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How To Beat Cancer Without Chemo

The Power Of The Mind

How Do You Beat Cancer Without Chemo? Ask This Guy…

The minds role in causing and curing disease has been debated endlessly. Speculation abounds, particularly in the case of cancer. But no studies have proven in a scientifically valid way that a person can control the course of his or her cancer with the mind, although patients often believe otherwise.There are many individual cases that attest to the power of positive attitudes and emotions. One patient with high-risk cancer had a mastectomy at age twentynine. At thirty-one, she had advanced Stage IV cancer with widespread massive liver and bone involvement and, subsequently, extensive lung metastases. She also had an amazingly strong will to live.

I would get out of bed every morning as if nothing was wrong, she once said. I may have known I was going to have to face things and could feel sick during the day, but I never got out of bed that way. There was a lot I was fighting for. I had a three-year-old child, a wonderful life, and a magical love affair with my husband. Thirty years later, she is still alive, still on chemotherapy, and still living an active life.

We often ask our patients to explain how they are able to transcend their problems. We have found that however diverse they are in ethnic or cultural background, age, educational level, or type of illness, they have all gone through a similar process of psychological recovery.

Chris Wark’s Miraculous Recovery

Chris Wark was only 26 when he learned, just days before Christmas, he had Stage III colon cancer.

He consented to surgery to remove the tumor, but disregarded his doctor’s advice to undergo chemotherapy. Ten years later he’s now a “husband, father, real estate investor, musician, chemo-free cancer survivor, blogger, health coach and public speaker,” according to his website.

“Chemotherapy is toxic poison,” reads one of his posts. “The idea of poisoning my way back to health did not make sense to me.”

Instead, Wark, a self-admitted junk food junkie, adopted a very strict diet and, working with a nutritionist and herbalist, embarked upon a 90-day raw, vegan diet. He also drank a lot of distilled water. Then, his nutritionist added some cooked vegetables and organic meats.

Within a year of his grim diagnosis, Wark said he was cancer free. He continues to have yearly blood work and other exams, and, to date, has stayed in the clear.

Wark’s website has a section filled with testimonies from other “chemo-free survivors.” There’s a story from Vincent who had stage 4 colon cancer back in 2006.

A woman named “Ann” tells of her recovery from breast cancer, diagnosed when she was 44. She’s tried many natural remedies, including 714X developed by Canadian Gaston Naessens, Ph.D. This drug is legal in Canada.

Another account is from Audrey, a very long-term survivor. Her breast cancer was diagnosed in 1980.

Cancer Cure Step : Eat More Fat

If youre fighting cancer, Dr. Seyfried recommends your diet consist of 80 percent fats and 20 percent protein.

Eat lots of healthy fats, like olive oil, nuts , coconut oil, and avocado.

Fill up on green leafy vegetables and high-quality proteins . Broccoli, tomatoes, salmon, sardines, trout, garlic, and spinach contain high levels of cancer-fighting nutrients.

People call this the ketogenic diet. You can find books that explain this diet in more detail. One of the best is The Cantin Ketogenic Diet on Amazon.

On a ketogenic diet, your body uses fat for fuel. Youll want to make sure you include at least one source of healthy fat with every meal.

Unlike a harsh, short-term fast, the low-or-no-carb, high-fat diet is a diet for life, in my opinion not something you do temporarily when you have cancer. If you go back to your old sugar-lovin habits, your cancer will likely return.

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Curcumin For A Sore Mouth During Cancer Treatment

A systematic review in 2019 looked at curcumin given topically to people with head and neck cancer who were having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They wanted to see if curcumin could help treat or prevent mucositis . Curcumin did delay mucositis, reduced pain and seemed to speed up wound healing. More studies are needed so that we can compare the results.

Starvation Autophagy And Cancer

SQUARE ONE: beat cancer naturally

Autophagy is a conserved process of self-eating adopted by cells in response to starvation and other stressed conditions. It is a catabolic process, which involves the lysosomal breakdown of proteins and organelles for maintenance of cellular homeostasis and reduction of metabolic stress. Defected autophagy may cause diseases such as neurodegradation, liver failure, inflammatory bowel disease, aging, and most importantly cancer. Autophagy is a complex process that acts as a double-edged sword in tumorigenesis. Loss of autophagy may cause increased cellular proliferation and plays an important role in cancer cell survival mechanisms. Cancer cells demand high energy and nutrients for rapid cell growth. This demand may be fulfilled by high rates of aerobic glycolysis and glutaminolysis causing reactive oxygen species production and oxidative stress in tumors leading to their own autophagy for survival. ROS may also stimulate autophagy in stromal cells and release metabolites by tumor associated fibroblasts , which are utilized by neighboring cancer cells.12

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Manipulating Ph Levels Through Diet

The hype: Based on the scientific observation that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment meaning low pH levels some people contend that highly acidic foods such as meat, cheese, and grain products raise the risk of cancer by reducing pH levels in the blood. They claim that eating alkaline foods such as fruit, green vegetables, and other plant-based products discourages the growth of cancer cells by raising blood pH levels and tout the benefits of the alkaline diet .

