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Chemo Caps For Cancer Patients

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Headcovers And Head Scarves For Cancer Patients

How to Make a Chemo Cap

If youre like many people, you may start your search for chemo headwear before your treatments even begin. Thats a smart move that allows you to be prepared as soon as you feel you need a scarf, hat, or turban. However, if you buy the wrong ones, theyll sit unused instead of being enjoyed. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid to end up loving what you buy.

  • Refusing to buy from a chemo headwear retailer. Cancer patients often dont want to feel like cancer patients, so they look for regular hats and scarves instead of shopping with a retailer who designed headwear for this purpose. However, if you go this route, youre likely to end up with items that are too hot or uncomfortable or dont offer enough neck coverage.
  • Buying uncomfortable scarves and hats. If youve only worn hats over your hair before, then you may not have considered the unique needs you now have for soft, seamless, comfortable headwear. Watch for seams on the inside as well as features such as Velcro that might irritate your sensitive scalp.
  • Playing it safe when it comes to colour. Of course, if you favour black, white, and neutral tones, then choose your headwear to match. On the other hand, dont be afraid to play around with bright, sunny colours. Look for shades that complement your eyes, skin tone, or favourite makeup. Then accessorise with earrings for an extra dose of cheer.

What We Stand For

At Masumi Headwear, customer satisfaction is a priority. Our TrustPilot page is a testament to our passion! So, we are attentive to listen, adapt, and evolve from feedback. This practice has led us to receive many 5 star reviews. As a result, our service has an Excellent Trustpilot rating. Also, we are proud to be Gold Star Service Award Winners 2021 at Feffo.

Our passion lies in supporting the hair loss community. So, we strive to deliver quality chemotherapy headwear with unique capabilities. Our exclusive designs blend luxury, comfort, and style. Thus, our headwear is a powerful tool offering a renewed boost of confidence.

Cover Your Hair Loss With Jas Fashion Chemo Headwear

Losing hair can be a challenging chapter of our lives. Take this special time as an opportunity to give our life a twist of style with comfort.

Facing hair loss with confidence can be achieved with a simple and affordable headcover. Jas Fashion with many years of experience in the headwear industry, is here to help.

Jas Fashion chemo headcovers are purposely designed and made for those with sensitive scalps. Our competitive prices and a wide range of styles have brought smiles to so many faces. Read more

Find a Wide Range of Chemo Headwear at Jas Fashion

Unless you are a cancer patient, a person who lost hair due to COVID-19 or a person suffering from alopecia due to stress or other factors, you may never have given any thought to chemo headwear. However, many patients dealing with hair loss enjoy these items. Theyll help to keep your head covered, warm, and comfortable, and to give you a confidence boost. You can find a wide variety of cancer headwear at Jas Fashion.

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How To Determine The Most Flattering Type Of Hat For You

Selecting a flattering hat can make all of the difference when going through cancer treatments. A flattering hat can offer a sense of security, confidence and empowerment to women with hair loss.

Finding your face shape is essential to selecting a flattering hat. There are several ways to find out what face shape you have. One way is to take a photo of yourself and trace the outline of your face. The shape that you draw will reveal your face shape. You can also observe your face shape by standing in front of a mirror with your hair pulled back and tracing the outline of your face with a tube of lipstick or a bar of soap.

If you’re more a mathematician than an artist, measuring your face from cheekbone to cheekbone, across the widest points of your jawline, across the widest points of your forehead, and from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin will give you measurements that will help determine your face shape. After recording your measurements,you can use our handy face shape chart to determine what shape your face most resembles. You can find this chart on our resources page under Finding a Flattering Hat for your Face Shape.

Personalized Coupons Offering Help

Chemo headwear skull caps for cancer patients lightweight

Sometimes, a great gift isnt material. Your friend might need something you can do rather than buy.

Personalized gift certificates or coupons are endearing. They can come in handy when your friend isnt feeling 100%. Just be sure to make gift certificates specific.

For example, you could design and print a coupon your friend can redeem for:

  • A day of housecleaning
  • A night of home cooking
  • A week of grocery shopping
  • Taking the kids for a day

Something like one hour of help is too vague. This is more likely to result in the gift certificate going to waste.

Your friend may need help with certain things, but may not think or want to ask for it. For example:

  • Washing windows
  • Cooking a childs favorite meal

Cancer-related decisions like treatment, symptom management, and day-to-day living with cancer can feel overwhelming. Specific coupons can help provide welcome relief.

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What Payment Methods Do You Accept

At Masumi Headwear, customer satisfaction is our main concern. So, to help your shopping experience, we accept various methods. Of course, you can make payments via credit or debit cards. We also accept PayPal. Additionally, Amazon customers can use their accounts. So, you can pay at the Amazon checkout page.

