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Her2-positive Breast Cancer Survival Rates 2021

Histological Grade And Ki67

#ESMO21 Expert Video Report on HER2-positive early breast cancer

Histological grade information was available from the ICD-O-3 code and categorized as low , intermediate and high according to the Elston-Ellis modification of the Scarff-Bloom-Richardson grading system . Women with anaplastic carcinoma were excluded, leaving n=24,137 women for the analysis . Ki67 has been recorded routinely since 2011 and was categorized as low , intermediate or high according to cutoffs in the Norwegian treatment guidelines .

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Survival Rates For Breast Cancer

Survival rates can give you an idea of what percentage of people with the same type and stage of cancer are still alive a certain amount of time after they were diagnosed. They cant tell you how long you will live, but they may help give you a better understanding of how likely it is that your treatment will be successful.

Keep in mind that survival rates are estimates and are often based on previous outcomes of large numbers of people who had a specific cancer, but they cant predict what will happen in any particular persons case. These statistics can be confusing and may lead you to have more questions. Talk with your doctor, who is familiar with your situation, about how these numbers may apply to you.

Survival Rates And Statistics

A relative survival rate helps give an idea of how long a person with a particular condition will live after receiving a diagnosis compared with those without the condition.

For example, if the 5-year relative survival rate is 70%, it means that a person with the condition is 70% as likely to live for 5 years as someone without the condition.

It is important to remember that these figures are estimates. A person can talk with a doctor about how their condition is likely to affect them.

Some factors affecting a personâs survival rate with breast cancer include:

  • individual factors, such as the personâs age and overall health
  • the stage of the cancer at diagnosis
  • the treatment the person receives

HER2-positive cancers are than HER2-negative cancers. With treatment, however, the chances of survival are high, especially with an early diagnosis. In some cases, they may be higher than for HER2-negative breast cancer due to effective targeted treatment.

According to the , the likelihood of living for another 5 years with HER2-positive cancer, compared with a person who does not have breast cancer, is as follows. These statistics are based on figures for the years 2011â2017.


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Her2+ Status Cancer Stage And Survival

The importance of HER2 status for survival will depend on how far the cancer has spread. If itâs only in the breast, then it wonât make much difference. Most women in the early stage of the disease do well because a surgeon can remove the tumor.

Itâs when a breast tumor grows and spreads to lymph nodes or farther away in the body that HER2 status becomes more important for treatment and survival. Thatâs because there are now drugs that target HER2, but these work only for cancers that are HER2+. A common drug for HER2+ breast cancer is trastuzumab , but there are others. Because there are more treatments, women with more advanced HER2+ breast cancers today will on average have better survival rates than those with more advanced HER2- breast cancers.

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What Tumor Factors Threaten My Life More

Her2 Positive Breast Cancer Survival Rates 2021

There are important tumor biology factors not well reflected in survival statistics by breast cancer stage. Below we list a few important factors that carry a higher risk to life beyond just the stage of cancer. You must ask your surgeon or medical oncologist to explain your receptor status and give you a copy of your biopsy pathology report.

Triple Negative Receptor breast cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is considered a more aggressive breast cancer. Invariably it does require chemotherapy. If you have triple negative breast cancer the risk of dying is higher than the standard statistics usually quoted for a particular stage of breast cancer . Learn more about Triple Negative Breast Cancer with our video lesson

HER2-Positive breast cancer

HER2-positive breast cancers are also more aggressive tumors. But the good news is that we now have incredibly effective, targeted chemotherapy and immunotherapy for HER2-positive cancers. Our video lesson covers HER2-Positive Breast Cancer in more detail .

Breast Cancer at a Young Age

Women younger than 40 have a higher chance of being diagnosed with a more advanced stage breast cancer. Also, the specific cancer type younger women develop has a higher chance of being more aggressive . As a result, age is a relative risk factor for survival.

Untreated breast cancer

Teaching everyone to be an expert in their own breast cancer care.

