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How Much Are Radiators For Cars

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Bad Radiator

How to Fix a Leak in Your Car (Radiator)

If a vehicle is running hot, it is a clear sign that you may have radiator trouble. Overheating, fluid leaks, and steaming or hissing from beneath the bonnet are all signs that you may have a bad radiator. Also, if you are not up to date with fluid changes or the radiator has never been replaced, serviced or checked and there are more than 40,000km on the vehicle, problems with the radiator can occur.

If you even suspect that the radiator is malfunctioning or failing, you must get in touch with a mechanic as soon as possible. Why? Radiator replacement costs are far less than engine repair or replacement, and it is that which is possible when a vehicle is allowed to overheat.

Is It Worth Fixing A Radiator

The radiator hoses, core and housing can develop small holes and broken sections if not maintained properly. Because the cooling system is vital to the health of your automobile, it is advisable to repair it yourself or get an auto mechanic to repair it for you as soon as possible when there are problems.

Is Incurring A Radiator Replacement Cost Worth It

You should find out how much your automobile is worth before deciding to incur a radiator replacement cost, which would be an expensive expenditure for an old car. The internet provides us with a wide range of tools that make difficult tasks, like determining the worth of our car, simple.

Public websites like Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book are excellent resources. Remember that the figures you receive from these websites are merely estimates, and the majority of people who buy cars for a living will say that these costs are typically high. Its merely a scheme to make money, in actuality.

You must keep in mind that if your radiator is failing, there is a good probability that other components of your cars engine will follow suit.

A damaged radiator will almost certainly have enabled coolant to run through the motor at temperatures over what is safe, and this overheated coolant will eventually cause serious problems for you.

A cylinder headKauczuk / CC BY-SA 3.0. The engine block, cylinder heads, or any other surfaces close to the combustion chamber are cast with these grooves. They are frequently called galleries or tanks.

While you might fix your radiator today, youll likely need to make other repairs in the future. This is not a fear technique it is the cold, hard truth. Simply put, the cooling system in your car is really important!

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Can I Carry Out A Car Radiator Repair

We took a good look into your car radiators role and replacement on another of our blog pages. Youll also find a few pointers into whether or not its worth trying to repair a leaking radiator, and if so, how.

If you spot a leak and think it might be appropriate for repair, there are plenty of sealants on the market. The sealant is added to the coolant via the radiator cap, but only after the system has completely cooled down. As the engine runs and warms up to full temperature, the sealant lines the crack, sealing it from the inside.

For external fixes, you could try one of the many metal-epoxy putties. However, if the coolant continues to find its way out, its time to fit that new radiator.

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Automotive Radiators

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What Are The Labour Times And Rates For Car Radiator Replacement

Car radiator repair cost can vary across the country according to the garage or dealerships size, location, types of service they offer, and the local demand. We delved into our records to work out the average hourly rate, to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.

We found for garages within the London area the average rate came out at £78 per hour. For the garages throughout the rest of the country, the price was a little lower, as youd expect, at £72 per hour.

What Is A Radiator And How Does It Work

Any vehicles radiator is a noticeable component. The radiator is nearly always located close to the front unless youre driving a mid- or rear-engine vehicle or an electric vehicle. The radiator, which is concealed beneath the front fascia but draws cold air from the grille and vents up front, is left uncovered.

A large heat exchanger is essentially what a radiator is. In internal combustion engines, coolant is a term for the particular liquids used to cool the engine. They are designed to transport heat from the engine and then transfer it to the radiator.

They are exposed to the atmosphere by the radiator, where the coolant will lose heat. The cycle will then continue after it has cooled down by being circulated back to the engine.

If you examine a radiators design, youll notice that the numerous fins on the exterior meet the cool air. These fins are designed to maximize the available surface area so that it can be exposed to the outside, colder air. Consequently, this improves its cooling capacities.

The price of a new radiator can range from $200 to more than $1,000 when the materials and labor required for installation are taken into account. The actual cost will vary greatly depending on the make and model of the car you drive.

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Number 3 Always Flush The Radiator

There is a simple rule when it comes to car radiators never mix coolant. When you see the list of chemicals that coolants contain youll understand why this is a good idea.

If you do need to change to a different type of coolant you should completely flush your radiator before doing so. This avoids any mixing and unwanted chemical reactions inside your precious radiator.

