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How To Use Panacur C For Cancer

Effects Of Top Agents In Paclitaxel

Panacur for Dog and Cat Cancer

Paclitaxel-based chemotherapy is frequently used to treat patients with metastatic prostate cancer who develop resistance to hormone deprivation therapy however, they often succumb within months as a result of taxane resistance . Paclitaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells responded to fenbendazole in a dose-dependent manner in vitro, but were refractory to paclitaxel treatment . In fact, fenbendazole, fluspirilene and suloctidil exhibited higher potency in the paclitaxel-resistant PC-3TxR cells than in the parental PC-3 cells, as evidenced by a lower ED50 . Interestingly, only fenbendazole demonstrated higher potency in paclitaxel-resistant DU-145TxR compared to DU-145 cells . The observed cytotoxic activity correlated with the percent apoptosis induced in these cells . Anti-tumor activity was further confirmed in vivo in a subcutaneous PC-3TxR tumor model. When the tumors reached approximately 100 mm3 in size, the mice were treated with paclitaxel or fenbendazole three times per week for three weeks. Consistent with our observations in vitro, the growth of paclitaxel-treated PC-3TxR tumors was significantly greater when compared to the control group . In contrast, fenbendazole-treated tumors remained small throughout the study .

What Brand Of Fenbendazole Did Joe Tippens Protocol Contain

In the protocol described by Joe Tippens, a brand called Panacur C was used along with other components like CBD. The usage of Panacur c for humans then started to gain popularity after Joes story went viral. Fenbendazole belongs to a class of microtubular-level destabilizing agents.

Like other benzimidazoles , fenbendazole has shown significant results in treating cancer. Although very few studies have been conducted on the topic, utilization of Panacur C for cancer treatment is considered safe.

According to studies, the use of this dog dewormer for cancer treatment should be appreciated. Scientists and researchers are looking to repurpose this dog dewormer medicine to officially treat cancer in humans.

Fenbendazole For Humans Side Effects

Some research suggests that those who are weak from chemotherapy may experience more side effects than those not receiving conventional cancer treatment.

Some common side effects that have been reported include elevated liver enzymes, mild diarrhea, and mild stomach discomfort.

If you are currently taking chemotherapy for your cancer, it is best to discuss how to add curcumin and vitamin E with a medical professional.

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Clinical Research About Fenbendazole And Mebendazole For Cancer

Fenbendazole, also called FenBen/ FBZ, and Mebendazole are often confused because they perform the same primary function of eliminating parasitic worms. However, a key difference is that FBZ has not been approved for human use while MBZ has been approved for human consumption by governing bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration . Fenbendazole is only officially approved for veterinary use.

Researchers have found Mebendazole to have anticancer properties like Fenbendazole. Several preclinical studies suggest that Mebendazole helps stop tumor progression, has cytotoxic activities, reduces tumor growth, and can help improve survival. Unlike Fenbendazole, Mebendazole has been found to cross the blood-brain barrier, which can be very helpful in brain cancers and cancer that has metastasized to the brain.

Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol: The Scientific Data

Panacur C Canine Dewormer (1 Gram)

As surprising as it sounds, there is documented research about deworming medications and their effect on cancer. This dry and tasteless Fenbendazole powder has been shown to exhibit significant inhibition of tumor growth when supplemented with vitamins A, D, E, K, and B.

Fenbendazole is a triple-threat to cancer: it kills cancer cells in three ways that are significant:

  • It destroys microtubules that sustain the structure of the cancer cell and its ability to divide and multiply rapidly.
  • It interrupts the cancer cells ability to process sugar, and cancer cells must metabolize sugar to survive.
  • It boosts the production of a cancer-killing gene called p53 a gene cancer patients may lack. When p53 becomes mutated or cant keep cancer cells in check, cancer cells can proliferate.

The dewormer also works against parasites, which might be the origin of some cancers.

