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Best Gifts For Someone Going Through Chemo

Keychain For The Strong Warrior

What to get someone going through chemo

If you are looking for an inspirational yet functional gift for a cancer survivor, this keychain is a great choice for you. Made from 100% high-quality stainless steel, this keychain is free from other toxic metals like lead and nickel lead.

However, the wordings on the keychains circular pendant make this an apt gift for radiation patients. It contains an additional charm, with the words, hope written on it.

Gifts That Show Support

Your friend may prefer not to receive gifts. If so, consider supporting a cancer charity in your friend’s name.

Most cancer research organizations, hospitals, and societies maintain charitable programs. You can make one-time or monthly gift. As a bonus, donations come with tax benefits.

This type of gift may require a little research. Look at the institute’s year-end financial report. It will tell you which areas of research it invests in.

It will also note how much of each dollar is spent on administrative costs. These costs are often called the “facilities and administrative rate” or F& A.

Look for organizations devoted to specific cancers. Examples include:

If your friend has breast cancer, consider donating to an organization focused on finding a cure for metastatic breast cancer, such as METAvivor. Many organizations devote a large percentage of their bottom line to supporting people with cancer and looking for cures.

Woolen Blanket With A Beautiful Message

While radiation patients will be thrilled about this beautiful cotton blanket, they will be moved to tears reading the emotional message written on it. The words, printed in big and bold print, go this way In this family, no one fights alone.

These words give patients the feeling that they are cared for and dont have to fight their battles alone. These blankets are absolutely comfortable, too, as they are woven using 8 miles of super-soft, American-grown cotton.

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I Have Chemo Brain Whats Your Excuse

Chemo brain isnt something that cancer patients are imagining. Its a very real phenomenon, and the memory loss and brain fog can be frustrating and demoralizing. Its not something that chemo patients want to brag about, but acknowledging it and being able to laugh at it can be helpful coping mechanisms. Mugs, buttons, or t-shirts with the words I have Chemo Brain! Whats Your Excuse? are fun gifts that may make it easier to deal with one of the very real side effects of chemo treatment.

Gifts For Cancer Patients: Around The House

Chemo Care Basket

1. Hard-to-kill house plant

My grandma sent me a plant after colon surgery more than 10 years ago and it’s still alive today. Plants have a way of perking up our spirits, and they add freshness and greenery into spaces. Try a pothos or a peace lily for hard-to-kill varieties.

2. Framed saying or wall art with encouraging words, verses or quotes

I love artwork with meaning, especially if it’s infused with emotion. Posters saying things like “Be Brave” or “Take Courage” are not only inspirational, but they can really help cancer survivors keep going.

3. Coffee mug and bags of coffee grounds/beans or tea

Every year or two I have to weed out my coffee cup collection because they make popular gifts for cancer patients, but they’re also really meaningful ways for my friends to send encouragement. I’ll sit in a comfortable place with a blanket and hot cup of tea, and it will bring warmth to my dark days. On occasion, in lieu of a reusable mug, I’ve received plastic or paper cups with encouraging notes and verses written on the side. A hot cup of coffee or tea is an affordable way to send someone some love.

4. Safe cleaning products

5. Collectables that made you think of them

Angel tree figurines. Football cards. Pop figurines. Stuffed animals. There’s a lot of fun collectables out there, and sending one to your friend may be the perfect way to perk them up .

6. Cancer-Fighting Recipes

7. Bird feeder and seed

8. Gift cards to an online streaming service

9. Candles

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Something To Look Forward To

Having something positive to look forward to is a great motivator for cancer patients to get through treatment. You can plan something to anticipate, or keep them reminded of a goal they have.

When my sister was very sick with ovarian cancer, her friends and family did a mini-makeover on her kitchen, living room and dining room.including paint, new decor, new couch, etc. She got to come home to a fabulous, clean and beautiful home to recuperate!!!

Renee B.

During my radiation for breast cancer my main objective was to backpack with my friends & husband again. I went for radiation daily and then I went to the gym.daily. to get ready for the hike in the spring. I was so focused on the physical recovery that at times I forgot about the treatment the hour before.

Jean K.

A Major Sans Bpa Water Bottle For Them To Hurl In Their Sack

Hydration is unquestionably significant during chemotherapy, says Marlon Saria, Ph.D., R.N., a propelled practice nurture scientist at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif.

So locate an enjoyment water bottle that suits your companions taste while likewise filling in as a delicate suggestion to drink more water.

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Our Top 5 Cancer Gift Ideas For Chemo Patients

From the instant we learn that someone we know or care about has been diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is a desire to help them. We want to do something, anything for them, and most of all, to let them know that they arent going to fight this battle on their own. If youre thinking about gift ideas for cancer patients, or you want to make the treatment process easier for someone, weve come up with some fabulous and practical gift ideas for chemo patients.

