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How To Block 5g Radiation

How To Use Copper To Protect Yourself At Home

Block 5G! How to Protect Yourself From Harmful EMF Radiation

Its unlikely that youll be able to find copper mesh fine enough to protect against 5G radiation.

One way you could try and overcome this is to buy standard copper mesh and build it up in layers. A few layers should provide some protection against 5G wavelengths.

While you can get copper Faraday protection fabric this isnt rated to protect against 5G radiation.

It often works on frequencies up to 5GHz, which is enough to protect against things like Wi-Fi and microwave radiation. 5G uses much higher frequencies.

You can also buy pure copper fabric , but again this only protects up to wavelengths of 18GHz.

We can only hope that as 5G becomes the more common option for phone signals that coppers protective abilities is applied to new methods designed for this high-frequency radiation.

Effects On The Atmosphere

During the implementation stage of the 5G technology, it will be required to launch many, short-term satellites through suborbital rockets that are fueled by hydrocarbon rocket engines.

When this happens, black carbon from the rocket engines gets into the atmosphere. From there, it will contaminate the atmosphere on a global scalethus, affecting the distribution of temperature and ozone. In combination with this, the rocket exhaust may contain chlorine which is an ozone-destroying element.

Where Can People Find Additional Information On Emfs

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website has information about EMFs and cancer.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration website has information about workplace exposures to ELF-EMF.

The US Environmental Protection Agency website has information on power lines and other sources of EMF.

The European Commission also has general information on EMF.

The World Health Organization website also has information about EMFs and public health.

Selected References
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  • Ahlbom A, Green A, Kheifets L, et al. Epidemiology of health effects of radiofrequency exposure. Environmental Health Perspectives 2004 112:17411754.

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    Widespread Concerns For Health

    A look at the news headlines of recent years allows some insight into the various areas of public concern. Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently mobile phones and their base stations.

    Why Is 5g Harmful

    Stop 5G Radiation 5G Network

    Looking at the frequencies 5G will operate on and its infrastructural requirements, we can assume that 5G will lead to an exponential increase in human exposure to EMF radiation.

    And the much more pressing fact is that these exposures are neither precedented nor tested. So far, there has been absolutely no research to evaluate the long term health risks of 5G.

    Despite the lack of studies, experts like Dr. Joel Moskowitz from UC Berkeley School of Public Health say that we have no reason to believe that 5G is safe.

    5G uses the same type of EMF radiation that the International Agency for Research on Cancer under the WHO has designated as a Class 2B carcinogen.

    And research studies have also found that EMF is genotoxic. This means it can damage your DNA, inviting a range of problems.

    Besides that, EMF is also known to invite a wide variety of conditions, including:

    Learn more about 5Gs potential health risks in my post What are the Health Risks of 5G? Your Questions Answered.

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    Studies Done In The Lab

    RF waves dont have enough energy to damage DNA directly, the way that ionizing waves do. Because of this, its not clear how RF radiation might be able to cause cancer. Some studies have found possible increased rates of certain types of tumors in lab animals exposed to RF radiation, but overall, the results of these types of studies have not provided clear answers so far.

    A few studies have reported evidence of biological effects that could be linked to cancer, but this is still an area of research. For example, some studies have suggested that RF radiation might stress cells. This could lead to the creation of reactive oxygen species inside the cells, which can damage DNA. However, other studies have found that RF radiation might protect cells from DNA damage.

    In large studies published in 2018 by the US National Toxicology Program and by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy, researchers exposed groups of lab rats to RF waves over their entire bodies for many hours a day, starting before birth and continuing for at least most of their natural lives. Both studies found an increased risk of uncommon heart tumors called malignant schwannomas in male rats, but not in female rats . The NTP study also reported possible increased risks of certain types of tumors in the brain and in the adrenal glands.

