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Free Crochet Patterns For Chemo Caps

Free Pattern For Crochet Chemo Hats: A Warm And Loving Gesture

How to Crochet a Chemo Cap for Charity

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The Chemo Cap is the perfect way to show your loved one that they are supported during treatment. This free crochet beret pattern has been specially designed with them in mind, and it works up super fast too! Make one for yourself or as a gift we know cancer patients will love wearing this stylish accessory while undergoing treatments themselves.

This hat is crocheted using the Forked Half Double Crochet stitch, which is a unique and easy modification to the traditional half double crochet. That being said this crochet technique produces a thicker fabric than average and offers extra warmth against winters chillperfect for those who live in colder climates!

Who Uses Chemo Caps

Just like with a chemo port pillow, not everyone is familiar with chemo caps.

And yes, I realize the phrase chemo cap may seem obvious, but still feel its good to explain more about them anyway.

A chemo cap is a form of head cover that people wear to protect and cover their head during their day-to-day activities while they are in treatment, as well as after chemotherapy.

Many people may assume that chemo caps are knitted or crocheted, but there are a variety of different ways to make chemo caps.

Scroll Down For The Crochet Cotton Chemo Cap Pattern

For adult sizes increase your flat circle to 7.25-8, depending on individual head size. Continue the increase pattern if you need a larger size, likewise you can crochet fewer increase rounds to make a smaller hat.

Start with a magic circle.

1. Hdc 8 into the mc, to join ss to first hdc of the round.

2. Ch 2, 2hdc in the same stitch and in each stitch around, ss to first st to join.

3. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch, * repeat from * around, ss to first st to join.

4. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch and in the next stitch, * repeat from * around, ss to first to join.

5. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch and in the next two stitches, * repeat from * around, ss to join.

6. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch and in the next three stitches, * repeat from * around, ss to join.

7. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch and in the next four stitches, * repeat from* around, ss to join.

8. Ch 2, hdc in the same stitch and in the next five stitches, * repeat from * around, ss to join.

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Crochet Quick Chemo Cap Pattern Free Pattern:

Chemo caps are not only accustomed to the cancer patients only, their simple pattern makes them perfect for all of the ladies. So wearing this adorable and simple cute with our hair all open, you can manage to look so great in fashion. You can crochet the hats in multiple hues so that you can match them with your versatile wardrobe possessions. Here is the link to visit and catch the easy free pattern with easy instructions crochethooksyou

Crochet Chemo Caps Pattern By Crystalized Design

This crochet chemo caps is designed for those in chemotherapy treatment, though its a great hat for all. This virtually seamless hat is fitted yet stretchable with 2 appliqués to choose from. Though this hat is made for adults, the smaller version fits most children/teens. This piece is virtually seamless so if the hat spins on the head, no seam will be easily seen.

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Crochet Hats For Cancer Patients

*Note* Many of these patterns are available free on Ravelry. You will need to set up an account to access them. I can tell you from being a member there for over 10 years, they dont send you spam or anything and theres never a cost associated with joining. Plus, its a great way to organize your patterns and projects, if thats something youre interested in.

Simple Double Crochet Hat A Free Crochet Pattern:

Need a beanie hat for your kids? do not wander here and there as we got this simple and easy crochet beanie pattern for you that would look just great on the tiny heads of your little ones. The double crochet beanie would be so much easy and fun to crochet yourself and thus make your kids feel cozy and warm while heading outside. You can pick the yarn and colors of your own choice to bring out the more personalized results out of this beanie hat free pattern oombawkadesigncrochet

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Whimsical Floral Crochet Slouchy Hat

Make a hat in gorgeous colors using your favorite vareigated yarn. The stitch work in this pattern is easy, and the colors do most of the work to achieve this striking effect. Learn how to shape the pattern so the top looks like a flower. This is a lovely feminine crochet hat to give to a loved one.Get the Whimsical Floral Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern.

Crochet Super Simple Newborn Beanie Free Pattern:

How To Crochet A Chemo Hat /Beginner Friendly Tutorial

The lovely beanie hats are the favorite pattern and design for the kids of the mothers, and they are the first choice to get their hands on for crocheting when there is a need for a cozy hat fort he younger ones. SO here is this simple and cute pattern of the beanie hat which is suitable both for the baby girls and boys with the change of the color. Purple for the girls and the blue for the boy so do catch its details from this link provided littlemonkeyscrochet

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Crochet For Cancer Ladies Chemo Cap Pattern:

The chemo session is just so hard for the cancer patients when they lose all their hair but here is how you can still manage to bring a smile on the faces of cancer patient ladies. You can crochet this simply gorgeous crochet chemo cancer hats for them and let them look beautiful and cute and feel happy about themselves. You can make a bunch of them give to charity, so you need to catch the pattern here crochethooksyou

Pink Ribbon Chemo Hat

If you’re adept at colorwork, give this intermediate crochet pattern a try. The stitches are easy but you’ll need to pay attention to where the colors switch in order to create the pink ribbon detail in this hat pattern. The finished results are lovely, encouraging, and triumphant.Get the Pink Ribbon Chemo Hat Pattern.

