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Do 5g Towers Emit Radiation

G Is Being Rolled Out In Australia Is The Radiation Safe

Cell Tower Radiation – 6/27/19

5G represents the fifth generation of mobile network technology, and it promises to be as much of a leap forward as 4G mobile broadband was back in 2011.

As the rollout proceeds, however, it’s become a focal point for longstanding concerns about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

“I’m very concerned about 5G. I already get headaches from 4G and wifi,” Oliver in Mackay wrote in to Hack.

A Sydney resident told the ABC recently: “We don’t want it here. It causes us great anxiety that this thing is going to be running 24-7.”

Bubbling beneath this are online forums and articles about 5G causing cancer, nosebleeds and autism, and bringing about a ‘wireless apocalypse’.

To complicate matters, Russia’s RT Network has recently been implicated in an 5G-health-scare disinformation campaign, which the New York Times reports is an attempt to slow US adoption, research and development of the important new technology.

To save you having to read the whole article, here’s the short answer: Australian and many other national health regulators say 5G is safe, while some recognised researchers urge caution.

Indoors With A Base Station Mounted On The Outside Of The Building

The level of energy from RF waves inside buildings where a base station is mounted is typically much lower than the level outside, depending on the construction materials of the building. Antennas are pointed away from the side of the building, and the energy level behind the antenna is hundreds to thousands of times lower than in front. On top of this, wood or cement block reduces the exposure to energy from RF waves by a factor of about 10. Therefore, if an antenna is mounted on the side of a building, the exposure level in the room directly behind the wall is typically well below the recommended exposure limits.

What Has Research Shown About The Link Between Cell Phone Use And Cancer Risk

Researchers have carried out several types of population studies to investigate the possibility of a relationship between cell phone use and the risk of tumors, both malignant and nonmalignant . Epidemiologic studies are research studies in which investigators observe groups of individuals and collect information about them but do not try to change anything about the groups.

Two main types of epidemiologic studiescohort studies and case-control studieshave been used to examine associations between cell phone use and cancer risk. In a casecontrol study, cell phone use is compared between people who have tumors and people who dont. In a cohort study, a large group of people who do not have cancer at the beginning of the study is followed over time and tumor development in people who did and didnt use cell phones is compared. Cohort studies are limited by the fact that they may only be able to look at cell phone subscribers, who are not necessarily the cell phone users.

The tumors that have been investigated in epidemiologic studies include malignant brain tumors, such as gliomas, as well as nonmalignant tumors, such as acoustic neuroma , meningiomas , parotid gland tumors , skin cancer, and thyroid gland tumors.

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What Are Some Simple Things That Each Of Us Can Do To Reduce The Risk Of Harm From Radiation From Cellphones And Other Wireless Devices

First, minimize your use of cellphones or cordless phones use a landline whenever possible. If you do use a cellphone, turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if youre not using them. However, when near a Wi-Fi router, you would be better off using your cellphone on Wi-Fi and turning off the cellular because this will likely result in less radiation exposure than using the cellular network.

Second, distance is your friend. Keeping your cellphone 10 inches away from your body, as compared to one-tenth of an inch, results in a 10,000-fold reduction in exposure. So, keep your phone away from your head and body. Store your phone in a purse or backpack. If you have to put it in your pocket, put it on airplane mode. Text, use wired headphones or speakerphone for calls. Dont sleep with it next to your head turn it off or put it in another room.

Third, use your phone only when the signal is strong. Cellphones are programmed to increase radiation when the signal is poor, that is when one or two bars are displayed on your phone. For example, dont use your phone in an elevator or in a car, as metal structures interfere with the signal.

Also, I encourage people to learn more about the 150-plus local groups affiliated with Americans for Responsible Technology, which are working to educate policymakers, urging them to adopt cell tower regulations and exposure limits that fully protect us and the environment from the harm caused by wireless radiation.

Is 5g Radiation The Same As Microwave Radiation

Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

It is common knowledge that radiation is dangerous for your health. With 5G making its mark on society, there have been questions about the safety of the radiation emitted from the cell towers that are powering 5G networks, but is 5G the same as microwave radiation? You would think so.

There is a lot of truth to believing that 5G radiation and microwave radiation are the same. However, there is validity to the belief that 5G radiation is more dangerous than microwave radiation, but not necessarily true. The radiation emitted from both makes them different.

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Lets uncover the truth behind what makes 5G radiation different from and by comparison to microwave radiation. It is necessary to understand the different types of radiation and their effects on the body. This article will also include other truths, the reasons 5G may be more dangerous, and why it is a good idea to minimize your exposure.