Other Research That Supports the Use of De-Wormers for Cancer

Theres another sister drug of Fenbendazole, called Mebendazole, a de-wormer medication prescribed to treat parasitic worm infections in humans. Mebendazole has shown promising results in treating cancer .

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Panacur Dosage For Dogs

Panacur comes in the form of oral Fenbendazole granules available as 1-gram packets, 2-gram packets, and 4-gram packets. Each dosage unit contains 22.2% of Fenbendazole.

And the recommended dose of Panacur for dogs is 22.7 mg per pound of body weight a day for three consecutive days.

To find the usual dose for your dogs weight, you need to use combinations of the right packet size and number of packets. If this is too much math, just stick to the following dosing table:

  • Dogs weighing up to 10 lbs 1 gram
  • Dogs weighing 20 lbs 2 grams
  • Dogs weighing 30 lbs 1 gram + 2 grams
  • Dogs weighing 40 lbs 4 gram
  • Dogs weighing 50 lbs 1 gram + 4 gram
  • Dogs weighing 60 lbs 2 gram + 4 gram
  • Dogs weighing 80 lbs 4 gram + 4 gram
  • Dogs weighing over 80 lbs use combinations.

If there is no right size for your dogs weight , it is recommended to opt for the next higher size. For example, if you have a 15-pound dog, treat it with a 2-gram packet.

To reduce the risk of stomach upsets, mix the Panacur with a small amount of the usual food and make sure your dog consumes all of the medicated food. When using dry dog food, you need to moisten it before mixing.

If you forgot to give your dog its daily dose of Panacur, give it as soon as you remember, or if close to the next dosing, skip the missed dose completely and continue with the schedule.

Joe Tippens Fenbendazole Protocol Dosage

The treatment protocol for fenbendazole is relatively simple and easy.

  • 1 gram of Panacur C is advised to be taken seven days a week. It is recommended that it should be taken with a meal.
  • 2 tablets of curcumin per day are recommended. This should be taken seven days a week. It helps by increasing the p53 levels in the body.
  • It is recommended that one should take 25 mg of CBD oil everyday. The oil should be taken sublingually.
  • Berberine helps in starving and weakening of the cancer cells so it is recommended to take it twice or thrice a day.
  • Quercetin is recognized as an anti- inflammation agent and it is recommended to be taken take once a day.

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Can I Give My Dog Panacur

Yes, you can give your dog Panacur for the control of parasitism. The official brand name of this FDA-approved drug is Panacur C Canine Dewormer , a medication made by Merck Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.

Fenbendazole works by binding with the parasitic proteins, thus damaging their structures and inhibiting cellular function. As a broad-spectrum antiparasitic, in veterinary medicine, Panacur can be used to prevent and treat various parasite species.

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  • Melissa 29 Sep 2020

    Good morning Joe. I just ran across your protocol and I am very interested in it. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer last December. He has done chemo iv, been on immunology and now on Termadar, which he is doing three weeks on and one off and we go back to get scans again in a month. He has done so very good on all of his chemo, had very little effects, but now seems to be slowing down and his back is hurting him more. Anyhow, I was wandering if you had any further help, if you would please send me the information?My email for home is .Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone and giving them a second chance. It is so wrong of the doctors that have had information on this but never shared. There are so many individuals that have cancer and could benefit from it, and all because someone doesnt want their money source to come to a holt.

    Thank You again!

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    Fenbendazole Dose And Schedule 1 Packet/day For 3 Days Then Zero For 4 Days

    Patients can buy Fenbendazole through our online store. Get the Panacur-C or the Safe-Guard brand Panacur-C comes in a white and yellow box and Safe-Guard in a rust-colored box, both with three, 1-gram packets of the products. One box of three packets will last a week on the beginning dose since you take one packet per day for three straight days and then take FOUR DAYS OFF. Example: Take the Fenbendazole only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. Do not follow the weight-dependent dosing that is given on the back of the packaging! It may be best to place the powdered substance directly in your mouth and chase it down with a flavored drink such as cranberry juice as it does not dissolve well in any liquids. You could also try to mix it into a smoothie, greens drink, or something else. It can be taken as a single dose in the morning, with or without food. Remember, those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take no days off!