This is a simple process that you can get done at your local garage, or do yourself if youre interested in learning something new.

What Else Could Be The Problem If My Radiator Isnt Broken

How It’s Made – Car Radiators

A few other items to check when your engine is overheating are:

  • The radiator cap is securely in place you can lose coolant through a loose cap as easily as a crack or other leak.
  • Is your water pump working correctly?
  • There could be a problem with your temperature gauge.
  • Are the hoses healthy? Rubber perishes and cracks over time, especially around their connections and clamps.

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Other Things That Might Be Needed

If a leaking radiator caused or occurred in conjunction with an engine overheating event, it is common to have thermostat replacement recommended at the same time.

The thermostat is the mechanical valve that regulates engine temperature and coolant flow and it can be damaged by overheating. Its also usually fairly easy to replace and sometimes considered as a maintenance item during other repairs.

Most radiators have a cap with a spring-loaded seal built-in which regulates the system pressure and protects it from over-pressure. Its fairly normal to replace the cap along with the radiator as inexpensive insurance.

Sometimes radiator replacements require the removal of the AC condenser which usually sits in front of the radiator. In that case, evacuation and recharge of the system arent always considered in the labor times and maybe additional, along with freon costs if those are involved.

Sometimes, its necessary to remove a transmission cooler as well and reassembly will involve topping up the transmission fluid which might be billed as an additional parts charge.

How Much Does A Radiator Replacement Cost

The toughest part about a failing radiator is the high cost that is involved. Unfortunately, a radiator is an expensive piece of equipment and is typically a process that involves a high amount of labor. According to RepairPal, here are some popular cars and their associated cost to replace the radiator only.

$487 $687

As you can see, there is a wide variety of prices depending on the type of vehicle you own. However, these repair prices are still quite high and do not include other things such as belt replacements, coolant hose replacements or other related repairs.

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Buy Car Radiators Online At Africaboyz Online

A Car Radiator is an essential component of your cars engine cooling system and is specifically designed to monitor and regulate the engines temperature, keeping it at an optimal level at all times. By eliminating excess heat from the engine, it will prevent the engine from overheating and causing significant engine damage..

Radiators come in varied designs, shapes and sizes but their primary function remains the same – the radiator cools the coolant which in turn cools your engine. At AfricaBoyz Online we sell radiators for all makes and models of cars,as well as components for the rest of the engine cooling system.

We know that with regular maintenance of your radiator and vehicle, a car radiator can last for at least 3 years and even up to 10 years but there will come a time when you need experience radiator failure and are in need of a replacement. The most common signs that your radiator is failing are overheating, slight or smell of smoke coming from the bonnet, leaking coolant caused by a crack or leak in one of the hoses, a malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty pressure cap, an issue with the fan or visible rust on one of the components.

You will be able to find radiators and all of the engine cooling system components on our website –

How Much Is A Car Radiator Worth In Scrap


You might be surprised to learn that your old car radiator can be worth a fair amount of money in the scrap market. In fact, depending on the size and condition of the radiator, you could get paid upwards of $30 for it at your local scrapyard.

Of course, the actual price youll receive will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the current price of scrap metal and the condition of the radiator. In this article, well take a detailed look at everything you need to know about scrapping a car radiator, including how to get the best price for it.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Radiator

Theres nothing worse than unexpected car problems. Theyre often expensive to fix and might leave you without your car for a couple of days.

One of the main problems when it comes to cars is that most of us dont understand our cars well enough to prevent problems or to catch them early. Often we cant tell that there even is a problem happening, let alone knowing where to find it.

Today, were going to talk about all things car radiators. These are big trouble causers in the world of mechanics.

In this article, were going to talk you through car radiator problems, where to find, why they break, how much it costs to have them repaired, and how you can prevent these problems from cropping up.

Advantages Of Cbd Radiator

  • Using 100% high-grade aluminum raw material to make the whole radiator, 100% polished tank with mirrorlike appearance.

