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Do Solar Panels Emit Radiation

Solar Panel Radiation: Everything You Need To Know

Solar Panel Radiation – 4 Tips to Reduce Your EMF

Solar energy has been growing in popularity in recent years. The environmental and financial benefits of solar energy make this an attractive option for a lot of people. Solar panels dont produce the pollution of coal, and modern systems are capable of generating and storing ample amounts of clean electricity. And while the units are expensive to install, it isnt long before the cost savings begin to kick in.

Theres no doubt that solar energy is better for the environment and your bank account, but everything has a drawback and solar panels are no exception. Solar panels and their related equipment produce electric and magnetic field radiation. And EMF radiation has been linked to various health problems.

Solar panels do a lot of good, but there are risks involved, too. To help you decide if those risks are worth taking, weve broken down some solar panel basics. If you do decide to go solar or if you already have weve also included a few things you can do to lower your exposure to solar panel radiation.

Does Solar Energy Affect Human Health

As solar panels become more and more popular, many people have complained about the effects they are having on their health.

Additionally, several people complained of discomfort when approaching a solar panel system.

For example, a random electrosensitive observer noticed that he was getting sicker and sicker while looking for an apartment because he was in an area with many solar cells. Fortunately, he had a radiometer on hand and, while inspecting the houses, he found disturbing news.

Solar-powered homes exhibited high levels of radiofrequency radiation. This explains why he suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous, and disoriented.

Another concerned citizen shared her experience of exposure to electromagnetic fields from dirty electricity.

She said that because of the high frequencies of the wiring in her house she developed a mild fever, nerve pain, dizziness, and night sweats. She knew about electromagnetic fields and suspected that the culprits were her electronic devices as well as other appliances that triggered the variable speed drives. As soon as she turned off their circuits, she rested better and nausea disappeared.

Do Solar Panels Emit Electromagnetic Radiation

Over the years, I have been asked whether solar photovoltaic systems emit significant levels of electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference or .

Many electronic devices emit some level of electromagnetic radiation. Since radiation can sometimes be dangerous, the amount and type are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission . One of the main sources of household radiation is from the power supplies incorporated into most electronic devices which convert AC from the wall outlet to DC voltage useable by the devices themselves.

Solar arrays require power inversion as well. The main process by which this conversion occurs is called Pulse Width Modulation, a term for rapidly chopping current at variable rates. A byproduct of this current chopping is that some of the energy is released as radiation.

This is the same phenomenon by which radio antennas broadcast radio waves. This is also why concerns about solar panels releasing EMI are typically expressed by ham radio operators, in addition to people who have a sensitivity to EMI or are concerned that such radiation might cause harm. Very significant EMI could interfere with ham radio signals or adversely affect those with EMI sensitivities.

The levels of electromagnetic interference a PV system emits depends on a number of factors, the major ones being:

  • The quality of the inverter
  • Use of metal conduit

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Can You Get Cancer From Solar Power

As I have pointed earlier, solar systems comprise of various components that produce electric current, or electromagnetic fields. Also, some solar cells are known to contain elements or compounds with some levels of toxicities.

These toxins include gallium arsenide and cadmium telluride.

But does this imply that the solar panels have the potential to increase the risk of you getting cancer? The answer to this is no.

What this means is that, although the panels include components that emit varying levels of electromagnetic fields and radiations, they are also within the set limits.

They comply with the standards set up for all electrical devices by the FCC .

The electricity that the solar panels produce is in the form of direct current. This means that the wires used to transport this form of power, do not produce electromagnetic fields, unlike the ones carrying AC power.

And, where AC is being transported, the wires are well coated.

Also, although we mentioned that some solar panels contain materials that can be toxic, most of the solar panels made for homes, are made from safe silicon technology

Therefore, you shouldnt worry yourself too much about the safety of these solar panels. They are indeed safe.

The Health Effects Of Dirty Electricity

What Is Solar Energy?

While Dr. Palls work focuses on how EMFs affect the cells on a general level, what about DE specifically? Thanks to the work of Dave Stetzer and Sam Milham, there has been significant research in this area. They have found that DE can increase behavior and attention issues there is a correlation between DE and cancer diagnosis as well as with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome chronic stress and neurotransmitter issues can be influenced by DE DE can negatively impact blood sugar response, and a lot more. Even without this research, I have witnessed among my clients how much DE can impact a persons health.

I wanted to point this out, because its an important thing to understand when youre considering bringing new items into your home. Maybe you already have your Internet hardwired and keep your phone on airplane mode. There is a lot of awareness around these issues already, but not so much with things like energy-saving appliances and solar panels.