White Satin Just Chillin Robe

Gifts for Cancer Patients & How to Help | Advice from a Cancer Patient
  • Gift Now
  • 5. Cozy Socks

    A cancer patient going through chemotherapy has to sit still for a large amount of time. They are also more susceptible to the cold, so a trusted pair of warm bed socks is a nice comforting chemo gift. And even if the chemo treatment doesn’t make them cold, they can give a comfy, pampering feeling which may be needed.

    6. Hats

    Hats are another great way to ensure cancer patients will stay warm during treatment. When you shop for a hat, make sure that it is made of a gentle fabric. But remember that not everyone who has chemo treatment loses their hair, so you might just want to buy a hat as a gift for warmth and not hair loss. Plus hair loss can be a sensitive subject, so make sure this is the correct thing to buy. Check with the cancer patient or the people who are close to them first.

    7. Scarves

    Scarves are another good gift for chemo patients, to help keep them warm during chemo treatment. We suggest that they are small and lightweight, so they can be layered.

    8. Gloves

    As mentioned above chemo treatment could make patients cold and usually the first parts to feel the cold are the hands. A good gift to deal with this could be warm ‘touch-screen’ friendly gloves that will still allow phone usage.

    9. Cardigans/Jumpers

    Cardigans are another good gift idea for chemo patients, especially as they can be taken on and off when needed. Opt for soft, gentle natural fabrics as opposed to heavy, itchy knits.

    10. Slippers

    1. Books or magazines

    Gifts For Radiation Patients

    Radiation therapy is usually used as part of cancer treatment. Patients undergoing radiation treatments experience a lot of physical and mental pain. While you cannot do anything to bring down the intensity of their pain, you can lighten their mood and give them the encouragement they need to go through this tough phase.

    Here, we present 21 such thoughtful gifts that you can give to someone undergoing radiation treatment. These gifts help them feel motivated and inspired. Once they become mentally strong, they can endure more physical pain than they ever imagined. So, here are some gifts to show you care, and that you are there for them, no matter what.

    Wine Tumbler With A Powerful Message

    Here is a great gift that you can gift for radiation patients who love their wine. These wine tumblers come with double-walled insulation, and can be used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

    The wordings on this tumbler are powerful, motivating and inspiring. They give the patients the much-needed strength to carry on with their treatments, and win over cancer as quickly as possible.

    Present For Friend Going Through Chemo

    My friend has cervical cancer and her chemo and radiotherapy sessions start this week. Myself and a few other friends want to get her a useful gift – something more imaginative than flowers and chocolates. We were hoping to get her items that will prove beneficial throughout her treatment.

    Is there anything that we could include in our parcel. Do things that help with the side effects and things that she can use to help her feel a bit better. Any suggestions most welcome xx

    A Feast Conveyance Administration For Making Suppers Somewhat Simpler

    Gift Basket Ideas

    Tragically, life doesnt get put on hold when you experience chemo, patients despite everything need to experience fundamental, regular things like preparing supper. As you can envision, that can be debilitating, which is the reason a membership to a nourishment conveyance administration can be fantastically useful.

    One of the most supportive endowments I got was a container of Omaha steaks, Nora Mastrippolito, a bosom malignant growth survivor clarifies. A basic food item conveyance administration gift voucher can likewise go extremely far. Your preferences can change significantly during chemo, so it very well may be useful to let the patient select what they need, she clarifies.

    Have Their Clothing Conveyed

    Indeed, you can offer to come over at whatever point they need, however Sheila Ferrall, ranking executive of nursing practice, instruction and clinical adequacy at Moffitt Cancer Center,says that she would say, the vast majority are extremely hesitant to really take companions up on those offers.

    Rather, offer quite certain administrationsas a blessing, she says. You can either disclose to them youre approaching do clothing or contract a nearby clothing administration that does pickup and conveyance.

    Lip Balm For Hydration

    When you give them this thoughtful gift, radiation patients dont have to worry about dry and cracked lips as an after-effect of their treatments. This is a set of hydrating lip balms from Burts.

    All these four lip balms are 100% organic. They are made from natural ingredients like beeswax, strawberry, coconut oil, pear, vanilla bean, shea butter and fruit extracts to provide the much-needed nourishment and hydration to their lips.

    Gift Ideas For A Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy

    Undergoing chemotherapy can be a very difficult time for both patients and caregivers. There’s no rulebook, no guidelines, no playbook, no how-to manual. We often get asked by our community: What more can I do to help?” We like the idea of putting together a homemade personalized care package or gift basket to show your loved one you are thinking of them.

    To help get you started, we created a list of items you can include in a customized chemo care package you can gift before, during or after treatment:

    Soft And Warm Blankets

    9 Best Chemotherapy Tips – Minimize Side Effects and Feel Confident From a Cancer Coach

    Hospitals and infusion centers can often be very cold and chemotherapy can increase ones sensitivity to extreme temperatures because of a number of side effects including neuropathy a type of nerve damage, weight loss and low blood platelets. A great option to stay warm during treatment and at home is by making or buying a soft blanket such as or a weighted blanket like VelvetLoft® Plush Throw Blanket or a weighted blanket like Gravity Blankets.

