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Gifts For Someone Going Through Chemo And Radiation

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

The Gracie Foundation |Gifts for Women Battling Cancer

A comfortable pillow can help your friend or family member get a restful nights sleep or make overnight hospital stays more homey. We think the Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow is the best pillow you can get. Filled with shredded memory foam, these pillows are supportive yet soft, and you can add or remove filling as you see fit to get your perfect loft.

Gifts That Help Ease Nausea And Dry Mouth

Nausea is probably the most common side effect of chemotherapy. Dry mouth and mouth sores, often painful, are also common side effects of many chemo drugs. These gifts help nausea, and dry mouth:

3. Peppermint peppermint essential oil, peppermint tea, peppermint candy.

4. Ginger ginger syrup, ginger chews, crystallized ginger, ginger tea, ginger essential oil. I find ginger honey crystals dissolved in warm water quite soothing.

5. Throat Drops

Chemotherapy Care Package Ideas

Before you start building your gift, it is best that you discuss with the doctor of your family member or friend to make sure that it is safe for them to use the items. Once you have the green light, we recommend that you talk to your loved one to see if they even want to receive a care package. If they do, then this would be a good time to also find out what kind of things would be beneficial to them.

After you figure all of that out, its time to decide on what to gift. Whether it is helping to relieve the nausea of chemotherapy, nourishing ones skin, or keeping the mind occupied during treatment, here are some ideas for the perfect chemo care package from Orange County CyberKnife to you:

  • Special Bag. Instead of a basket or box, opt for a cute tote bag or backpack to hold your care package. Patients undergoing chemo will find it useful for packing a blanket and other items for taking to future treatments.
  • Lip Balm. During the treatment process, a persons lips can become dry and cracked. A good way to remedy this is to use moisturizing lip balms throughout the day. If you know what your loved ones typical lip balm is, feel free to add that to the bag. Another good option is the popular Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.
  • Teas. Another way to help with hydration is to drink hot, non-caffeinated teas . Herbal teas like peppermint and ginger may help with digestive issues and reduce nausea. Check with the doctor to make sure the type of tea is good to bring.
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    Gifts For Men Going Through Chemo Or Radiation

    Chemotherapy can be incredibly difficult for cancer patients. Some patients have said that chemo treatment is worse than cancer itself. If your friend or family member is going through chemotherapy, he is likely enduring a lot of misery.

    You can put together a chemo care package for the male cancer patient in your life to help ease their discomfort. Read on for more ideas.

    Journals Or Sketchbooks And Pens

    Gift Ideas for Patients Going Through Chemo &  Radiation

    Sometimes men from older generations have a hard time expressing themselves. Communication doesnt always come easy, especially during emotionally fraught times. If your dad is going through cancer treatment, he may need an emotional outlet.

    If he is a natural storyteller, encourage him to start keeping a journal, like this simple, blank hard cover journal. He can revisit old memories or document his experiences during treatment. If hes more visual, a sketchbook, like this set of two,may help him process his feelings.

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    Friend And Family Gift Basket

    The Friends and Family Cancer Support Gift Basket is ideal for someone who just learned that they have cancer. It is a gift designed to get family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors involved in the fight. Perfect for everyone between the ages of 8 and 80, this gift basket includes:

    • 10 No One Fights Alone® Wristbands
    • 10 Ribbon Awareness Car Magnets
    • 10 No One Fights Alone® Buttons
    • 10 Enamel Ribbon Pins. Each pin has a tiny gold heart-shaped cutout.
    • 10 Stretchy Silicone Hope Rings
    • 10 No One Fights Alone® Temporary Tattoos. The tattoo ink is designed for cosmetic use, and once applied, each tattoo will last for about two weeks.

    Lands End Canvas Tote Bag

    Price: $$$

    Snacks, magazines, a blanket, and more there are a lot of things to pack when it comes to going to a chemotherapy treatment. Make sure your loved one has a bag that helps them carry everything they need thanks to this tote bag from Lands End.

    You can personalize the bag with their name or a meaningful word such as hope. While the bag is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, choosing a larger-sized bag allows your loved one to carry all their necessities.

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    Fieldsheer Peak Bt Vest

    Price: $$$

    Cold sensitivity is a common chemotherapy side effect. This means a person can feel very cold sometimes almost immediately after they start getting their chemotherapy infusion. If you have a loved one that enjoys high-tech gadgets, consider this unisex heated vest. The vest has an app-adjustable heated technology, but is also lightweight enough to be worn under other clothing. Make sure to read the manufacturers suggestions, however. The vest runs small, so order a size up.

