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Christina Applegate Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Present: Dead To Me And Further Acclaim

Christina Applegate reveals multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Applegate voiced Catherine the Cat in the three-dimensional talking animal sequel Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore . She said her mother wanted her to be involved in the film. Prior to Cats & Dogs 2, she voiced Brittany, one of the Chipettes, in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel , Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked , and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip .

Applegate starred in the NBC sitcomUp All Night with Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett, which debuted on September 14, 2011. On February 8, 2013, she left the series after its second-season hiatus, which was leading into a planned format change. The series was ultimately cancelled.

On July 31, 2013, Applegate was featured on the second episode of the fourth season of the revived American version of the TLC series Who Do You Think You Are?. The episode centered on Applegate trying to find information about her paternal grandmother, Lavina Applegate Walton, who was absent for most of Applegate’s father’s life and died when he was young. Applegate learned that Walton died in 1955 from tuberculosis and alcohol-related cirrhosis.

On November 14, 2022, she received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was accompanied by her co-stars Katey Sagal and David Faustino. Her star was placed adjacent to Sagal and Ed O’Neill‘s stars.

Rita Wilson Actress Had Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

Actress Rita Wilson told People magazine in April 2015 that she had had a double mastectomy following a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. Wilson, who is married to actor Tom Hanks, had been monitored for lobular carcinoma in situ for some time.

However, as she told TheNew York Times, when an early test came back negative but something still did not feel right to her she demanded a second opinion, and only then was the cancer was discovered. Wilson did not need chemotherapy or radiation following her mastectomies, and she subsequently had reconstructive surgery.

According to V.K. Gadi, MD, an oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, having LCIS in one breast raises the risk of developing any cancer in either breast.

Mathew Knowles Discovered He Carries The Brca2 Gene

In October of 2019, Mathew Knowles, father of celebrity singers Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, announced that he had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowles suspected something was wrong after noticing a series of dots of blood on his shirt, he told Michael Strahan in an interview on Good Morning America. His doctor recommended a mammogram, which confirmed that he had breast cancer.

Knowles has since learned that he carries the BRCA2 gene mutation, which escalates risk for breast cancer, as well as prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and ovarian cancer. Knowles says that there is a long history of breast cancer in his family. Men make up the minority of cases of breast cancer diagnoses: about 2,200 men are diagnosed with the disease each year, compared with approximately 245,000 women, according to the CDC.

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Christina Applegate: Us Actress Reveals Ms Diagnosis

US actress Christina Applegate has revealed she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis .

Applegate first found fame as a child actress on US sitcom Married… With Children and won an Emmy for playing Rachel’s sister Amy in Friends.

“It’s been a strange journey. But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition,”Applegate tweeted on Tuesday.

She asked for “privacy” as “I go through this thing”.

The Dead To Me actress added: “It’s been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps on going. Unless tries to block it.”

As one of my friends that has MS said â we wake up and take the indicated actionâ. And thatâs what I do. So now I ask for privacy. As I go through this thing. Thank you xo

christina applegate

Applegate, 49, has won plaudits for her TV acting roles including the title roles in sitcom Jesse and comedy Samantha Who? .

Her performance in Dead To Me has seen her nominated for Golden Globe, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild and Critics’ Choice awards.

She won a Primetime Emmy for her guest appearance as Rachel’s sister in Friends in two episodes in 2002 and 2003.

Applegate was also a member of the original Pussycat Dolls, when they were a burlesque troupe.

Her film roles include Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy. She later reprised her role as Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Christina Can Bring More Attention To Ms

Famous breast cancer survivors

Its doubtful that a cure for MS will found within Christinas lifetime. But the actress receiving the disease and publicly talking about the consequences of the diagnosis will undoubtedly help bring more awareness to the illness and those who suffer from it. In the long run, this kind of exposure may very well help put an end to the disease. Though its not likely to happen anytime soon. Some of the many other stars that have diagnosed with MS over the years include the aforementioned Selma Blair, as well as Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Joan Didion, Montel Williams, and Jack Osbourne. Of these stars, Christina Applegate is certainly one of the more high profile. And the actress will hopefully be able to do some significant work in the coming years spreading awareness.

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Peter Criss Drummer Had A Cancerous Lump In His Chest

While the majority of breast cancer occurs in women, some men get it, too. In 2009, Peter Criss of the rock group Kiss told that he felt like “the luckiest man on the planet” after surviving the breast cancer he first noticed as a lump in his left breast two years earlier. Since then, he has continued to make music, has published his autobiography, and is trying to get the word out that, yes, men are also susceptible to this disease.