    Sowhat Is A Good Gift For A Cancer Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy

    Although we have tried to give our best gift ideas for a chemotherapy patient, everyone is individual, has their own likes and dislikes, and will respond to treatment differently. So please make sure when you get your friend or loved one a gift, or are putting together a care package, that you get something appropriate to them and their treatment. The best thing you can always give is your support, time and a listening ear. A great chemo gift is a nice added extra or an important indication that you care about and support them when you cannot be there in person to give support. We are very happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions…..

    Dr Cohen started her working life as a research scientist and lecturer with over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    She followed a classical scientific career until she left mainstream science in 2000 to establish the Life Science Communications company, Euroscicon Ltd.

    Euroscicon Ltd was her first company .

    Current Projects

    In 2013 Dr Cohen was diagnosed with Cancer and set up Cancer Care Parcel which provides appropriate gifts for people with cancer.

    Dr Cohen is the lead scientific advisor at Optimised Healthcare. A medical profiling company which provides advanced disease prediction, prevention and wellness optimization services.

    She also works with and establishes businesses and charities which benefit local, national and international communities.

    Homemade Meals Or Restaurant Gift Cards

    Offering meals is a gift-giving staple for a reason: it takes a huge burden off a patient. Finding the time to cook regularly is a challenge even for those with no health issues, let alone someone struggling with cancer. A home cooked meal or a gift card to a favorite restaurant can make a big difference.

    A couple CaringBridge members who received meals during treatment shared their appreciation for this gift:

    We are an eat at the table familywhen my daughter was doing chemo it would have meant takeout dinner.for over two years the people of our church came weekly with homemade meals and sat down at the table with my other children while I was at treatment with Echo.I still tear up thinking of it.

    Evan J. M.

    A home-cooked, sit-down dinner and someone coming to clean my house were the two best gifts I ever received while undergoing chemo.

    Nicole Nic N.

    Gift cards for meals for my family. The cutest was from a coworker who sent me a DQ gift card with a note that said Have a cold one on me!

    Michelle B. A.

    Apparel And Personal Care

    24. Cancer-specific gear

    Buy gear from a non-profit that is devoted to their cancer type. Oftentimes, these groups sell swag that make perfect gifts for cancer patients: T-shirts, hats, mugs and more. This swag usually contains messages pertaining specifically to colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, etc.

    25. Inspirational T-shirts

    There’s a slew of cancer survivor T-shirts online many of them say things like SURVIVOR, COURAGEOUS, BRAVE or some other affirming message.

    26. Jewelry

    A necklace or bracelet with an inspirational or meaningful charm can be a really special memento to a cancer patient. It doesn’t only bring joy in the moment, but it can be a keepsake and reminder of what they went through for a long time.

    27. Lounge wear

    Find super soft, comfortable, loose-fitting PJ pants or shorts. These come in handy both at the hospital and at home. Find loose-fitting pants if they’re facing abdominal surgery.

    28. Fuzzy, soft socks

    Soft, colorful socks can be an inexpensive, thoughtful way to show someone love and brighten up their way. These are things we rarely buy ourselves, but they make great gifts.

    29. A nice, soft robe

    Can you tell that soft clothing is a theme for gifts for cancer patients? Robes come in handy when you’re in the hospital or at home recovering.

    30. Manicure and pedicure

    31. Safe beauty products

    Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment

    10 Stylish Gift Ideas For Chemo Patients 2021

    When someone you love has cancer, it can be difficult to know what to say, let alone trying to find them appropriate gifts during this time. Do you get them something practical they can use while having treatment? Or do you buy something completely unrelated, to distract them from the repetitive treatment cycles or discomfort they may be in.

    One of our editors Sofiane asked people affected by cancer what they think are the most useful gifts.

    The gift ideas below are all designed to make the person with cancer feel a little bit more at ease, no matter what type of cancer the person is faced with.

    AudiobooksWhen you are stuck in a hospital bed, having or waiting for treatment, you suddenly end up having a lot of free time on your hands. An audiobook of the persons favourite read can be a great gift, as the person may have concentration problems or be feeling very tired . These symptoms can make reading physical books difficult.

    If the person doesnt fancy listening to an audiobook, you can always make them a playlist of their favourite songs to pass the time.

    If they prefer playing games or doing puzzles, you can buy these through apps on their smartphone or tablet device.

    Ginger and lemon productsIt may not have been your first thought, but buying foods containing ginger can help reduce feelings of sickness. You could try buying ginger biscuits, ginger sweets or even ginger tea. Lemon drops can also help those suffering from a dry mouth.

    Other gift ideas

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