    Misconception Of 5g Principal Concepts

    In this part, we investigate the potential health impacts of 5G from a communication theory viewpoint. We focus on the novel features in 5G that trigger health concerns among the community, i.e., massive multiple-input multiple-output and network densification.

    2.2.1 Massive MIMO

    In 5G, the BS adopts MIMO and beamforming techniques, which have also been considered in 4G networks. However, there are two substantial differences compared to previous networks, i.e., higher maximum output power and dynamic pencil beamforming with a larger number of antenna elements. The maximum transmitted power by a 5G BS can reach up to 200 W, almost double the corresponding value for a 4G BS . This increase in power can trigger the populations concern about potential health risks.

    2.2.2 5G Network Densification

    In order to support an increasing number of users with higher data rates, installing additional BSs over the territory is essential, i.e., network densification. Therefore, the distance between the users and the nearest cell shrinks, increasing the perceived health impacts.

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    Misinformation And Health Concerns

    Misinformation and opinions on the health risks from exposure to radiofrequency EMF are increasing on the internet and social media.

    Most recently, there have been claims linking 5G networks to COVID-19. There is no scientific basis for these claims. This is supported by the:

    Another frequent concern is the potential for radiofrequency EMF to increase the risk of cancer. The scientific evidence does not support a link between cancer and exposure to radiofrequency EMF at the levels permitted by Canadian exposure guidelines. There have been some studies reporting an increase in incidence of brain cancer among long-term, heavy cell phone users. However, other studies conducted around the world, including studies assessing brain cancer trends among large populations, do not find changes in brain cancer incidence. This is despite widespread use of cell phones over the past 25 years.

    There is no established scientific evidence that those who use cell phones are at increased risk of experiencing adverse health effects with the Canadian limits in place. This includes children and teenagers. However, if you wish to further reduce your exposure to radiofrequency EMF from cell phones you can do so by:

    • texting instead of calling
    • limiting the length of cell phone calls
    • making phone calls from locations with good reception

    Why Blocking Wifi Radiation Matters

    Stop 5G Signals With Cob Walls – Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation

    I have many articles on EMF Academy on the dangers of EMF radiation in general, and RF radiation from WiFi specifically, but lets cover some of the important points.

    First, long-term exposure, especially in close proximities, to radiofrequency waves has been studied and proven to produce adverse health effects. This is the reason that cell-phone manufacturers have a limit on how much radiation their phones can produce, and cell-towers have warning signs on the fences surrounding them, and the same reason that schools around the world are beginning to ban or limit WiFi.

    It is also the reason that people are so worried about the release of 5G wireless around the world.

    Even the American Cancer Society, who in large part will not fully say that EMF radiation causes long-term harm, and instead errs on the side of not enough research, admits on their website, that:

    there has been concern that some forms of non-ionizing radiation might have biological effects that could result in cancer

    -American Cancer Society

    Independent studies have connected EMF radiation from WiFI to a whole host of health issues such as:

    • Interruption of brain glucose metabolism
    • Breaks in DNA chains

    Frequent and long-term exposure to WiFi also commonly causes symptoms such as:

    If you want to learn more about why WiFi is dangerous, check out the knowledge section of my website, or just use the search function.

    If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to reach out.

    Your friend in health,

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    The International Emf Project

    In response to growing public health concerns over possible health effects from exposure to an ever increasing number and diversity of electromagnetic field sources, in 1996 the World Health Organization launched a large, multidisciplinary research effort. The International EMF Project brings together current knowledge and available resources of key international and national agencies and scientific institutions.

    Total Protection Ultimate Safety

    DefenderShield® EMF protection products incorporate a range of scientifically-tested shielding materials that can block up to 99% of EMF radiation frequencies from 0-90 GHz, including WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular , GPS, NFC, RFID, and Extremely Low Frequency . No other mobile devices shielding in the world blocks frequencies up to 90 GHz.

    Not only that, we pride ourselves in being the leaders in EMF and 5G education. You can feel secure knowing you are shielded anywhere, anytime with all-in-one DefenderShield EMF radiation protection solutions.