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Mini 5g Cell Tower In Your Home

Many people do not realize that they already have a mini cell tower emitting high levels of RF Radiation in their homes and offices right now. We call them WiFi routers.

Just like a cell tower, a WiFi router emits at full power 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or as long as you have it turned on. Its range includes your entire home and beyond. Its radiation is the exact same RF Radiation that a cell tower emits, or that your microwave oven uses to cook your food.

For example, my WiFi router is a Netgear 5 GHz router that emits both at the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. A microwave oven uses 2.45 GHz frequency to cook food. The new 5G WiFi routers that are available now use the 60 GHz, 5 GHz and the 2.4 GHz frequencies. That is a lot of RF Radiation we are exposing our selves and our families to.

It is possible to protect yourself from the RF Radiation emitted by the mini cell tower in your home we call your WiFi router. By far the best way to protect yourself is to hard wire your home with Ethernet cables . Then you can turn off the WiFi completely so that your router does not emit any RF Radiation.

But if you have to have a WiFi router, here are two ways to protect against its radiation. The first is to use technology to neutralize the harmful effects of the radiation. And the second is to put your WiFi router in a box to reduce the amount of RF Radiation it emits. Lets talk briefly about these two methods and then we will talk more about 5G.

Million Women Cohort Study

How the study was done: This prospective cohort study conducted in the United Kingdom used data obtained from questionnaires that were completed by study participants.

What the study showed: Self-reported cell phone use was not associated with an increased risk of glioma, meningioma, or non-central nervous system tumors. Although the original published findings reported an association with an increased risk of acoustic neuroma , it was not observed with additional years of follow-up of the cohort .

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How Does Cancer Research Uk Evaluate Evidence

We regularly review new research on the causes of cancer to make sure our information is up to date and based on the best quality evidence. We develop our information by looking at lots of research carried out over many years. So, although new research comes out all the time, it is unlikely that one new study would change our position on a topic.

Some studies are better than others at telling us about how different factors affect cancer risk. These are some of the things we consider:

  • Did the study look at cells, animals or people?

Studies in animals and cells can help scientists understand how cancer works, but they cant always tell us how its relevant to humans. So we focus on studies in people.

  • How big is the study and how long did it go on for?

Studies on small numbers of people arent as reliable, because results are more likely to happen by chance. And studies that only follow people for a short amount of time can miss long-term effects. So we mainly look at studies that follow thousands of people over many years.

  • Did the study account for other factors that could affect someones cancer risk?

There are lots of factors that can affect someones risk of cancer. Studies should take known risk factors into account. For example, if a study is looking at air pollution and lung cancer, it should also look at whether participants smoked.

  • Where is the study published and who funded it?

How to find accurate information on cancer

The Difference Between 3g 4g And 5g

5G cell tower critics post ‘health warning’ signs

To understand why 5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers, we need to take a closer look at how each network operates. As I mentioned earlier, 5G is the 5th generation of cellular technology and needs shorter waves to function at a high speed. Shorter waves mean theres a greater need for more cell towers because these specific waves have lots of obstacles.

Lets start with 3G. 3G stands for the 3rd generation of cellular technology. This advancement in technology was unveiled in 2003. 3G operates using cellular technology, as in the signals are passed from tower to tower. Then onto the next cell phone tower and so on. This continues until you answer your phone, find your answer on Google and finish watching YouTube.

Cell phone companies strategically place the cell towers in various locations and different heights to give you the best signal possible. 3G was mostly used to make phone calls, texting, and limited internet use.

With 3G the signal can travel farther- however, there has to be another tower around to pick up the signal and youre moving. If there isnt another tower then you experience a temporary interruption in service. With 3G you need fewer towers than 5G to operate. Fewer towers mean less exposure to potentially harmful cell tower radiation.

The data speeds for 3G are much slower than 4G and certainly much slower than 5G.

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Extremely Low Power Extremely Low Risk

Of course, nonionizing radiation is not always completely harmless. The most common form of nonionizing radiation is visible light, which has a higher energy level than radio waves. An excess of visible lightor even radio wavescan produce heat, and in extreme cases cause burns and body tissue damage. However, the power behind the radiofrequency radiation generated by mobile networks is controlled and poses virtually no risk to consumers.