So the big question is, how much dirty electricity does solar emit, and is it enough to impact my health?

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Purchase A Decent Solar Panel System

Conventionally, EMI is generated by the inverter during the conversion of current and the AC wires. Hence, regardless of your installer, your solar system will still undergo interference.

However, buying a decent solar system means high-quality components. For instance, a decent solar panel system manufacturer will adequately shield the inverter to reduce interference.

Excess Power From Solar Panels And Emf Radiation

In those cases, most home owners will either store that excess energy in batteries for later use when the sun goes down. The excess can also be used in cloudy days when the solar panels do not generate as much energy. Some other home owners opt to sell the excess energy to the local power companies for a profit. Actually, in addition to not paying a monthly electrical bill, selling the excess is another benefit. It is one way in which the solar panels can pay for themselves. It is also one of the main draws people opt to install solar panels.

The process of selling the excess power to the local power company goes like this. The excess power is transmitted from the inverter to a smart meter and into the power lines. A smart meter is needed to keep track of how much power a home owner is actually sending into the grind.

These smart meters are very convenient because they transmit usage and power data to the local power company wirelessly. This allows the utility company to receive that data without having to do a manual reading.

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Can Having Solar Panels Or Living Near A Solar Farm Increase Your Cancer Risk

Solar energy continues to grow in the United States and worldwide. In fact, in the last decade, solar energy has grown at an annual rate of 42% due to cheaper installation costs and a demand for renewable energy, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. As solar energy becomes more commonplace in our lives, you may have questions about this energy source. Some people wonder whether the technology used to build or operate solar panels and solar farms carries an increased risk for cancer.

Here, learn more about whether solar energy impacts cancer risk and where you can learn more about this growing technology.

What Harm Would Solar Panels Be Causing To Us

Powering the home when the sun isn’t shining

Yes, solar panels do in fact emit quite a lot of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields . Worse yet, they generate a lot of dirty electricityespecially stand-alone systems.

However, most people asking this question would likely only have solar panels on their rooftops to send electricity back to the grid. These solar energy systems still require an inverter and a lot of electrical wiring to connect the solar panels to the inverter and then to the electrical switchboard and the Smart Meter.

The Smart Meter is a device that records the consumption of electric energy. It then communicates the information it has recorded to the supplier for billing and monitoring. Normally, you will find that a Smart Meter will record energy consumption by the hour, if not more frequently.

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Emf Radiation And Smart Meters

If your solar set-up includes selling the excess power to the local utility company, then more than likely, your set-up will include a smart meter. By the way selling excess power to the power company is the recommended approach for various reasons. 1) You can get a nice check every month from the power company, and 2) you can draw power from the grind when required. Drawing power is especially helpful when your solar panels arent generating enough power. Or those days when you have higher energy demands.

Therefore, to minimize EMF radiation from the smart meter, you will need to invest in a smart meter cover. These covers go over your smart meter and they block EMF radiation from your outdoor where the meter is located to indoor space.

We usually recommend the Smart Meter Guard. This wire-mesh looking device is easy to install as it goes over the smart meter easily. The signals can still easily pass through but the radiation is blocked since this cover is made out of a wire mesh. This cover is available for $60 and it is the easiest way to reduce outdoor EMF radiation caused by a smart meter.

If you are handy or like to take on challenges, you can even make your own smart meter cover. All you would need is an EMF-repellent material. Then, you would cut it into a shape that would go over the smart meter. The key thing is to ensure to use the right material and not to cover the entire meter. Not covering the entire meter ensures that the meter can still send signals.

Are Solar Panels Bad For Your Health

In order to answer this question, remember that solar panels create direct current, which must be converted to alternating current in order to power your homes electricity and appliances. The systems inverter takes the low-voltage, high-current signals and converts them to 120-volt or 240-volt alternating current. Its this conversion that creates what we call Microsurge Electrical Pollution or Dirty Electricity .

Dirty electricity is considered one of the four main fields that a Building Biologist or other EMF consultant would be concerned about in your home. In addition to testing your home for radio frequency, electric fields, and magnetic fields, the consultant will spend a significant amount of time measuring your DE fields as they can be among the most biologically harmful.

DE is also referred to as hash, noise, electromagnetic interference, dirty power, transients, and other terms. Its essentially an altered sine wave on your 50 or 60Hz AC power line Harmonics or frequencies outside of the 50-60Hz standard cycle is considered dirty electricity.