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    Health Effects Of Cell Phones Cell Phone Towers Antennas And 5g Devices

    Based on the available scientific evidence, there are no health risks from exposure to the low levels of radiofrequency EMF which people are exposed to from cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices.

    Thousands of scientific studies have evaluated the safety of radiofrequency EMF. Evidence from these studies establishes only 2 adverse health effects that can occur at levels above the Canadian limits:

    • tissue heating, such as the warming of your skin
    • nerve stimulation, which can cause a tingling sensation in your skin

    The occurrence of these health effects depends on a combination of:

    • the intensity of radiofrequency EMF exposure
    • how long you are exposed to radiofrequency EMF
    • the distance of your body from the source of radiofrequency EMF

    The Canadian radiofrequency safety requirement provides protection against all established health effects.

    Learn about how Safety Code 6 protects you from radiofrequency EMF.

    Is 5g Bad For Your Health Its Complicated Say Researchers

    Stop 5G Radiation 5G Network

    Countries such as Switzerland, the UK and Germany are already rolling out next generation networks. 5G is projected to be 100 times faster than 4G and would allow new technologies such as connected cars and augmented reality to flourish. But despite the big promises, concerns about its potential health effects are also growing.

    In September 2017, doctors and scientists launched the 5G Appeal, a petition which calls for the EU to impose a moratorium on 5G rollout, citing imminent health dangers like increased cancer risks, cellular stress and genetic damage. The petition now has more than 250 signatories. In March this year, then Brussels minister of environment Céline Fremault blocked a 5G rollout saying she wouldnt turn the citys inhabitants into laboratory mice. In Bern, Switzerland, a protest in May led some administrative areas to block the construction of 5G antennas.

    So how different is 5G and could it impact our health? The reality, experts say, is complex.

    We have been involved in hundreds of studies about electromagnetic radiation and human health, said Professor Niels Kuster, founder and director of the Swiss ITIS Foundation. He was project coordinator for ARIMMORA, a study into the relation between the electromagnetic radiation emitted by power lines and childhood leukaemia.


    We have less of an understanding of the second way in which non-ionising radiation can affect us – how it interferes with us biologically, says Prof. Kuster.


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    Protecting Yourself From Radiation

    Radiation is part of our life. Background radiationBackground radiationRadiation that is always in the environment. The majority of background radiation occurs naturally and a small fraction comes from man-made elements., coming primarily from natural minerals, is around us all the time. Fortunately, there are very few situations where an average person is exposed to uncontrolled sources of radiation above background. Nevertheless, it is wise to be prepared and know what to do if such a situation arises.

    One of the best ways to be prepared is to understand the radiation protection principles of time, distance and shielding. During a radiological emergency , we can use these principles to help protect ourselves and our families.

    On this page:

    How To Protect Yourself From 5g And Emf Radiation

    For a company to push innovation forward, they must first lobby for laws in their favor. Sometimes they lobby for the removal of laws. Its all about what most serves their wealthy board members, shareholders, and revenue.

    Industries like pharmaceuticals, dairy, manufacturing, energy, and wireless tech, plus many more, spend billions of dollars annually to successfully protect their agendas, pay packages, and profits through lobbying.

    We might think that the government prioritizes our best interests, but this is rarely the case, and the rush to allow an unregulated 5G wireless infrastructure is a prime example of this. Which is why you should know how to protect yourself from 5G and EMF radiation.

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    What Are Common Sources Of Non

    There are both natural and human-made sources of non-ionizing EMFs. The earths magnetic field, which causes the needle on a compass to point North, is one example of a naturally occurring EMF.

    Human-made EMFs fall into both the ELF and radiofrequency categories of non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These EMFs can come from a number of sources.

    Extremely low frequency EMFs . Sources of ELF-EMFs include power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances such as shavers, hair dryers, and electric blankets.