Power transmission from mobile telephony, including 5G, is far lower than that from light bulbs, TV, radio towers, or even sunlight on an overcast day. The quantity of this power is measured in watts, and a single watt is a tiny quantity of energy. The power transmitted by the mobile phones used in 2021 and into the foreseeable future can reach up to two watts, depending on the age of the phone it can be as low as 0.001 watt, with the vast majority of devices in use this year peaking at 1 watt. By comparison, the power transmitted by CB radios, which have been in use for decades, reaches up to four watts.8

The power generated by mobile network base stations is similarly low. A base stations transmissions range in power from a quarter of a watt for a small cell to 200 watts9 for a minority of 5G base stations.10 More typically, an outdoor base station with the greatest range would have a power output of between 10 and 100 watts. The output of indoor base stations, which usually have a range of hundreds of meters or less, is much lower.11

Why Are Emf Meters Useful

An EMF meter can be useful in the following ways:

  • It can help you to identify sources of radiation so you can either remove or replace them, depending on the situation.
  • You can find out radiation hotspots and stay away from them. These hotspots are areas where you are exposed to unsafe levels of high-frequency radiation.
  • You can measure the radiation levels in an area after youve implemented electromagnetic shielding techniques.

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Article Including Other Scientific Studies

In Germany, researchers studied 1000 residents who lived in close proximity to two cell phone towers for about 10 years. According to the study, during the last five years of the observations, researchers discovered neighbors living within 400 meters of the cell towers were diagnosed with cancer at a rate that was three times higher than those who lived much further away.

Another frightening study in 1994, well before 3G, 4G and 5G, links significant health problems with people living in a London apartment building with a cell phone mast on the roof. In this study, the cancer rate of those living on the top floor of the apartment building- the closet to the tower, had a cancer rate of 10 times the average in England.

If that isnt enough to convince you there is a significant link between cell phone towers and health problems consider a recent study in Italy. In March 2018, the researchers at the world-renowned Ramazzini Institute released the shocking results of a large-scale study of lab animals exposed to cell tower radiation over a lifetime.

The Ramazzini study exposed 2448 Sprague-Dawley rats from prenatal life until their natural death to environmental cell tower radiation for 19 hours per day. RI exposures mimicked base station emissions like those from cell tower antennas, and exposure levels were far less than those used in the NTP studies of cell phone radiation.-

Moskowitz: Cellphone Radiation Is Harmful But Few Want To Believe It

5G Awareness

The vast majority of American adults 97% own a cellphone of some kind, according to the Pew Research Center.

For more than a decade, Joel Moskowitz, a researcher in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and director of Berkeleys Center for Family and Community Health, has been on a quest to prove that radiation from cellphones is unsafe. But, he said, most people dont want to hear it.

People are addicted to their smartphones, said Moskowitz. We use them for everything now, and, in many ways, we need them to function in our daily lives. I think the idea that theyre potentially harming our health is too much for some people.

Since cellphones first came onto the market in 1983, they have gone from clunky devices with bad reception to todays sleek, multifunction smartphones. And although cellphones are now used by nearly all American adults, considerable research suggests that long-term use poses health risks from the radiation they emit, said Moskowitz.

Joel Moskowitz is a researcher in the School of Public Health and director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley.

Cellphones, cell towers and other wireless devices are regulated by most governments, said Moskowitz. Our government, however, stopped funding research on the health effects of radiofrequency radiation in the 1990s.

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The Telecom Industrys Influence Over The Fcc As You Describe Reminds Me Of The Tobacco Industry And The Advertising Power It Had In Downplaying The Risks Of Smoking Cigarettes

Yes, there are strong parallels between what the telecom industry has done and what the tobacco industry has done, in terms of marketing and controlling messaging to the public. In the 1940s, tobacco companies hired doctors and dentists to endorse their products to reduce public health concerns about smoking risks. The CTIA currently uses a nuclear physicist from academia to assure policymakers that microwave radiation is safe. The telecom industry not only uses the tobacco industry playbook, it is more economically and politically powerful than Big Tobacco ever was. This year, the telecom industry will spend over $18 billion advertising cellular technology worldwide.

Why Has There Been Concern That Cell Phones May Cause Cancer

There are two main reasons why people are concerned that cell phones might have the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems: Cell phones emit radiation , and cell phone use is widespread. Even a small increase in cancer risk from cell phones would be of concern given how many people use them.

Brain and central nervous system cancers have been of particular concern because hand-held phones are used close to the head and because ionizing radiationa higher energy form of radiation than what cell phones emithas been found to cause some brain cancers. Many different kinds of studies have been carried out to try to investigate whether cell phone use is dangerous to human health.

However, the evidence to date suggests that cell phone use does not cause brain or other kinds of cancer in humans.

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