The evidence: Cancer cells create an acidic microenvironment due to a high metabolic rate. Cancer cells cant live in a highly alkaline environment, but neither can healthy cells. Your body works to keep pH levels constant, and changing your diet is not going to substantially change the pH levels of your blood, which are tightly regulated by the kidneys and lungs regardless of foods consumed.

The pH of bodily fluids, such as saliva and urine, does change temporarily depending on the foods you eat, but that doesnt affect blood pH levels . In fact, any significant deviation in blood pH levels can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions known as acidosis or alkalosis

The verdict:There is no evidence that changing your diet to alter pH levels affects cancer growth, Dr. Yeung says. The actual science has been misinterpreted. Changing the pH in your saliva doesnt mean your blood pH changes. Some patients try using chemicals to modify their blood pH, but that can be extremely dangerous.

Is There A Cure For Cancer

When you have cancer, or care about someone who does, âcureâ may be the word you want to hear more than any other. Itâs also a word most doctors wonât say.

Unlike other diseases, cancer has its own language: Thereâs no cure for it, but there are treatments that may be able to cure some people of some cancers.

When you understand the difference, it makes all the difference.

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Webster Kehr Cancer Tutor

There is another crusader named Webster Kehr, who runs a site with an extensive list of natural cancer treatments. However, this site is difficult to navigate, and it’s also difficult to wade through his recommendations. But there is one takeaway message. He insists it is necessary to work with an expert, and that it’s generally more difficult to reverse cancer after someone has undergone chemotherapy.

How To Cure Cancer Without Chemotherapy Or Surgery

How I Beat Stage 4 Breast Cancer WIthout Chemotherapy

About two years ago when I heard the news, that my aunt Kristin had an advanced stage of lung cancer, I was devastated. Everyone who knows her was too. My family immediately started praying for her and offered to help in anyway we could. When she announced that she was going to try some alternative therapies I remember thinking that it may just save her life. Here two years later she is cancer free! And we are all beyond grateful. Below she shares her story. Feel free to share this with others who may benefit.

Welcome Kristin,

This is something Ive been meaning to do for a long time. I have finally written up my success story and done a pretty thorough write up of my what of exactly what I did including cost and phone numbers etc. Now, when people ask me for advice, Ill be able to give this to them. Its a pretty long though, so youll have to be pretty interested to get through it! Certainly I dont expect you to read post! Just remember that its here in case you ever want to share it with someone.

My Cancer Success Story by Kristin Garrett

Cancer is not a death sentence!

Today is June 20, 2015. Its a little past my 2 year anniversary of survival. Thats a big deal since cancer survival rates are measured by the 2 year mark and the 5 year mark. I am happy to say that I recently had a CT scan with contrast and I am cancer free! I feel great. I work well over 40 hours every week and I am getting my life back to normal. Its been quite an adventure.

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How Karen Reversed Lymphoma Without Chemo

Karen was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma called Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia in 2005, but instead of following her doctors orders, she refused conventional treatment, radically changed her diet and lifestyle, and reversed the progression of her disease.

Karen had a scary set back along the way, but her determination and perseverance kept her on track and she prevailed!

Enjoy this awesome wisdom-filled interview with Karen from the survivor couch at The Truth About Cancer Live

The book that empowered Karen to take control of her life and health, which I also recommend highly is Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin

My friend, Krim OLaughlin in Cleveland, Ohio, is an expert researcher on Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia and has helped her husband, Nick, put his into remission using nutrition and natural methods. She is an excellent resource and can be reached at krimol sbcglobal net

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Chris Wark

Some Cases Keep Me Up At Night

Dr. Doshis oncologist, Dr. Eric Winer of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, gave her good news: A genetic test of her tumor indicated she would not get any significant benefit from chemotherapy. Hormonal therapy to deprive her cancer of the estrogen that fed it would suffice.

But as much as Dr. Doshi dreaded chemotherapy, she worried about forgoing it. What if her cancer recurred? Would chemotherapy, awful as it is, improve her outcome?

She got a second opinion.

The doctor she consulted advised a very aggressive treatment, Dr. Doshi said a full lymph node dissection followed by chemotherapy.

She had multiple conversations with Dr. Winer, who ended up discussing her case with four other specialists, all of whom recommended against chemotherapy.

Finally, Dr. Doshi said, my husband said I should just pick a horse and run with it.

She trusted Dr. Winer.

Her struggles mirror what oncologists themselves go through. It can take courage to back off from chemotherapy.

One of the most difficult situations, Dr. Winer said, is when a patient has far more advanced disease than Dr. Doshi did hers had spread to three lymph nodes but no further and is not a candidate for one of the targeted treatments. If such a patient has already had several types of chemotherapy, more is unlikely to help. That means there is no treatment.

It falls to Dr. Winer to tell the patient the devastating news.

