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How To Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

Use Speakerphone And Headsets For Voice Calls

Five Ways To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure |Tech Trends|

When you bring your phone to your head to make calls, you are bringing the radiation even closer to your brain, where it can be the most harmful.

If you can, try to perform all of your voice calls on speakerphone or through a headset. Even a Bluetooth headset emits far less radiation than your phone, which is communicating with satellites and cell towers whenever you are on a call.

I recommend a wired headset as this will give off the lowest level of EMF rays, but anything is better than no headset at all. As an alternative, go for an air tube headset .

I know there will be times that you dont have a headset on you and that you may not want to use speakerphone being a public place.

The best thing to do here is to turn the handset volume up and keep the phone at least an inch away from your ear.

As I mentioned before, close contact is where most of your radiation is absorbed, so if you keep the phone off even a little bit, you are making a significant reduction in risk.

It may be a little annoying not to be able to hear the other party as clearly, but it is worth it for your long-term health.

How To Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones Bonus Tip #11 Use A Somavedic Device To Neutralize Cell Phone Radiation

Its not always possible to neutralize cell radiations if you live in a big family and collaborate with a large workforce.

Even if youre tight with all the mentioned tips, you cant escape the havoc of 5G radiations.

Were wrapped around it.

In such cases, you want a Somavedic device to take care of your health.

How does the Somavedic device help?

It does everything that you need to get over the impact of harmful radiation.

You place the device in your home or at the office and expect it to

  • mitigate EMF radiation
  • control geopathic stress
  • manage Curry and Hartmann lines
  • reduce oxidative stress / free radicals

What changes with the Somavedic device?

The entire environment around you changes with Somavedic.

Even if you fail with keeping up with the ten tips, this unique combination of frequency therapy and natural science will help you feel and live better.

Keep Your Phone Out Of Your Bedroom

Another big no-no is placing your phone near your body when youre sleeping.

Keeping your phone in your bedroom at night, especially when its still connected to wireless networks, means that youre exposed to its EMF all night long.

Before tucking in, be sure to turn your cellphone off, switch to airplane mode, or at the very least, keep it on the other side of the room.

You can still use your phones alarm while its in airplane mode.

And putting it at the farthest point in the room forces you to get up to turn it off. Might help fight that morning drag!

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Mistake: Going Cellular When Signal Is Weak

The weaker the signal indicated on the cell phone display, the stronger the signal the cell phone puts out. And the stronger the signal, the greater the amount of radiation that’s being delivered to your body. Dr. Davis says that – if possible – it’s best to stick to a landline or to use the speakerphone function or use a headset when the signal is weak.

A Looming Health Crisis

Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Its been nearly 12 years since the WTR was funded. Despite Dr. Carlos revealing research and the corroborating research of other scientists from around the world that continue to follow, a search of media reports today on the subject of cell phone dangers tends to suggest one of only two conclusions: There is no risk, or no one has yet proven the risk. Thats at odds with more than 300 studies in the peer-reviewed scientific literature supporting an increased risk of disease. Clearly, something doesnt add up.

The industrys manipulation of the media to consider only one study at a time obfuscates the big picture.Individually, theres little to see. But the depth and breadth of the science that points to the problem, and the compilation of studies, make the future look frightening. Like the September 11 tragedy, where no one in government talked to each other and did not see it coming for lack of a big picture view, the health crisis from cell phone use looms darkly.

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Cell Phones Can Be Safe And Good Friends Only If You Want Them

Type how to avoid radiation from cell phones on Google and youll find the homely-experts passing on their two-bits.

Dont keep the cell phone in your trousers pocket, the anti-mobile people keep repeating this phase like rote-champ parrots.

Wait! You got to hear this. This one is our favorite!

Stop overusing the smartphone, or the cancerous deathbed shall engulf you in its lap.

You see? The anti-mobile campaigners never really cease to amaze.

These people want to warn you about the non-existent dangers related to the exposure to cell phones despite 82% of the world using cell phones.

Focus on the word non-existent .

The virtue signaling to not use the mobile signaling always got on our nerves.

But since we promote biohacks for health, we decided to get into the nuts and bolts of

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  • Cell Phones & Cancer: 8 Dumb Ways To Boost Possible Risk

    It’s no secret that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation, but is it harmful? The CDC says there’s no proof of harm. But the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer calls the radiation “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” and recent research – including an ominous 2009 Journal of Clinical Oncology study – have drawn similar conclusions.

    In light of growing worries about cell phone safety, Dr. Devra Davis – the author of Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Is Doing to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family – says it makes sense to limit exposure to cell phone radiation. Unfortunately, she says, many cell phone users make dumb mistakes that boost their exposure. Keep clicking to see eight big ones…

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    Mobile Phone Antennas And Base Stations

    There’s been a lot of controversy about radio antennas, mobile phone antennas and their emissions causing leukemia and other diseases.