What Type Of Designs Do You Sell

At Masumi Headwear, we offer a range of designs. So, there is something to suit everyones unique tastes! Choose from chemo scarves, turbans, hats, and beanies. Plus, we have funky chemo headwear for exercise and rest. A core belief is that headwear should be accessible to everyone. Hence, the business proudly produces styles, for women, men, teenagers, and children. We offer lots of variety in alopecia headwear. Our versatile collection is for those living with hair loss. It consists of timeless, elegant designs. Thus, you will look and feel fabulous! So, whether you are after a casual look, activewear to keep fit, or a remarkable piece for a classy event. No doubt, we have a solution to help you re-discover the former stylish, confident you!

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Can You Dye Your Hair During Chemotherapy

“It is best to avoid hair dye while undergoing chemotherapy, as this can cause chemical trauma,” says Van Onselen.

CancerReseachUK adds that it is best not to use dyes or perms for around 6 months after finishing chemotherapy since hair is more fragile and susceptible to damage straight after finishing chemotherapy.

Perms are out too, due to the chemicals they contain.

What Size Do Mens Chemo Hats Come In

No Pattern Chemo Cap made from Soft Jersey

Our Connor beanies provide the perfect fit for men. This is due to their ability to extend to 110. In fact, our hats adjust to the size of the head. This is thanks to the elastane inside them. So, they stretch. As a result, our Chemo Hats for men will fit most average sized heads. As with all our headwear, our Mens Chemo Hats provide a snug and comfortable fit. The same applies to Ari and our dreamy Sleeping Caps. So, no matter whether you are seeking headwear for exercise, a good nights sleep or to keep you cozy in the winter. Our Masumi chemo caps for men are right for you!

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Chemo Beanies For Men

These chemo beanies feel soft and comfortable. They are also practical. Besides, the styles are suitable for everyday casual use. For cotton hats for male chemo patients, we recommend Connor Slouch Chemo Beanie.

Masumis chemotherapy headwear for men makes for great active wear. So, it is fitting for men wishing to strengthen the body during and after chemo. Gentle cardio exercise can help combat common side effects of chemotherapy. For instance, walking helps the immune system as well as reducing fatigue and nausea. Thus, our mens range caters to the outdoors. So, no matter the weather, these breathable hats will insulate and keep you warm!

Our Connor beanies deliver a laid-back and casual look. Plus, their tones complement any outfit. Choose from grey, blue or black styles.

In essence, chemo hats for men by Masumi Headwear combine prime elements. Such as, our beanies are modern in their design. So, they have a casual exterior. Also, their interior feels divine on the scalp. The soft fabric soothes and insulates. They encourage exercise due to being excellent active-wear. Finally, the tones work well with any outfit.

Our mens chemo hats range is suitable for anyone experiencing hair loss. Also, it can be for those with sensitivities towards certain fabrics.

How Might It Work

The theory behind scalp hypothermia is that the cooling tightens up or constricts blood vessels in the scalp. This constriction is thought to reduce the amount of chemo that reaches the cells of the hair follicles. The cold also decreases the activity of the hair follicles and makes them less attractive to chemo, which targets rapidly dividing cells. This could reduce the effect of chemo on the follicle cells and, as a result, prevent or reduce hair loss from the scalp.

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Chemo Hats For Cancer Patients

Some cancer patients wouldn’t want to wear a women cancer wig , while undergoing chemotherapy treatment with related hair loss. Some would feel more comfortable simply wearing chemo hats to protect their head both from heat and cold. You could very much do so. However, remember the following before buying cancer hats, either for you or for your loved one:

  • Choose chemo hats size for women with little or no hair. You may not notice it, but women with hair are sized a bit bigger compared to ladies experiencing hair loss from cancer chemotherapy, alopecia or baldness.
  • Do not expect that your cancer hats for chemo can cover your entire hairline. Thus, it would be wiser to buy a human hair cancer wig or synthetic hair cancer wig.
  • Remember that cancer hats are generally designed to serve as a protective covering and not to conceal hair loss related to chemotherapy or alopecia.

How To Put Together A Chemo Care Package


The list below details 19 things you may choose to include in a chemo care package.

A tote bag is the typical container of choice, but you could also put the items in a beautiful gift box, a small pre-fab toiletry bag or dopp kit, or in a plastic container the person could place on a shelf to pull out items as needed.

It all depends on who will receive the bag and which items you want to include.

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What Should I Do

Some cooling cap systems, such as DigniCap, Paxman, and Amma, have been cleared for use by the US Food and Drug Administration . Some older types of scalp hypothermia devices can be rented or purchased online, and some cancer treatment facilities in the US allow patients to use them.