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Role Of Tumor Microenvironment In Resistance To Her2

FIGURE 3. Mechanism of anti-PD-L1 therapy. After interferon exposure, tumor cells reactively express PD-L1, which binds to PD-1 on the surface of T cells and inhibits T cells. Anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 antibodies can block the interaction of PD-1 with PD-L1 and reverse the inhibition of CD8+ T cells, thereby enhancing anti-tumor activity.

TABLE 2. Clinical trials of immunotherapy combined with anti-HER2 therapy.

What Do The Test Results Mean

The results of HER2 testing will guide you and your cancer care team in making the best treatment decisions.

It is not clear if one test is more accurate than the other, but FISH is more expensive and takes longer to get the results. Often the IHC test is done first.

  • If the IHC result is 0, the cancer is considered HER2-negative. These cancers do not respond to treatment with drugs that target HER2.
  • If the IHC result is 1+, the cancer is considered HER2-negative. These cancers do not usually respond to treatment with drugs that target HER2, but new research shows that certain HER2 drugs might help in some cases .
  • If the IHC result is 2+, the HER2 status of the tumor is not clear and is called âequivocal.â This means that the HER2 status needs to be tested with FISH to clarify the result.
  • If the IHC result is 3+, the cancer is HER2-positive. These cancers are usually treated with drugs that target HER2.

Some breast cancers that have an IHC result of 1+ or an IHC result of 2+ along with a negative FISH test might be called HER2-low cancers. These breast cancers are still being studied but appear to benefit from certain HER2-targeted drugs.

Triple-negative breast tumors dont have too much HER2 and also dont have estrogen or progesterone receptors. They are HER2-, ER-, and PR-negative. Hormone therapy and drugs that target HER2 are not helpful in treating these cancers. See Triple-negative Breast Cancer to learn more.

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Subcutaneous Herceptin Now An Option

Dr. Jackisch M.D. and colleagues from Germany reported the results of an open-label, multi-center, international clinical trial to compare the effectiveness and safety of subcutaneous and IV Herceptin in patients with HER2-positive ESBC.

A total of 596 individuals were enrolled in the clinical trial between October 19, 2009, and December 1, 2010 and have now been followed for 6 years.

Patients were given 8 cycles of standard chemotherapy and either a fixed-dose of subcutaneous or IV Herceptin for 10 after surgery to complete 1 year of anti-HER2 therapy.

The overall survival and progression free survival were essentially identical for IV and subcutaneous Herceptin. Moreover, the rates of significant cardiac and other serious side effects were similar.

The study suggests that subcutaneous Herceptin is as an effective alternative route of administration for patients with HER2-positive ESBC.16


  • Slamon D, Eiermann W, Robert N, et al. BCIRG 006: 2nd Interim Analysis Phase III Randomized Trial Comparing Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide Followed by Docetaxel with Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide Followed by Docetaxel and Trastuzumab with Docetaxel, Carboplatin and Trastuzumab in Her2neu Positive Early Breast Cancer Patients. Proceedings from the 2006 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium . Oral presentation December 14, 2006. Abstract #52.
  • JAMA Oncol. 2019 Apr 18. Epub ahead of print
  • Sacituzumab Govitecan Yields Improved Survival Regardless Of Trop

    PREDICT underestimates survival of patients with HER2 early breast cancer

    Improvements in survival were observed in patients with pretreated, endocrine-resistant hormone receptorpositive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer who were treated with sacituzumab govitecan vs physicians choice.

    Sacituzumab govitecan yielded improvements in survival vs treatment of physicians choice in a population diagnosed with pretreated, endocrine-resistant hormone receptorpositive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer regardless of Trop-2 levels, according to updated findings from the phase 3 TROPiCS-02 trial presented at the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium .1

    We found that there was an improvement in progression-free and overall survival regardless of whether you fell into the lower Trop-2 expression or higher Trop-2 expression , Hope S. Rugo, MD, professor of medicine and director of breast oncology and clinical trials education at the University of California San Francisco Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, said in an interview with Targeted Oncology during the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

    Sacituzumab govitecan is a first-in-class Trop-2directed antibody-drug conjugate , which has already been approved for use in patients with locally advanced or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer who have received at least 2 prior systemic therapies.2

    High expression of Trop-2, an epithelial antigen, is reported in about 85% to 90% of all subtypes of breast cancer.