Edie Falco Actress Survived Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Actress Edie Falco, known for her roles on The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie, learned she had stage 1 breast cancer in September 2003. Speaking to Health magazine in 2011, Falco related that, at first, the breast diagnosis left her gasping for breath, until she realized she was a strong woman and had the resources to fight it. Nowadays, not only is her career flourishing but she is also raising two children.

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Christinas Double Mastectomy Hurt Her Self

Christina Applegate isnt the only notable actress that has had to live through a double mastectomy and deal with the impact that the surgery has had on her career and self-esteem. Another notable star that underwent a double mastectomy is Angelina Jolie. When looking at either Christina Applegate or Angelina Jolie on the red carpet today. Anyone would hard-pressed to see a difference between the stars beautiful appearances now and their appearances from before their double mastectomies. However, the differences become much more apparent to the stars themselves when it comes time to undress.

According to Christina Applegate, she has come to terms with the consequences that her double mastectomy has had on her body and image. But she still hasnt quite gotten used to looking down in the shower and seeing that her breasts are no longer there. Despite this, the actress has kept a positive outlook. And was even able to turn the negative experience into art via her ongoing performance in the Netflix series Dead to Me! If youre enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if youd like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Breast Cancer: The Importance Of Social Support

Christina Applegate Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

That’s one reason Applegate urges all young women facing a breast cancer diagnosis to try to connect with other young women in the same boat. “You need people you can talk to, even if it’s not in person, even if just on the phone, who’ve been there, too.” When she was diagnosed, Applegate’s doctors put her in touch with just such a group. Today, she calls them her “comrades in boobs.”

“From day one, until now, we’ve been talking,” she says. “They helped me through the hardest times, the nights when I’d wake up with odd pains and think it was the cancer coming back. They’ve been uplifting through the whole process.”

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Christina Applegate Prepares For 1st Appearance After Ms Diagnosis

Christina Applegate is stepping out in a new way for “a very important ceremony” she has coming up,

The 50-year-old actor was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year, a condition that can make walking difficult. In her tweet, Applegate said “this will be my first time out since” the diagnosis.

“Walking sticks are now part of my new normal,” she said, sharing a a photo of the five walking sticks she’ll be choosing from.

I have a very important ceremony coming up. This will be my first time out since diagnosed with MS. Walking sticks are now part of my new normal. Thank you @neowalksticks for these beauties. Stay tuned to see which ones make the cut for a week of stuff.

christina applegate

The milestone of attending a public event is a celebratory moment for the Emmy-winning actor who’s had health complications over the years. In August 2021, she shared her MS diagnosis. In 2017, she had her ovarian and fallopian tubes removed as a preventative measure against a family history of ovarian cancer. In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

Applegate turned 50 last November and said living with MS is “hard,” so she offered encouragement to others having a tough time.

Yup. I turned 50 today. And I have MS. Its been a hard one. Sending so much love to all of you this day. Many are hurting today, and I am thinking of you. May we find that strength to lift our heads up. Mine currently is on my pillow. But I try

christina applegate


How Doctors Treat Ms

With an autoimmune disease like MS, treatment is highly individualized.

As Sengul explains, Medical MS treatments which are delivered either orally, or via injections and/or infusions are focused on preventing new lesions and treating the actual symptoms the patient has. There are treatments that modify the immune system so that inflammatory lesions are not created around the myelin.

Unfortunately, however, there currently are no treatments to permanently replace the myelin or to reverse scars or lesions.

That said, Sengul notes that there is ongoing research on remyelination and we are hopeful that new medications to restore myelin will be developed in the future.

To treat secondary symptoms, such as those related to balance, gait and lack of energy, as well as emotional ones like anxiety or depression, patients are often encouraged to seek physical therapy for the former and mental health therapy and perhaps mood-elevating medication for the latter.

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Anchorman Stage And Television

Applegate played the dual role of a 12th-century noblewoman, Princess Rosalind, and her 21st-century descendant, Julia Malfete, in the time-travel comedy Just Visiting . She was Princess Gwendolyn and Kate in the movie Prince Charming . After playing Cameron Diaz‘s level-headed best friend, Courtney Rockcliffe, in The Sweetest Thing , she appeared in Heroes , the romantic airplane comedy View from the Top , the true-crime film Wonderland based on the Wonderland murders, and the Gram Parsons biopic Grand Theft Parsons . In 2004, she starred with Ben Affleck in the holiday comedy Surviving Christmas and with Matt Dillon in Employee of the Month. She was the executive producer of Comforters, Miserable .

Applegate guest-starred on Friends in the ninth and tenth seasons in episodes titled “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” and “The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits” as Amy Green, Rachel Green‘s sister. She won the Primetime Emmy Award from two nominations for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance in “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister.”