    How To Take Fenbendazole

    Fenbendazole is sold under several different brand names, one of which is Panacur C from Merck, which is a canine dewormer. It comes in the form of granules containing 22.2 percent Fenbendazole. In other words, each gram of the product has 222 milligrams of active ingredient.

    Other forms of Fenbendazole include a liquid form of the drug called Safe-Guard suspension. Other patients report using a type designed for tropical fish.

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    Lead Drug Candidates Are Pro

    We further compared the differential cytotoxicity observed with our promising drugs in both highly metastatic PC-3MLN4 and AT6.1 cells relative to the less aggressive PC-3M cells. We utilized the DNTC formulation for fenbendazole, fluspirilene and clofazimine, and DMSO for suloctidil and niclosamide. All drugs tested showed greater cytotoxicity for highly metastatic PC-3MLN4 cells than in PC-3M cells . Except for clofazimine and fluspirilene, a similar pattern was observed between PC-3M and AT6.1 cells. The differential cytotoxicity observed with PC-3M and PC-3MLN4 cells correlated with drug-induced apoptosis, as indicated by annexin V staining for both early and late apoptosis markers . Greater apoptosis was observed in treated PC-3MLN4 than in PC-3M cells these effects were significantly reduced after treatment with the caspase-3 inhibitor .

    Effects Of Fenbendazole On Cellular Radiosensitivity

    Panacur C Canine Dewormer (4 Gram)

    Because the chemical structure of fenbendazole resembles those of compounds known to act as radiosensitizers, we examined the effect of treatment with 10 M fenbendazole before and during irradiation on the radiation dose-response curves for hypoxic and aerobic cells . Fenbendazole did not alter the radiation response of either aerobic or hypoxic EMT6 cells.

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    Dosing Fenbendazole For Cancer

    The limited studies suggest that Fenbendazole for humans is safe for consumption because it has low toxicity and a high safety margin. However, it is important to remember that the FDA has not approved Fenbendazole for use in humans.

    The optimal dose of any medication and/or supplement is related to the individual characteristics of a patients overall health, current disease status, treatment history, and current treatment regimen.

    In general, research has found that Fenbendazole for humans is well-tolerated with a single oral dose of 222 mg/per day up to 444 mg/ per day . However, because human observations are limited, these should be considered general guidelines that may need to change depending on each individuals health status and specific cancer. All benzimidazole medications, including FBZ and MBZ are absorbed best when a healthy fat snack/meal accompanies the dosage.

    Berberine 2/day Every Day

    We offer our Berber Clear because Berberine has many biological activities including the ability to induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis, making it a potentially useful agent for targeting cancer cells. Take 2/day every day Please read this to learn more on the cancer-fighting properties of Berberine.

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    Joe Tippens Protocol Of Taking Fenbendazole For Cancer Treatment

    The treatment protocol which is suggested by Joe Tippens for treating cancer is a dosage of 1 g of Panacur C every day. This treatment protocol is called the Joe Tippens Protocol according to which this medicine should be taken in the form of oral granules.

    Joe also suggested that it could be taken in liquid form. It is really important to measure the dose of fenbendazole when you are taking it in liquid form to avoid complications. It is suggested that Panacur should be taken with a meal.

    Despite the fact that there are fewer studies on the cancer-treating abilities of fenbendazole, it is still observed that humans can tolerate the drug easily and no contraindications have been found.