  • Providing a wide range of Performance or Heavy Duty applications

  • Installation friendly supported by numerous fittings, and mounting options

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  • 24 months warranty

  • Packing: tough corrugated box with foam which is suitable for air freight and long sea freight, or as you request

  • Quick Response: Any emails would be replied in 24 hours and plus 24/7 cell phone service for all urgent requests

  • 100% Punctuality for confirmed delivery time

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Radiator

The good news is that most radiator issues can be repaired. Tom Bonfe, from Bonfe’s Auto Service & Body Repair in St. Paul, Minnesota, explained to us why radiator repair is usually all you need: Radiators are pretty durable pieces of equipment, and coolant leaks usually occur in the hoses or overflow tanks and not the radiator itself. Radiators are expensive to replace, and we typically do everything we can to fix the issue instead of replacing the whole unit.

Radiators are expensive to replace, and we typically do everything we can to fix the issue instead of replacing the whole unit.

Its worth mentioning that repairing a radiator can mean unclogging a blockage, fixing damage, flushing out old coolant, cleaning it or simply filling it with new coolant. As a result, its hard to predict how much a given radiator repair will cost.

As we surveyed mechanics for repair costs, we asked them to estimate the cost of repairing a radiator in each of our sample vehicles that has a damaged or failing radiator hose. See the results below.


What Does It Cost To Replace A Car Radiator

Performance Aluminum Radiators and Install!
  • Labor costs: There are many factors involved in figuring out the cost of labor, including the type of work being done and how much experience your mechanic has. For example, replacing a radiator can cost more if its installed on an older vehicle because it requires more handiwork to ensure that everything fits correctly.
  • Parts prices: Although there are some parts that will always cost more than others , what you pay for them may depend on where you shop and who makes them. For example, some companies sell aluminum radiators at lower prices than steel ones because theyre lighter weight and therefore easier for mechanics to install without damaging other parts in your cars engine compartment or undercarriage however aluminum radiators tend to cost more than steel ones overall due to their increased material costs associated with manufacturing one from scratch versus recycling old ones into new ones by recycling processes such as melting down scrap metal into new shapes using lasers or CNC machines rather than soldering together pieces by hand using traditional techniques like welding.

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What Drives Up The Cost Of Repairs

While we cant give you a good guesstimate on prices, we can tell you what to look out for. Some things may increase repair or replacement costs, so its important to maintain the system to minimise the chance of trouble. Some factors that may increase costs include:

  • Labour: modern cars or special vehicles can sometimes have parts that are difficult to access, which leads to increased labour. This will certainly drive up the price of any repairs. To make sure you solve the problem first time around, Nip into Natrad for a free cooling system check.
  • Rare parts: if you have a special vehicle, sometimes sourcing parts can be difficult. If this is the case, Natrad can help. We can provide custom made radiator designs for a range of applications, including modified cars, vintage or classic vehicles, tight fitment or performance cars.
  • Significant system damage: if there is serious damage to several parts within the system, you might be looking at a whole system replacement. This obviously can be pretty costly. Factoring in labour, cost of replacement parts and standard processes like a system flush, the bill can be pretty big.

The best medicine is usually prevention. While you should be maintaining the system and servicing regularly, if a problem does occur, dont delay. Getting to the root of the issue as soon as possible can save other parts of the system from being compromised as well.

How Do I Know If My Radiator Is Bad

Here are four signs your radiator is bad or failing:

  • Your vehicle is overheating. If your vehicle constantly overheats, especially under normal driving conditions, this is one of the most common signs that your radiator is bad or failing.
  • Your vehicle is leaking coolant.
  • Sludge build up in your radiator.
  • Low coolant levels.
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    When Should The Coolant Be Serviced

    For this radiator replacement cost article, our best advice for coolant is to always consult your owners handbook. Different car models may utilize different coolants, each specifically designed for each vehicle, even under a single manufacturer.

    To find out just what kind of coolant you need, consult the owners manual. More significantly, there should be guidance on when to flush and replace the coolant in your automobile, with a time frame expressed in miles or years.

    Car engine thermostatHoikka1 / CC BY-SA 3.0. The thermostat, which is typically placed on or near the water pump, is responsible for measuring the hot coolant temperatures. When the engine gets too hot, the thermostat notices it.

    We have gathered a variety of professional responses. Every 30,000 miles, you may be required to change the coolant in some vehicles. Others advise driving your vehicle for 60,000 miles before the initial flush and replacement, after which you should service the coolant every 30,000 miles.

    While others, like Mercedes, promote their coolant service intervals to be as long as 150,000 miles, or once every 15 years, for a select few models.

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