    Care Package Ideas For Male Cancer Patients

    Gifts for Cancer Patients & How to Help | Advice from a Cancer Patient

    Many pre-assembled care packages have a distinctly feminine bend. Its easy to find a gift basket with floral bath and body products geared towards women. When making a care package for a man, you often have to think outside the box and get creative. Here, we brainstorm some ideas for custom care packages for male cancer patients.

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    Gifts To Purchase For Chemo Patients: Ideas From Lip Balm To Online Classes

    We have listed gifts in no particular order, as there is no best or worst gift to get cancer or chemo patients. They may not all be suitable, you know your friend/loved one better than we do. So as you go through this list please think of who your friend/loved one is and if you can, what side effects they are experiencing and choose the gift or gifts you think would benefit them the best.

    10 Clothes and accessories

    High-quality loungewear can help cancer patients feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter where they may be.

    2. Pyjamas

    During and after chemo treatment, many patients experience fatigue and may spend more time in bed. Prioritize their comfort and help them unwind with a luxurious pajama set!

    3. Functional Clothing

    Although many chose to wear loungewear when undergoing treatment, others prefer to stick to their usual clothing style. You can help by buying clothes they will love but are functional.

    4. Bathrobe/Lounge Robe

    A cozy robe gift means the cancer patient will be comfortable no matter where they go and can be worn year-round. Also helpful for potential hospital stays and convalescence.

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    Gift Basket Ideas For Someone Going Through Chemo

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure statement for details.

    May 25, 2015Shannon Schmid

    Recently, someone I love was diagnosed with Cancer and told they will need to go through Chemotherapy. So often when loved ones get a diagnosis like this its easy to feel overwhelmed. What can we possibly say or do to help?

    While I dont have any magic answers, Ive found it helps me to cope if I can find a way to be helpful to the person who is sick, even if it is in just a very small way. Thats how the idea for this Chemo Care Basket Came about.

    Below, is what was included in the Chemotherapy Gift Basket I made hopefully it gives you some ideas. That said, you could include so many other helpful items! So, feel free to be guided by your knowledge of the gift recipient and your own intuition as well!

    Putting together a Chemotherapy Gift Basket-

  • A Tumbler that has a Lid, and a StrawThis is helpful for drinking when the person is laying down. The lid and straw keep the beverage from spilling when the person takes a sip from bed.
  • Hard Candy to SuckGinger hard candy can help with the nausea Chemo can cause, and flavored hard candy can help with the metallic taste chemo can sometimes leave in the mouth.
  • Fuzzy socks or ThrowWhen the person is actually receiving Chemo they can get a chill, and feel extra cold. So a fuzzy throw, hat or socks can help them stay cozy during treatments.
  • About Shannon Schmid

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    Cheer Up Male Cancer Patients With These Thoughtful Gift Ideas

    If theres a man in your life who is fighting cancer, there are so many ways to help them. You can offer practical support. You can spoil and indulge them to help them feel better. You can provide a listening ear when they need to vent.

    You shouldnt just support your friend in one way. Pay attention to all the little ways you can make their days a little better. The best way to do that? Pick them up a sweet gift. Knowing that they were on your mind, if even for a moment, will mean a great deal to them.


    Best Gifts For A Friend Who Is Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

    Useful Deluxe Radiation Basket

    Simple gifts provide a lot of comfort.

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult. As a friend or family member, stepping up and providing help or a little something special at this time can make all the difference.

    That’s why we spoke with breast cancer survivors about the most useful gifts, both physical and experiential, that they received during their cancer journey.

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    Get Well Soon Or Thinking Of You Cards

    Take the standard get well card up a notch by creating an entire gift basket full of cards from friends, family members, distant relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.

    Put them all in a basket along with a cozy throw blankete, a small packet of tissues, a mug, and some tea. Your loved one then gets a basket full of get well wishes and a cozy setting to read each and every card.

    For an extra surprise, try pop-up get well soon cards like this one.

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    Lifting Their Spirits & Easing Their Side Effects Is What Rock The Treatment Is All About

    At ROCK the TREATMENT, our goal is to be the premier source for chemotherapy and radiation gift baskets.

    When you have a friend or loved one who is going through cancer treatment, whether it be chemo or radiation, you certainly have the desire to help them in whatever way you can. But its hard to know what to do to encourage them during such a difficult time. Many of the gifts we buy just dont seem right, and you want to send a gift that will make a difference and encourage.

    Thats why we offer thoughtful gifts for cancer patients tailored especially to their needs! Whats the best way to say, I care? Say it with a specialized get-well gift basket made just for the patient going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

    When developing our gift baskets, we went straight to the source. We talked to people who had experienced cancer treatment, along with medical professionals, to learn what an ideal gift is for someone going through cancer treatments.