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    The Benefit Of Knowing

    I know that being diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer is stressful. Yes, HER2+ breast cancer tends to be a more aggressive cancer. However, you have the advantage of 3 decades of research and clinical trials that have made it possible for people today to receive targeted drugs that are highly effective in treating this type of breast cancer. I hope this knowledge helps to empower you, strengthen you, and give you hope for your future.

    Is Chemo Necessary For Her2

    Is chemo necessary for HER2-positive? Because HER2-positive cancer is considered more aggressive than HER2-negative breast cancer, it is usually treated with chemotherapy after surgery to reduce recurrence risk.

    What is the survival rate of HER2-positive breast cancer? The survival rate at four years among women with HR+/HER2 is estimated to be 92.5%, followed by HR+/HER2+ at 90.3%, HR/HER2+ at 82.7%, and HR/HER2 at 77.0% . The HER2 oncogene is positive in about 20% of primary invasive breast cancers .

    Is it better to have HER2-positive breast cancer? Breast cancer identified as HER2-positive tends to grow faster, spread and come back . While HER2-positive cancer may be aggressive, it also responds better to breast cancer treatment that targets HER2 protein.

    What is the new drug for HER2-positive breast cancer? Trastuzumab Deruxtecan Improves Progression-Free Survival, Shrinks More Tumors. The DESTINY-Breast03 trial enrolled 524 people with HER2-positive breast cancer that could not be removed by surgery or had metastasized to other parts of the body, including the brain.

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    Understanding Her2+ Status And Survival

    Doctors use three markers to help define breast cancers and guide treatment. One of those is the HER2 protein. The other two are hormone receptors . When a cancer has none of these, doctors call it triple negative. Until recently, there wasnât much information about how these markers changed survival rates for breast cancer.

    A recent study looked at the National Cancer Institute data to see if there were differences in survival for women based on these markers. The study shows there are. Overall, women who have HR+ and HER2- breast cancer do best. But in the later stages, those who have the HER2+ type have better survival rates than those with HER2-. Breast cancers that are triple negative have the lowest survival rates. The 4-year survival rates are as follows:

    • HR+/HER2-: 92.5%
    • HR-/HER2-: 77.0%

    What Are My Chances Of Survival If I Am Diagnosed With Her2

    Her2 Positive Breast Cancer Survival Rates 2021

    HER2-positive breast cancer is a faster growing form of the disease. However, thanks to targeted treatments like trastuzumab , survival rates have improved substantially.

    Your age, stage of disease and tumour type has the greatest impact on your chance of survival. Those diagnosed with stage one breast cancer have a 96% chance of surviving five years post diagnosis, while those diagnosed with HER2-positive stage four breast cancer have over 50% chance of surviving five years after diagnosis of metastatic disease.

    Overall, the five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is 91.5%, and 86.4% for men

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    What Is The Outlook For Her2

    As mentioned before, HER2-positive breast cancers are more likely to grow faster and to come back after treatment than cancers that are HER2-negative. However, the development of the drugs discussed above that specifically treats cancers expressing HER2 has led to significant improvements in the outlook for people with HER2-positive breast cancer.

    While survival rate statistics for breast cancer are not broken down to show rates for HER2-positive cancers, the 5-year survival rate for all localized breast cancers is 99%. However, the 5-year survival rate for metastatic breast cancer is 27%, so it is important to treat HER2-positive breast cancer as early as possible to reduce or prevent spread.

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    What Is The Outlook

    According to research estimates, more than 3.5 million women in the United States have a history of breast cancer.

