoing chemotherapy because they may get dry or chapped lips.

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Cancer Hats And Head Coverings

When someone loses their hair due to chemotherapy, they need to protect their heads from the harsh outdoor elements throughout the year. For chemo patients, a cold treatment facility may feel even more uncomfortable when the cool air blows on their bald heads. Cancer hats and head covers are also a good alternative to wigs, or can be worn in addition to them. We often forget how much our hair keeps the heat in, so even sleeping at night with a bald head can be uncomfortable.

Gifts To Purchase For Chemo Patients: Ideas From Lip Balm To Online Classes

We have listed gifts in no particular order, as there is no best or worst gift to get cancer or chemo patients. They may not all be suitable, you know your friend/loved one better than we do. So as you go through this list please think of who your friend/loved one is and if you can, what side effects they are experiencing and choose the gift or gifts you think would benefit them the best.

10 Clothes and accessories

High-quality loungewear can help cancer patients feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter where they may be.

2. Pyjamas

During and after chemo treatment, many patients experience fatigue and may spend more time in bed. Prioritize their comfort and help them unwind with a luxurious pajama set!

3. Functional Clothing

Although many chose to wear loungewear when undergoing treatment, others prefer to stick to their usual clothing style. You can help by buying clothes they will love but are functional.

4. Bathrobe/Lounge Robe

A cozy robe gift means the cancer patient will be comfortable no matter where they go and can be worn year-round. Also helpful for potential hospital stays and convalescence.

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Regular Visits & Calls

Its free, its easy and its so important. Going through cancer treatment can feel isolating and having the support of regular visitors is the best way to combat that.

Coordinate with your loved one to find the days theyll be undergoing treatment and pick times that work for both of you to come visit. Trust us, simply showing up makes a world of difference to someone going through a health crisis.

And when youre not visiting in person, pick up the phone and give your loved one a call. Hearing the voices of people they care about can be an incredible source of comfort and entertainment.

The gift of time, to sit, help take my husband to chemo, stay while I ran an errand, take him to lunch with the guys if he was able.

Carole C.

Visit as much as possible and talk about old times.

James W. H. Jr.

Cancer Gifts: Help Their Family

Cancer Gifts: What gifts to NOT give to cancer patients

12. Gift cards for food delivery apps

Apps like Door Dash, Grub Hub and Uber Eats are fulfilling dreams we didn’t even know we had. Because of COVID-19, almost all restaurants are now set up with one of these services. All of these food delivery apps offer gift cards that you can email or text a friend. Send a gift card, or you can also send food as a gift. It’s a wonderful thing.

13. Gift cards to grocery stores

Do you see a food theme here? Food is a great way to help gift someone who is sick, and it’s a gift that benefits everyone in the home. If you want your dollars to go a little further, get a gift card to a local grocery store or a grocery service like Instacart.

14. Drop off a home-cooked meal

While gift cards are handy because they give a cancer patient control over what and when to order, home-cooked meals are also wonderful gifts that cannot be beat. These meals are often extremely yummy, plus, they’re made with love. Because the drop-off usually comes with a smile, hug and extra love, this is a gift that must not be overlooked.

15. House cleaning

A clean house is a happy house, and it’s also critical for a cancer patient. Especially if your friend is on treatment, help eliminate germs and grime at their place. You can offer to clean the house yourself or send in a team of cleaners. Just be aware of the products being used and any specifications on chemicals and toxins your loved one may have.

16. House chores

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Splendid Cities: Color Your Way To Calm Adult Coloring Book

Price: $

Adult coloring books are a stress-relieving way to pass time and create something beautiful. While there are lots to choose from, this Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm coloring book takes your loved one on a world tour of beautiful coloring options. Dont forget to include some colored pencils or markers as part of your gifts.

Friend And Family Gift Basket

The Friends and Family Cancer Support Gift Basket is ideal for someone who just learned that they have cancer. It is a gift designed to get family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors involved in the fight. Perfect for everyone between the ages of 8 and 80, this gift basket includes:

  • 10 No One Fights Alone® Wristbands
  • 10 Ribbon Awareness Car Magnets
  • 10 No One Fights Alone® Buttons
  • 10 Enamel Ribbon Pins. Each pin has a tiny gold heart-shaped cutout.
  • 10 Stretchy Silicone Hope Rings
  • 10 No One Fights Alone® Temporary Tattoos. The tattoo ink is designed for cosmetic use, and once applied, each tattoo will last for about two weeks.

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Gift Ideas For A Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy

Undergoing chemotherapy can be a very difficult time for both patients and caregivers. There’s no rulebook, no guidelines, no playbook, no how-to manual. We often get asked by our community: What more can I do to help?” We like the idea of putting together a homemade personalized care package or gift basket to show your loved one you are thinking of them.

To help get you started, we created a list of items you can include in a customized chemo care package you can gift before, during or after treatment:

Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer Patients And Caregivers

Top 68 Best Gifts For Chemo Patients

– November 19, 2021

Setting out to find just the right gift for a friend or family member can be a challenge. It can be even more difficult if that person is undergoing treatment for cancer or taking care of someone who is. We asked our social media followers for their gift recommendations here is what they offered up.

1. A Meal Service or Gift CardsTraveling to and from home for cancer treatments can be time consuming and tiring for both the patient and caregiver. A meal service, gift card to their favorite restaurant, or homecooked meal will take away the burden of having to grocery shop and cook.

2. A MassageWhether going through active treatment or recovery, many cancer patients can benefit from massage. It can minimize pain by reducing muscle tension, as well as improve emotional well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

2. Time OffIf your friend or family member has kids, offer to babysit or take them out for a fun day. Otherwise, offer to take care of everyday tasks and errands so they can spend some time alone, doing whatever theyd like.

3. A Clean HomeWhile undergoing treatment, Sophia V. said her friends paid for a house cleaner to come in. Even though Im a private person, its something I really needed. Having fresh clean sheets on my bed when I was sick was the best gift!

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Cheerful Gifts For Chemo Patients:

  • Gift Cards: If you know the patient likes a particular place very much, getting them a gift card for that place can cheer them up. The great thing about gift cards is that the patient can choose what they want to get and treat themselves. We have gift cards for chemo hats if you are interested.
  • Dont buy Flowers: This can be the type of gift people commonly think of when visiting a cancer patient, but theres more to it! Read on as flowers may not be ideal for every cancer patient. Firstly we advise against flowers because some patients should not come in contact with flowers as the spores can put them at risk. Chemo patients already have weakened resistance. There are a few more things to be cautious of. Chemotherapy leaves the users sensitive to a lot of smells and this can cause nausea. Its one of the worst gifts one can buy for cancer patients.
  • Make a personalized calendar include pictures of fun things youve done together, trips youve been on and memorable moments. This makes a good gift for cancer patients in hospitals. For instance, they can use it to count down the days until the end of their chemo treatment!

Simply being there

Cancer is tough both physically and mentally. Visiting them and being there for them can be very uplifting for cancer patients.

Remember, a simple gesture can be made much larger by the amount of thought that goes into it.

Best wishes from Masumi Headwear!

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