    The truth is, there is no conclusive evidence one way or the other, but here are few facts about levels of radiation transmission from mobile phone antennas:

    • To get a dose of radiation considered dangerous from a mobile phone transmission antenna, you’d have to be almost touching it
    • The antennas don’t beam signals directly down, so they don’t ‘blow’ radiation directly onto us below
    • The towers that support the antennas don’t emit radiation
    • Radiation dramatically and rapidly decreases as you move away from the mast – 10 metres away, the dose is 0.1% of what it was at 1 metre away 0.0125% at 20 metres away and so on.

    Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous

    How To Protect Yourself From (Neutralize) 5G Cell Phone Radiation!

    Slowly, thanks to mounting evidence, the topic of cell phone radiation is gaining publicity. While it may be convenient to ignore the mountain of research that shows the dangers of radiation emitted from cell phones, it is far from prudent.

    On the topic of cell phone radiation and safety, the says:

    Many people are concerned that cell phone radiation will cause cancer or other serious health hazards. The weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.

    Is is really as simple as that? Nope! The FDA has, once again, put public safety on a low priority, given the following research on cell phone radiation:

    Its not practical to ditch your cell phone, but given the research, it only makes sense to incorporate cell phone safety measures into your life. Here are 5 ways to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation:

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    How To Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

    There are several ways you can reduce your exposure to radiofrequency radiation from your GOOGLE Pixel 7:

  • Use the speaker phone or a headset: By using the speaker phone or a headset, you can keep the phone away from your head and body, which can help reduce your exposure to RF radiation.

  • Text instead of call: If possible, consider sending a text message instead of making a call, as this can help reduce your exposure to RF radiation.

  • Keep your phone away from your body: When you’re not using your phone, keep it away from your body, especially when it’s connected to the internet and you’re not using it.

  • Use airplane mode: When you don’t need to be connected to the internet or make calls, consider turning on airplane mode to disable the RF radiation-emitting functions of your phone.

  • Use a wired headset: If you need to use a headset, consider using a wired headset instead of a wireless one, as this can help reduce your exposure to RF radiation.

  • It’s important to note that the level of RF radiation emitted by cell phones is generally considered to be safe by international health agencies, but if you’re concerned about your exposure to RF radiation, these steps can help reduce it.

    Mistake: Encouraging Kids To Use Cell Phones

    Why should parents discourage kids from holding cell phones against their ears? Because their skulls are thinner, for one thing, and their brains are still growing fast. Thinner skulls aren’t as good at blocking cell phone radiation, Dr. Davis says. If cell phone radiation does cause damage, that means cell phones are likely to be more dangerous for kids. What does Dr. Davis think kids should do? Use a land line, text, or use the speakerphone function or an earpiece – anything to keep cell phones away from their heads.

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    Are Phones On 5g Networks Any Different

    Fifth generation cellular networks are now being rolled out in many parts of the United States and in other countries. 5G networks are capable of transmitting much larger amounts of data over shorter periods of time than previous generations .

    5G networks operate on some higher frequency RF wavelengths than older generation networks . But the newer 5G signals still use RF waves, so they are still forms of non-ionizing radiation, which is not thought to have the ability to directly damage DNA.

    The studies that have been done so far to look at possible links between cell phone use and cancer have focused on older generation signals. At this time, there has been very little research showing that the RF waves used in 5G networks are any more of a concern than the other RF wavelengths used in cellular communication. For more on 5G networks, see Cell Phone Towers.

    Use Airplane Mode And Turn Antennas Off When Not In Use

    5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

    Airplane mode turns off most transmitting antennas. Be aware that with newer phone models, you also must turn off Bluetooth and hotspot antennas individually. So take the time to go to your settings, learn how to use airplane mode and ensure all your antennas are off.

    Turn your phone to airplane mode with antennas off more often in your daily life.

    When you are using a cell phone, turn off antennas that you are not using. For example, turn mobile data off when not using the internet. Turn Bluetooth off when not in use. Otherwise, all the antennas are always transmitting all the time.

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    You Can Decrease Cell Phone Radiation With Distance

    The farther you are from the radiation source, the less amount of radiation you will absorb.

    Every second that your phone is on, it transmits a signal, thus emitting radiation. While most phone users dont feel anything, the EMF is affecting your cells nonetheless.

    But then there are those who are electrosensitive, and they feel the agony of living in a wireless world.

    When a cell phone is nearby, they get headaches, feel dizzy, develop a vibrating/buzzing sensation, and the one that affected me personally a deep tissue burning in my hands and head.

    Whether you feel it or not, the same cellular effects occurring in an electrosensitive individual is happening in you too.

    So to avoid this, make sure your cellphone is away from your body at all times.

    The part of your body closest to the phone gets the largest amount of radiation exposure.

    The ideal distance between you and your phone is 6 feet minimum. At that point, the radiation levels that reach you drop off to nearly zero.

    Now obviously. 6 feet isnt realistic when you need to make a phone call. In such cases, you can still take advantage of distance by using a headset or switching to speaker phone.