    Radiofrequency radiation. The most common sources of radiofrequency radiation are wireless telecommunication devices and equipment, including cell phones, smart meters, and portable wireless devices, such as tablets and laptop computers . In the United States, cell phones currently operate in a frequency range of about 1.8 to 2.2 GHz .

    Other common sources of radiofrequency radiation include:

    For household appliances and other devices used in the home that require electricity, magnetic field levels are highest near the source of the field and decrease rapidly the farther away the user is from the source. Magnetic fields drop precipitously at a distance of about 1 foot from most appliances. For computer screens, at a distance of 1220 inches from the screen that most persons using computers sit, magnetic fields are similarly dramatically lower.

    Prefer Corded Technology Connections

    How to Block 5G EMF Radiation Testing TinFoilCapCo Products

    For home phones , internet, printer, speakers, and entertainment gear, connect by cord or cable with all wireless features off.

    • Wi-Fi Internet Connections at Home: As an easy first step, power off the Wi-Fi router at bedtime. Then ask your internet provider how to connect with plug-in cords and turn off the antennae feature of the modem or router. Many companies allow you to manage the wireless settings online and you can simply turn it off via the internet. Sometimes a swap to a non-wireless modem is necessary.
    • Wire Up Game Stations and Controllers: Choose gaming devices that have the option to connect the hand controllers with a cord.
    • Hardwire Accessories : Wi-Fi printers, your cordless mouse, and your virtual assistant speaker are a hidden source of constant Wi-Fi emissions, just like a Wi-Fi router or cordless phone base.
    • Remember: If a user or tracking device is wireless, it has wireless radiation emissions.

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    Fake Theories And Hoaxes

    Many fake and conspiracy theories have been circulating in the media regarding alleged adverse health impacts due to the EMF exposure from 5G. Several fake theories allege that human exposure to radiations from 5G BSs can spread the Covid19 . Some examples of those fake theories are as follows.

    Cities that have started the deployment of 5G networks, e.g., Wuhan and Milan, have a wider spread of the virus compared to those employing legacy networks

    The RFR from 5G severely interacts with the DeoxyriboNucleic Acid of the cells in the lungs, leading to a deadly inflammation of lungs

    The RFR from 5G weaken our immunity system, allowing the Covid19 to attack our bodies easily

    The Covid19 is a cover to embed microchips within the coronavirus vaccine to control humans via 5G .

    The fake theories and hoaxes reported above do not rely on any scientific evidence, and most of them are biologically impossible. For example, Covid19 has spread worldwide, mostly in cities that have not deployed 5G networks yet. Also, there is no proven interaction between the RFR and DNA of the cells. Moreover, 5G radiations do not affect the immune system because the radiation level is below the heating thresholds, defined by the well-established guidelines .

    What Do The Health Bodies Say

    In addition to these side effects, here are the research reports that warn against the dangers of RF radiation.

    • In 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation as a possible carcinogen, which essentially means the radiation can cause cancer.
    • Research carried out by the US National Toxicology Program tested the effects of RF radiation by exposing it to male rats. The subjects were exposed to RF radiation for nine hours a day for over two years. The result for all the rats was the appearance of tumors in the brain and heart.
    • In the Medical Research Institute of Kanazawa Medical University, a study was also done on rabbits . The study suggests that 60GHz millimeter-wave antennas produce thermal injuries to the eyes of the rabbits.
    • In Germany, scientists studied 1,000 residents who lived close to two cell towers for about ten years. From the study, residents who lived within 400 meters to the two cell towers developed cancer after the 5-year mark.
    • Another study also suggests that low-level MMWs causes lens opacity, a lesser form of cataracts, in rats eyes.

    These reports back up the fact that RF radiation from the weaker 4G and 3G technology are dangerous to certain extents.

    So for the upcoming 5G tech and even the current generation, this post is designed to offer tips or methods, and gadgets, that can shield you from the EMF radiation from cell towers.

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