    Discuss Fenbendazole With An Integrative Oncology Nurse

    Panacur and Antioxidant Vitamins Stop Cancer

    If youre considering taking FBZ or MBZ for cancer treatment, its important to discuss your plans with a knowledgeable healthcare professional. These medications are not necessarily right for everyone, and your healthcare team must be aware of any new treatments you decide to try, you can speak with an integrative oncology nurse about your current cancer treatment plan to learn more about FBZ and MBZ for cancer. In addition, they can give you the latest information available about which product to use from this family of drugs and determine if taking one of them might be right for you.

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    When To Use Panacur For Dogs

    Panacur should be used when there is a need for control of parasitism. However, the exact deworming schedule varies based on various factors:

    • Environment-related factors geographic region and climate
    • Dog-related factors age, lifestyle, and activity of your dog.

    Dogs living in warm climates with dense vector populations need more frequent deworming than dogs living in cold and harsh climates. Similarly, puppies less than six months of age need frequent deworming, while adult dogs require two rounds per year.

    The following schedule is not general guidance, but it gives you an insight into the age-related frequency variations newly born pups need to be dewormed when at 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks of age. Plus, it is critical to treat the dam at the same time as the pups .

    Does Panacur Treat Coccidia

    Coccidia is the same thing as Giardia. Panacur does treat coccidia, but the dosage is different from if you are treating your dog for worms. You usually have to give your dog a bigger or longer dosage to treat coccidia. You should speak with your vet to find out the correct dosage to treat coccidia.

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    Fenbendazole Plus Treatment From Vitality Science

    At Vitality Science, we have dedicated decades to creating effective supplements to improve dogs and cats health, with a particular focus on immunity. We do this by arranging nutrients in synergistic blocks, which allows the different components to work together.

    For the last 10 years, our focus has been on a supplement program called the Advanced Immune Protocol. Due to the all-natural ingredients, it is more gentle on the body than traditional solutions. As the supplement targets all the key factors responsible for immune system performance, it is also highly effective.

    The latest research on Fenbendazole has led us to consider the deworming drug and take the immune support a step further.

    How Our Fenbendazole Protocol Works

    Our Fenbendazole treatment is called Advanced Immune Gold. In addition to the deworming drug, it uses all the building blocks of Advanced Immune Protocol. These are the following.

    Essential Fatty Acids

    Essential fatty acids are found in super foods like tuna. We use the EFAs methionine and cysteine, both of which are sulfur-bearing amino acids.

    The combination of methionine and cysteine is called the Budwig Protocol. It is named for Dr. Budwig, who used the protocol for more than 40 years in Germany and other countries in Europe to successfully treat immune-damaged patients. She reported that the two EFAs led to the charging of cells in the body, much like how you charge the cells in a battery.

    Mitochondrial Stimulation

    Modified Citrus Pectin

    Can Humans Take Dog Dewormer Medication

    Panacur C Canine Dewormer (2 Gram)

    Obviously, as fenbendazole is mainly used as a dog dewormer, a question arises whether is an animal dewormer safe for humans? Unlike traditional anticancer drugs, it has very low toxicity. Some research has been conducted on the topic of whether is fenbendazole safe for humans and according to these studies, the dog deworming tablet fenbendazole has a large margin of safety. Dog dewormer fenbendazole pills have shown almost no side effects and are considered safe in a variety of species, including humans.

    Now the latest research shows that it may help kill cancer cells and hence cure cancer. It acts on cancer cells in a variety of ways, causing them to undergo apoptosis . This means that you wouldnt be wrong if you said that they repurposed dog medicine for human cancer.

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    How Do I Take Fenbendazole

    The Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol, or Fenbendazole Cancer Treatment, suggests a dose of 222 mg per day , seven days a week. The medication is available in oral granules or as a liquid suspension and is given by mouth. If you choose to use the liquid form, it is important to make sure you measure the dosage correctly and carefully. It is recommended that the fenbendazole be taken with food to avoid any gastrointestinal upset. Although there have been limited studies on the cancer-fighting characteristics of fenbendazole, it appears to be tolerated well by humans.

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