    The outlook for people with HER2-positive breast cancer varies. Advancements in targeted therapies continue to improve the outlook for people with early stage or metastatic disease.

    Once treatment for nonmetastatic breast cancer ends, youll still need periodic testing for signs of recurrence. Most side effects of treatment will improve over time, but some may be permanent. You can work with your healthcare team to manage any lasting effects.

    Metastatic breast cancer isnt considered curable. Rather, treatment relieves and manages symptoms, and can continue as long as its working. If a particular treatment stops working, you can switch to another.

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    Regional Relapse Following Breast Cancer Treatment Carries A Poorer Prognosis

    Most localized breast cancers are treated by either breast conserving surgery with radiation therapy, or by mastectomy.

    A medical study from 2010 estimates that around 40% of all women with breast cancer will suffer a recurrence.

    The prognosis following a breast cancer recurrence is influenced by a number of factors. These include:-

    • The Disease Free Interval: This is the time elapsed from diagnois and treatment of the first breast cancer to the recurrence
    • The location of the recurrence: Whether the recurrence is in the same breast , or if it recurs in the contralateral breast, regional lymph nodes, or the chest wall .

    Patients with breast cancer relapses are typically generally treated with either a salvage mastectomy, or radiation to the chest wall, regional lymph nodes, or both.

    Systemic therapy may be implemented at this point. However, this will be determined on an individual basis, based on the likelihood of distant metastasis, characteristics of the tumor, and other factors.

    Taking Care Of Yourself

    Dr. McCann on Prognosis for Patients With HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

    Having breast cancer can be overwhelming. Remember, though: Youre in control of your treatment decisions and how you live your life.

    These tips can help you stay healthy while you get treatment:

    • Get the support you need. This could be information about breast cancer, talking with someone, or help with daily tasks. It can all make a huge difference in how you feel. Listen to your body. Exercise can help you feel better, but only when youre up for it.
    • Stay nourished. If you dont have much of an appetite, eat smaller meals every few hours rather than three big meals.

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    Treatment For Her2 Positive Breast Cancer

    HER2 positive breast cancer life expectancy is affected by many factors, including the stage at diagnosis and the treatment used. However, several effective HER2 positive breast cancer treatmentsare available for this subtype and your doctor will choose the right one/s for you based on several factors .

    For most people,HER2 positive breast cancer treatment involves targeted therapies drugs that specifically aim to block HER2 protein to stop the cancer cells from growing. Patients with HER2 positive breast cancer may also receive a combination of treatments that may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted and hormonal therapies . The drugs used for patients with HER2 positive breast cancer may include:

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    Heart Problems Linked To Trastuzumab

    Trastuzumab use is linked to congestive heart failure, a serious heart condition.

    In clinical trials, about 2-3 percent of those treated with chemotherapy plus trastuzumab had heart failure, compared to fewer than 1 percent of those treated with chemotherapy alone .

    This risk of heart problems is higher with chemotherapy regimens that include an anthracycline drug compared to regimens without an anthracycline drug .

    The risk of heart problems may also be higher for women over 60 and for those who already have heart problems .

    For most people who develop a heart problem while taking trastuzumab, the condition improves after stopping trastuzumab. For a few, it may be permanent.

    Avoiding heart problems

    Your heart will be checked before and during treatment with trastuzumab. This is to help make sure there are no problems, or if there are problems, theyre caught early.

    Adopting a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and for those who smoke, quitting smoking are good ways to help avoid heart problems related to treatment.

    To learn more about trastuzumab, visit the National Institutes of Healths Medline Plus website.

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    What Does Verzenio Do To Your Body

    Its a type of medication called targeted therapy, which works by targeting a specific area of your body where the cancer is growing. Verzenio targets proteins called CDK4 and CDK6 that control cell growth and division. Verzenio works by blocking CDK4 and CDK6, which stops the cells from growing and dividing.

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