Applegate received recognition for her portrayal of anchorwoman Veronica Corningstone in the 2004 comedy films Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie, an alternative film comprising alternate takes and deleted scenes and story elements.

Just Like Us: Celebrities Speak Up About Breast Cancer

Inspirational quotes from breast cancer survivors

Of course, when celebrities are diagnosed with breast cancer, their cases receive more attention than most. However, even that publicity helps remind us that were really not all that different. Famous or not, upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, we all face the same struggles, the same emotions, and the same need for support.

Fame does give celebrities with breast cancer a bigger platform to speak up about the disease. Here are a few examples of famous people who have joined the effort and are helping spread awareness about breast cancer risks and the importance of early detection.

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This Is How Christina Applegate’s Cancer Was Almost Overlooked

Christina Applegate got her big break in 1987, playing the bitingly sarcastic daughter Kelly Bundy on the Fox sitcom . Unlike many of her teen actor contemporaries, she parlayed her early fame into a lifelong career in Hollywood, later landing starring roles in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Samantha Who?, Up All Night, and Dead to Me. But in 2008, the actor’s world was turned upside down by a shocking revelation: At only 36 years old, she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Read on to find out how her doctors nearly overlooked the cancer completely, and why she now views her diagnosis as a “strange blessing.”

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Christina Applegate’s Life After Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate rebounded from breast cancer stronger, happier, and driven to make a difference

You could say that Christina Applegate knows how to work a roomeven a hospital room. When the actress was in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles recovering from breast cancer surgery last year, her wicked sense of humor never failed her. “I laughed more in the hospital than I ever have in my life, making fun of all the weird things that were happening to me,” she remembers. “My friends would walk in with this sad look, and I would throw something at them and say, ‘Come on! This isn’t the end of the world!'”

That’s for sure. Today Applegate is the picture of health and radiance. Barefoot and dressed in a cotton tank and ankle-grazing skirt, her buttery blond hair swept into two thick braids, she looks serene perched on a white sofa in her L.A. home for our interview. Her live-in boyfriend, musician Martyn Lenoble, 40, putters in the kitchen, and Tallulah, her dachshund-mini Doberman mix, naps on her lap.

More From Women’s Health

Christina has also found other ways to spread the word. Last year she joined breast cancer survivors Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge onstage at a “Stand Up to Cancer” benefit in L.A. “Backstage, Jennifer Aniston said something like, ‘I don’t like having to see my three girlfriends up there, but I am so proud of you.’ That was nice,” she says.

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A Touching ‘married With Children’ Reunion On The Walk Of Fame

In 2021, Applegate received a life-altering diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, or MS. The disease affects the central nervous system in the brain and spinal cord, causing inflammation and disruptions to the electrical messages in the brain that can impair walking, vision, and emotional well-being.

Applegate was honored with a Walk of Fame ceremony led by her co-stars, David Faustino and Katey Sagal, who shared an emotional statement with Applegate: “You’re not alone. We’re all here.” Co-star Linda Cardellini and creator Liz Feldman, who work with Applegate on her Netflix series Dead to Me, also paid tribute to the star.

Then, it was Applegate’s turn to take the podium. She arrived barefoot, which she explained on : “For some with MS the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance. So today I was me. Barefoot.” During her speech, the actress talked about her difficult diagnosis and the people who mean the most to her, especially her 11-year-old daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble:

“The most important person in this world is my daughter.” Applegate teared up as she talked. “You are so much more than even you know. You are so beautiful and kind and smart and interesting. I’m blessed every day that I get to wake up and take you to school… thank you for standing by me through all of this.”

She also addressed fans who attended the ceremony as “gorgeous… Every single one of you. I love you so much.”

Report: Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate Receives Outpouring Of Support After MS Diagnosis

LOS ANGELES Actress Christina Applegate reportedly is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Ame Van Iden, publicist for the 36-year-old actress, released the following statement late Saturday:

“Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening. Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery.”

Applegate has earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her starring role in ABC’s comedy “Samantha Who?” Applegate plays the title character, a young career woman who awakens from an eight-day coma remembering nothing about her past.

Click here to view photos of Christina Applegate.

The series debuted last October and marked the return to television of Applegate, who helped establish the upstart Fox network in 1987 as ditzy teenager Kelly Bundy on “Married … with Children.” The raunchy comedy ran 11 seasons and has been airing in syndication ever since.

She won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series in 2003 for her portrayal of Amy Green, the younger sister of Jennifer Aniston’s character on “Friends.”

Applegate earned a 2005 Tony Award nomination for her Broadway role in “Sweet Charity.”

Applegate is among the celebrities scheduled to appear on the “Stand Up To Cancer” one-hour television special to be aired on ABC, CBS and NBC on Sept. 5 to raise funds for cancer research.

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