If you are considering whether to use scalp hypothermia, its important to carefully weigh the potential benefits, discomforts, and risks . Discuss the pros and cons of this option with your cancer treatment doctor. You might also want to ask if the treatment center has experience in using cooling caps and how successful they have been.

Another consideration might be cost. Older types of caps are generally not covered by insurance, and its not yet clear if the use of newer, computer-controlled systems will be covered, either. Its important to check with your insurance company to see what might be covered before starting your treatment.

How To Wear A Chemo Hat

  • A chemo hat is initially kept in a freezer and filled with a cold liquid that is stored in a fridge at -40°F.
  • These hats are comfortable yet constricting and cover the natural hairline, offering a full-head coverage.
  • These caps are worn first before the session to prepare the hair for the treatment.
  • It is then worn during the chemo procedures but replaced every 30 minutes.
  • It is worn again after the treatment.

Lets now take a look at 12 of the best hats that you can choose to look your very best every day.

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Masumi Headwears Chemo Hats For Men

Masumis chemo caps for men oozes coolness! These designs look great as well as being practical. This range is especially for men experiencing hair loss. We have designed our hats to be the most efficient items to own during cancer treatment. Our chemo beanies are made especially for men going through chemotherapy. This collection uses the softest and most superior cotton material. Also, there is no stitching on the inside. In turn, this avoids irritating the scalp. Our chemo hats have removable tags inside them so you can experience maximum comfort! These chemo beanies feel soft and comfortable. They are also practical. Besides, the styles are suitable for everyday casual use. Plus, their tones complement any outfit. Choose from grey, blue or black styles. In essence, chemo hats for men by Masumi Headwear combine prime elements.

What Is A Chemo Cap

How to Crochet a Chemo Cap for Charity

When someone refers to a chemo cap, it is typically a form of comfortable head cover made with the specific needs of people who are going through chemotherapy.

Some of theses needs are:

  • The cap/hat needs to use soft materials that wont irritate the scalp.
  • All stitched seams should be hidden or on the outside because its part of the design aesthetic.
  • The design should be comfy and not put too much pressure on the ears since it will be worn for long periods of time.
  • It should be easily machine washable.

As you might expect, someone going through chemotherapy may have a lost a lot of hair. therefore its important to pay close attention to the types of materials you use no materials that are scratchy or rough, for example.

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Other Ways You Can Help

What else can you do to offer help and show support? Ulreich says its simple: Be there for them.

We want to encourage patients that they are living with cancer, not dying from it, she says. Encourage patient to live their lives, not sit around letting the cancer take over. If they do, the cancer wins.

Another idea, if a patient is experiencing nausea, is to offer to set up a meal delivery among friends. The smell of food cooking can intensify nausea so preparing a meal and bringing it to the patient can help. An added bonus: food delivery also brings regular company for the patient.

It can be as simple as setting up regular phone calls and lunch dates, or driving them to appointments and picking up medication at the pharmacy.

Most often, Ulreich says, cancer patients just need an extra hand during treatment.

Learn more about the Henry Ford Cancer:

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Can I Send A Masumi Bamboo Chemo Hat As A Gift

Yes, you can! We understand how small gestures can go a long way. So, our gift wrapping is free of charge! Requesting gift wrap when you send a present is a lovely touch. Also, it makes that present extra special to the receiver. For $5.50 you can now send your order in a luxury magnetic gift box. It is a sleek, elegant item, perfect for storing headwear. Also, you can add a personalized card to your order! So, we have various tasteful cards on offer. Each feature messages of love and encouragement. Plus, inside, you can write a personalized note. In turn, a chemo patient can read over encouraging messages from loved ones. Finally, this service is available for only $5.50! After selecting your items, simply head over to your basket. There you will find the options to Add a little extra. Happy shopping!

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How To Look After Your Hair During Chemotherapy

  • Avoid using heat on your hair – this means not using curling irons, straighteners, or hot rollers – or inflicting chemical trauma on it.
  • Use your hairdryer on a cool setting.
  • Wash your hair twice a week only.
  • Use gentle shampoos and do not scrub your scalp too harshly with your fingernails – brands that sell mild shampoos and conditioners include Philip Kingsley, MooGoo, and Weleda.
  • Sleep with a satin pillowcase to avoid your hair being caught and pulled out in the night.
  • Brush with soft bristles.

Many people choose to cut their hair short during chemotherapy or even shave their heads completely. This might be because it looks more voluminous when shorter, or because its easier to manage when it’s falling out. A lot of chemo patients also wear wigs or headscarves, which can be easier to secure with a shaved head.

If you do shave your head, you should moisturise it, apply a high SPF cream, and wear a hat when out in the sun.

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