    Fcc Radiation Standards Have Little Margin Of Safety

    The FCC’s cell phone radiation standards closely follow the 1992 recommendations of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers . These standards allow 20 times more radiation to penetrate the head than the rest of the body and do not account for risks to children.

    FCC standards limit the radiation absorbed by a cell phone user’s brain and body to a specific absorption rate, or SAR, measured by the amount of the phone’s radiation energy absorbed per kilogram of tissue .

    Current FCC regulations permit SAR levels of up to 1.6 W/kg for partial body exposure, 0.08 W/kg for whole-body exposure, and 4 W/kg for exposure to the hands, wrists, feet and ankles .

    The FCC standards are based on animal studies conducted in late 1970s and early 1980s . FCC, on the recommendation of the IEEE, adopted SAR level of 4 W/kg as the point of departure for determining legal SAR limits for cell phones. In contrast to the FCC decision, an independent analysis by the EPA scientists concluded, on the basis of the same body of data, that biological effects occur at SAR levels of 1 W/kg, 4 times lower than the SAR level chosen by IEEE . Exposure to radiofrequency radiation at these SAR levels induces tissue heating that leads to behavioral alterations in mice, rats, and monkeys, that may be a “potentially adverse effect in human beings” .

    Current FCC standards fail to provide an adequate margin of safety for cell phone radiation exposure and lack a meaningful biological basis.

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    Ways To Protect Yourself

    Ninety-one percent of Americans and nearly 5 billion people worldwide use a cell phone. Increasingly, cell phones are becoming a vital part of our lives, functioning as our primary mode of personal and business communication as well as our calendars, cameras, MP3 players, and address books. It is hard to imagine a world where we didnt have all these functionalities at our fingertips. But at what cost to our health?

    Heres what can you do to protect yourself from potential harm from radiofrequency radiation emitted by these devices:

    1. Always use a hands-free headset or the speakerphone setting when talking on your cell phone. Some researchers say a wired headset, especially a hollow tube headset you can special-orderwhich will be labeled as such and uses hollow tubes rather than wires to conduct soundis the best. But even a Bluetooth wireless headset will reduce your radio-frequency radiation exposure by several thousandfold.

    2. Keep the phone off your body. Carry your phone in a purse or bag with the antenna pointed away from you, not in your pocket or bra. When youre talking on it put it on a table in front of you. Just a few inches can substantially reduce your radiation exposure.

    3. Text instead of talking. Holding your cell phone away from your head to send text messages exposes you to less radiation than talking on it without a headset.

    Victoria Kreha

    The Risks Of Cell Phone Radiation

    Phones with highest radiation (CNET Top 5)

    Cell phone radiation is harmful?

    Radiofrequency radiation is emitted by cell phones in the radio frequency region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Second-, third-, and fourth-generation cells emit radiofrequency in the range of 0.72.7GHz. Cell phones of the fifth-generation will use frequencies up to 80 GHz.

    A study by NTP has explored the effects of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation on animals, publishing its findings in November 2018.

    The NTP studies found that high exposure to RFR used by cell phones was associated with:

    • Clear evidence of an association with tumors in the hearts of male rats. The tumors were malignant schwannomas.
    • Some evidence of an association with tumors in the brains of male rats. The tumors were malignant gliomas.
    • Some evidence of an association with tumors in the adrenal glands of male rats. The tumors were benign, malignant, or complex combined pheochromocytoma.

    A follow-up article was published by the NTP in October of 2019.

    The results of a study examining DNA damage in 3 regions of rat brains, livers, and blood cells from rats and mice taken out of an ongoing two-year toxicology study earlier than planned were released in October 2019.

    According to the study, heavy cell phone use for at least 10 years has been associated with an increased risk of brain tumors but not with developing an acoustic neuroma or meningioma.

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    Phones Carried On Belt Or In Pants Pocket May Harm Reproductive Health

    Although most scientific and public attention on the issue of the safety of cell phone radiation has focused on evidence suggesting an increased risk of brain tumors , a little-noticed but growing body of research points to a new concern sperm damage .

    In a comprehensive review of the published scientific literature, the Environmental Working Group found 10 human studies that have identified a startling variety of changes in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation. In the most striking findings, men who carried their phones in a pocket or on the belt were more likely to have lower sperm counts and/or more inactive or less mobile sperm. These findings accord with similar results in laboratory animals.

    Collectively, the research indicates that exposure to cell phone radiation may lead to decreases in sperm count, sperm motility and vitality, as well as increases in indicators of sperm damage such as higher levels of reactive oxygen species , oxidative stress, DNA damage and changes in sperm morphology .

    Many men who talk on a cell phone using a Bluetooth device or other headset keep the phone in a pants pocket or clipped to a holster. This exposes their reproductive organs to cell phone radiation, and several studies have found lower sperm count and/or poorer sperm quality in men who use their phones this way than in those who do not.

    Among the findings:

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