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Starvation Nutrient Signaling Pathways And Growth Factors

The starvation-induced physiological state is similar to that caused by mutated nutrient signaling pathways, which lead to decreased activity.11 DR is also helpful against age-related malfunctioning and reduces the risk factors of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer in rodents, monkeys, and humans by inactivating one or more nutrient signaling pathways.20,21

In drosophila, the evolutionary role of IIS is conserved as in yeast and C. elegans.32 Dietary restriction in drosophila effects insulin peptides and transcript levels of insulin-like pepticle 5 ,33 and loss of FOXO can be compensated by other pathways such as the TOR pathway.34 In mice, mutations in growth hormone and IIS genes can increase their lifespan.35 Furthermore, growth hormone deficiency increases the expression of antioxidant enzymes and increases stress resistance in muscle cells and fibroblasts of mice.36 DR expands the lifespan of mice by up to 60% partially by reducing the occurrence of chronic diseases such as cancer.20 In the same way IGF-1 signaling deficiency may reduce the probability of spontaneous mutations and tumors in the kidneys and small intestine of DR mice.37 In individuals with GH-receptor deficiency diabetes and cancer are very rare, but they donât reach older ages.38

Treating The Patient Instead Of The Disease

SQUARE ONE: beat cancer naturally

For the longest time, people did not believe this was possible, said Lawrence Fong, MD, associate professor of medicine at UCSF and one of the Universitys lead investigators in the expanding use of immunotherapy.

Now we can treat cancer by treating the patient instead of the disease, he said. Thats the biggest change. We can treat cancer without delivering chemotherapy or radiation to kill the cancer or performing surgery to get rid of the tumor.

Researchers at UCSF and elsewhere have identified cell receptors, such as CTLA-4 and PD-1, which act as a brake on the immune system, limiting its response.

With the use of antibodies to inhibit these blockade receptors, allowing a more active and vigilant immune system, doctors have seen outstanding responses in patients with metastatic melanoma and lung cancer, both of which are almost always fatal with conventional treatments. Immunotherapy also has been successful in cancers of the bladder, prostate, kidney and bone marrow.

This was a radical idea: that the body already possesses the ability to defeat cancer, and that medicines role was to find a way to allow the body to marshal the healing work it is naturally capable of, Fong said. We all believed it could work, but very few would have predicted the 180-degree change that weve seen over the last two years.

Fong and Yafei Hou, MD, PhD, a specialist in the Fong Lab, discuss which treated patients they plan to assess for immune responses.

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Can You Beat Cancer Without Chemo

We can treat cancer without delivering chemotherapy or radiation to kill the cancer or performing surgery to get rid of the tumor. Researchers at UCSF and elsewhere have identified cell receptors, such as CTLA-4 and PD-1, which act as a brake on the immune system, limiting its response.

The Micrornas Can Lead Affected Cells To Cell Suicide

The researchers found that cancers were unable to develop resistance to the molecules, turning the mechanism into a potentially viable treatment for tumors especially if the code could be multiplied.

“Now that we know the kill code, we can trigger the mechanism without having to use chemotherapy and without messing with the genome,” Peter said in a news release. MicroRNAs could be used to push the affected cells to cell death.

In a previous study, Peter was able to show that cancer cells die when certain microRNA molecules are used, while in another, he and his team demonstrated how RNA could be converted into microRNA.

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Why Most Women Can Beat Breast Cancer Without Chemo

Chemotherapy has some devastating side effects. Nausea, fatigue, hair loss, fever and bowel problems are just the start. Chemotherapy can also cause anemia, nerve and muscle problems, skin breakdown and mood changes.

Heart arrhythmias and a weakened cardiac muscle leave chemotherapy patients more vulnerable to heart attacks.

For most women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, radiation and chemotherapy have been the standard of care.

That is, until recently.

Since 2006, the American and Canadian governments have quietly been funding research aimed at sparing thousands of women each year the unnecessary ordeal of chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Twelve years later, their efforts have borne fruit.

Breaking Down The Dogma

Chris Beat Cancer Naturally without Chemo and He’s Sharing How

The breast cancer treatment guidelines issued by the National Cancer Institute 30 years ago were harsh: chemotherapy for about 95 percent of patients with breast cancer.

The change began 15 years ago, when the first targeted drug for breast cancer, Herceptin, was approved as an initial treatment for about 30 percent of patients who have a particular protein on their tumor surface. It was given with chemotherapy and reduced the chance of a recurrence by half and the risk of dying from breast cancer by a third, almost regardless of how much and what type of chemotherapy was used, Dr. Hortobagyi said.

In a few studies, Herceptin and another targeted drug were even given without chemotherapy, and provided substantial benefit, he added.

That, Dr. Hortobagyi said, started to break the dogma that chemotherapy was essential.

But changing cancer therapies was not easy.

It is very scary, to give fewer drugs, Dr. Hortobagyi said.

It is so much easier to pile on treatment on top of treatment, he continued, with the promise that if we add this it might improve your outcome.

But as years went by, more and more oncologists came around, encouraged by new research and new drugs.

There are now at least 14 new targeted breast cancer drugs on the market three were approved just last year with dozens more in clinical trials and hundreds in initial development.

Now some are in remission 10 or even 15 years after their initial treatment, Dr. Hortobagyi said.

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