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Free Crochet Beanie Cap Pattern:

The lovely beanie caps can be so much stylish and fashionable to wear when paired with the matching scarf or cowl around your neck and thus making you look no less than a winter diva.Here is this just simply gorgeous and adorable crochet beanie cap covering your head and ears in the cute style. So do not let your style statement get down this winter and for that, you can catch the free pattern of this beanie hat here elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns

Crochet Single Beanie For Beginners Free Pattern:

Dont worry you beginners we got this lovely and immense easy to crochet beanie pattern for you to try your hands on so that you can also enjoy the cold weather fun in super style and cuteness. The adorable pink hat would be much easy to work up your hooks on and here we have brought to you the complete details to peek into and hack the details and find it much more easier to crochet goddesscrochet

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Why I Chose These Crochet Hat Patterns

There are hundredsmaybe even thousands of patterns on the internet for crochet hats. Here are the reasons I chose these to feature.

  • Theyre free! Now, I have no issue paying for patterns when needed, but when youre donating your time, your yarn, and your hard work, I feel like its okay to get your patterns for free.
  • The variety. I picked patterns that give you a bit of variety to choose from. You can pick one you like or, if youre like me, you can rotate through them so you dont get bored.
  • Theyre solid. Some hat patterns have big gaps or holes. I only chose patterns that cover the scalp.

Crochet Cap Blaise Free Pattern:

Inspired by the fun baseball hats this cute crochet blasie hat would be a lovely addition to your winter wardrobe. You can wear it anywhere and with anything, and it would just add the simply cute touches to your dress and winter style. Especially the young girls would adore this lovely pattern and that too in pink and white stripes for that perfectly awesome look.So do grab its free pattern with all the needy details here crochetgeek

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Free Crochet Mystic Beanie Pattern:

Beanie hats are simple in looks but still, you can manage to make the huge style statement with them by varying the colors, mixing up the colors and also stitches too. Here is how you can crochet the beanie hats in four different styles and hues and thus make yourself different with each of them when worn with the matching dresses. You would find the all these four patterns lying free here so catch and crochet and get styled up for no cost in the winters elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns

Crochet Chemo Hat With Hair

Crochet for Cancer’s Basketweave Vertical Stripe Cap

Battling cancer can often take a toll on someone. We have all known someone who has struggled with it. The chemotherapy can often take a bigger toll than even cancer itself.

I know during that time all you could think about was what if it was your and how you would wish someone to raise your spirits. Well, the crochet chemo hat with hair was designed with that purpose in mind.

To bring a little sunshine to that person who is battling so hard because they deserve it. And, if its you well, you are a champion and you deserve to treat yourself like one with this pattern. Its important to mention that this pattern is free, yes free so all you need to do is just to download it.

The crochet chemo hat with hair pattern doesnt need a ton of material to make. You can find all you need in your standard crocheting kit. Then all you need to add is a lot of love and a little patience. But, what exactly are the materials that you need?

Chemo Hat With Hair Materials

  • Size 4, Medium weight yarn/200 yards of DK weight
  • Size H and F Crochet Hooks

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

  • 18-20 Inch and 20-22 Inch heads

Great Pattern For Beginners

The crochet chemo hat pattern is not technical at all. Easy to understand and explained in detail so you will end up with your beautiful hat at the end of it all. Even a beginner will be able to make the crochet chemo hat pattern.

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A Chemo Cap To Crochet

This beautiful chemo cap pattern features a pink and white variegated yarn for breast cancer awareness, but you can crochet this cap in any color of your choice. This is an easy pattern, making it great for crocheters of all skill levels. Because it’s so easy, it will also work up quickly, making it a great option for charitable donations.Get the pattern for A Chemo Cap to Crochet.