    With input from cancer survivors, medical personnel, and caregivers, we have come up with a line of cancer gift baskets that will help your friend or loved one to ROCK the TREATMENT.

    With gifts for men, women, and children, ROCK the TREATMENT has a cancer treatment gift basket for that special person in your life that needs a boost.

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    Coffee Mug Offering Courage

    More often than not, some simple words give patients all the courage and support they need. Here is a coffee mug that does exactly that, with its simple yet effective quote. It comes with the words, Youre the strongest person I know.

    These words are enough to inspire a patient undergoing radiation. Whenever they feel down and out, all they need to do is take a look at this mug, to know that they are sorted.

    Comfortable Clothing Care Package

    Julie’s Story: From colon cancer diagnosis to her last chemo infusion

    Women seem to have endless options available when it comes to comfy loungewear. Men dont always have many options on hand.

    Put together a cozy gift basket with a plush robe and soft socks or comfy Ugg slippers. Round it out with a few pairs of soft and comfortable pajamas. Your loved one will feel like theyre wrapped up in a warm hug from you whenever they wear them.

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    Gifts For Cancer Patients: Around The House

    1. Hard-to-kill house plant

    My grandma sent me a plant after colon surgery more than 10 years ago, and it’s still alive today. Plants have a way of perking up our spirits, and they add freshness and greenery into spaces. We can’t control much as cancer survivors, but we can control how often we water our plants. Try a pothos or a peace lily for hard-to-kill, easy-to-grow varieties.

    2. Framed saying or wall art with encouraging words, verses or quotes

    I love artwork with meaning, especially if it’s infused with emotion. Posters saying things like “Be Brave” or “Take Courage” are not only inspirational, but they can really help cancer survivors keep going.

    3. Coffee mug and bags of coffee grounds/beans or tea

    Every year or two, I weed out my coffee cup collection because they make popular gifts for cancer patients. But, these gifts are meaningful ways for my friends to send me encouragement as a cancer survivor. I’ll sit in a comfortable place with a blanket and hot cup of tea, and it will bring warmth to my dark days.

    On occasion, in lieu of a reusable mug, I’ve received plastic or paper cups with inspiring notes and verses written on the side. Dropping off a hot cup of coffee or tea is an easy, affordable way to send the cancer survivor you love some encouragement for $8 or less.

    4. Safe cleaning products

    5. Collectables that made you think of them

    6. Cancer-Fighting Recipes

    7. Bird feeder and seed

    8. Gift cards to an online streaming service

    9. Candles

    Ugg Australia Chenille Crew Socks

    To keep your loved ones feet comfy and warm, consider a pair of fuzzy socks that are way better than the ones they issue at the hospital. The UGG Australia Chenille Crew Socks are made of chenille yarn and are ultra cozy, perfect for chilly days. Reviewers say these socks are warm and incredibly soft some even call them the comfiest socks in the world. Many also say these socks are a perfect gift for friends and family.

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    Gifts For A Dad With Cancer

    Dads can be tricky to shop for on occasions like birthdays or Fathers Day. It can be even trickier if your dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Dads often put on a stoic face to protect other family members during challenging times.

    Take some time to write down a positive message and give it to your dad along with one of these gifts. Hell appreciate the time you took to pick out something special. Your positive words will also lift his spirits.

    Sdbing Super Soft Fleece

    A Chemo

    For fleece-lined socks

    These socks are available in a range of colors and patterns. They come in shoe sizes ranging from 6 to 11.

    Its sole features silicone rubber grips to prevent slipping on smooth hospital floors, while a cozy fleece lining helps keep the feet and toes warm and comfortable.

    They are available for around $11.99 on Amazon.

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    How To Create A Care Package For Cancer Patients

    Read time: 3 minutes

    Many of us want to help the people we love, especially when they have been diagnosed with an illness. At Huntsman Cancer Institute , we often get questions about what types of items should go in a care package for a loved one with cancer.

    Weve created a list of items you may want to include in a care package. Of course, each person is differentthere may be something not mentioned here that they would find necessary or comforting. It never hurts to ask if your loved one has anything specific they need, or to talk with their caregiver about what they may find helpful during this time.

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    Thumb Stone With An Inspirational Message

    A person undergoing radiation treatment deserves a lot of support and encouragement. When every day is filled with challenges, the key is to take it one day at a time. What could be a better gift for the patient than a thumb stone that exactly reflects this message?

    This soothing thumb stone, made from zinc oxide is compact but powerful. The patient can keep this in her pocket, and rub it between her fingers frequently to derive solace and keep tension or fear at bay. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for patients to carry it with them wherever they go.

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