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How To Limit Emf Exposure From Solar Panels In Your Home

Aside from potential risks to your health from EMF radiation, solar panels can make a good addition to your home if you live in a sunny area. Also, you could be moving into a house with them already installed and are considering your options for how to block this excess radiation.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can significantly reduce, or even completely block, EMF radiation from solar panels. The options I list below are useful for blocking almost all kinds of EMF radiation, but Ive modified them slightly to be relevant for solar panels.

Also, Id recommend trying multiple options if you can. That said, some of them wont really work on their own, but are useful steps of preparation for other solutions. Decide which would be best based on your budget and time, and come up with a plan thats relevant to your needs.

Protecting Yourself From Solar Panel Radiation

Pin on Save energy

There are some strategies you can use protect yourself from radiation that ultimately is caused by solar panel systems.

Just like before, well break this into two different pieces, but before we do, there is one tool that you are going to need, and that is an EMF meter.

I recommend purchasing an EMF meter to literally anyone that is concerned about EMF radiation, whether that is WiFi in their home, their microwave oven, cell-phone, or yes, even solar panels.

What a good EMF meter will allow you to do, is not only find sources of radiation but know if the things youre doing to mitigate that radiation are actually working.

So, I wont go in-depth about how these work, instead Ill link you to my article on the topic.

Ill also just say, that the best meter for this purpose, by far, is the Trifield TF2 that I use all the time. Now, their are more expensive meters on the market, but this one is perfect if youre just starting. Its priced affordably, and still accurately measures all three types of EMF radiation.

Alright, now lets talk about how we can protect ourselves from solar panel radiation.

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Dirty Electricity From Solar Panel Inverters

Now its time to talk about the more pervasive radiation risk that results from solar panel systems: dirty electricity. If you want to read a full guide on dirty electricity, you can do that here, but Ill cover the basics.

Essentially, dirty electricity is un-usable electricity that gets trapped in your electrical wiring. The wiring in your home is likely 60 hertz AC if you live in the United States, and 50 hertz if you live in Europe. This system worked well when most electrical devices used this type of electricity.

However, as modern technology was developed, devices required more, less, or varying amounts of electricity that this system couldnt support. So, when these devices try to use the electricity in a way it wasnt intended, the result is something called high-frequency voltage transients. These result from the erratic surges of power, and they become unusable.

This unusable electricity then gets stuck in your electrical system, radiating EMFs into your home or office.

Dirty electricity is usually generated when devices try to use 60/50 hertz electrical systems in one of a few ways:

  • Converting the 60 Hertz AC into a low-voltage DC or
  • Higher voltage AC
  • Drawing power intermittently in short bursts by turning the electrical current on and off, sometimes thousands of times per second.
  • The radiation emitted from these wires can be measured up to 6 feet away from the wiring and outlets. If you are electrically sensitive, this is even more of a concern.

    A Look At How Solar Panels Work

    Before we look at the potential harmful effects of solar panels, lets discuss how they gather energy.

    Solar panels can conduct the suns energy into electricity for our households through components called photovoltaic cells.

    These photovoltaic cells are found between the semi-conductive layers of the panel, which contain different electronic properties.

    When the photons from the sun reach the solar panel, these layers are energized, which in turn creates electricity. This phenomenon is called the photoelectric effect.

    Take note that the electricity solar panels generate is a direct current.

    This means that before it can be used in homes and businesses, the electricity has to be converted to alternating current.

    For this to happen, the electricity passes through a wiring system thats referred to as the inverter.

    The role of the inverter is to turn the electricity initially made by the panels into a usable type of energy to power your gadgets and appliances.

    Once the conversion has been completed, the energy goes directly to your electrical system for use as needed.

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    Do Solar Panels Give Off Emf Radiation

    Solar panels are made up of as well as other electronic components that help to generate electricity. These electronic components give off electromagnetic radiation when electricity passes from one device to the other.

    Solar panels typically use two kinds of photovoltaic technology: thin films and silicon cells. Crystalline silicon cells are used in many homes to produce electricity because they are not toxic. Thin-film solar panels use a different type of technology than silicon cells. These types of solar panels are ideal for commercial use.

    Additionally, thin-film panels contain compounds such as telluride, gallium arsenide, and cadmium. These compounds emit EMFs to some extent.

    Solar panels generate direct current . The flow of direct current through the components of the solar module generates small amounts of EMF radiation compared to cables that carry alternating current . As a result, an alternating current flows through the wires, emitting dirty electricity associated with high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

    So do solar panels emit EMF radiation? Solar panels give off low levels of electromagnetic radiation, which is not dangerous, although the entire solar system emits dirty electricity, which can be a real problem.

    The dirty electricity produced increases electromagnetic radiation in your home. Each of the solar components has modern electronics that give off low levels of EMFs and RF radiation.

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