Round : If Making A Child Sized Chemo Cap Skip This Round Entirely

This is an increase round. The increase will happen by placing a V st, between the V stitches indicated.

slp st into ch1 sp beg. V in same ch1 sp. 4x V st between the nxt two Vs * 5x V st between the nxt two Vs* 3x V st in last ch1 sp join w/slp st in 3rd ch of beg. ch4 Measurement check: 6.5

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Crochet Hats For Cancer Patients Free Patterns

This post may contain affiliate links. That does not mean you pay any more for items linked here, it simply means I receive a small amount of money if you make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

Each year, roughly 1.8 million people in the world are diagnosed with cancer. Many of them will begin a rigorous treatment that leaves their body effected for the rest of their life. One of the notable side effects of some of those treatments is the loss of hair. Thus, Crochet for Cancer was born. An organization that donates handmade chemo caps to cancer centers for patients coping with hair loss. Today, I have rounded up some free patterns for crochet hats for cancer patients to make getting started easy!

Cotton Crochet Chemo Cap Pattern

Spring is here or coming soon. Either way, this crochet cotton chemo cap pattern will be useful for those who need a chemo hat in warmer climates.

I use a soft cotton print yarn which adds a bit of interest to a very simple design. Their color selection on cottons is vast, so hard to decide.

I chose a half double crochet stitch since it offers lots of coverage, but its also stretchier than the single crochet. An easy, beginner stitch, thats so rhythmic to work.

Crochet chemo caps can be as simple or fancy as you like. I know my cancer fighter likes a classic, simple look so thats how I kept this one.

These easy crochet hats are so easy to jazz up with stripes, buttons or fancier edges if you want.

This post contains affiliate links, I may earn a fee. Read more disclosure policy.

Worked top down this hat pattern is easy to adjust to your needed size. This free pattern is a totally beginner crochet beanie pattern.

Hats are so fun to make any time of year. They are great gifts or even good to donate. Hat patterns crochet up quick too!

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Free Crochet Chemo Cap Patterns

There is something for everybody in this list of 22 free crochet chemo cap patterns.

While chemo caps may be something people can use year-round, a comfortable hat becomes even more important during the fall and winter months.

And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is peak fall season, sharing these hat patterns is a perfect match.

Crochet Caps Made With Love

Most of us enjoy making hats, sometimes though we make them without really having a purpose, other than the joy of making something quick and easy. A suggestion I have is to check out youre local Hats For Cancer Chapter seeing if they need hats, or with your local hospital if your area doesnt have a chapter. Theres also the option of looking into starting a local chapter if your area doesnt have one, there is info online to help you go about it.

So many of us in one form or another have been affected by cancer in one way or another, the gift of a hat is our way to spread a tiny bit of joy in an otherwise difficult time. If you do choose to give in your area be sure to research guidelines in your area to be safe. A friend of mines mother has been battling cancer for quite some time and I noticed she always wore a bandana because she couldnt find a hat that was soft enough or in a colour she liked or the right size, I made her one and she was so appreciative that someone thought of her.

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Lindas Easy Crochet Chemo Cap Pattern

When I was designing this crochet chemo cap, I noticed that there werent many crochet chemo caps for summer. So, I researched the best yarns for crochet beanies for cancer, looking for some cotton fiber options.

One of my favorite yarns, Hobby Lobbys I Love This Cotton! was on the list. I really enjoy working with it, because its so buttery soft! I chose a pink color to honor my grandma, but they have a beautiful selection of colors available.

Crochet Chemo Caps Patterns

Crochet Scarf Hat Tutorial (Great Chemo Cap)

A cancer diagnosis creates a whirlwind of emotions and fears and when chemo robs someone of their hair, making a crochet chemo caps can be a wonderful expression of love and support. While some of these patterns have cancer patients in mind, others are regular caps that happen to be perfect during chemo!

If you or someone you know is undergoing chemotherapy, make a new hat or two for both fashion and function. These hats help people with their hair loss to embrace a new sort of style.

In that way, crochet chemo caps can be both comforting and empowering.

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Crochet North Country Caps Free Pattern:

Do not let the outdoor fun be stopped and enjoy it to the fullest by skiing, sledding and having those cute snow fights. What can save your head and ears from being cold and let you enjoy the outdoor fun in style are these pretty north country caps looking like the Santa caps with the adorable tassels at the ends adding the loads of charm to the pattern and design of this fun hat. You can catch all its details right here with the complete instructions too crochet

Free Crochet Turban Pattern:

Here is how you can look beautiful and stay warm too during the winters with this pretty and simple crochet turban style hat for yourself. for your girls and your friends too as it would make a lovely gift idea too. You can choose to crochet the hat in any of your desired hues and for the free pattern or the details you can check out it out all here headhuggers

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