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Inspirational Quotes For Someone With Cancer

Inspiring Cancer Fighting Quotes About Comeback

Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Survivors and Fighters
  • If you loved your life before cancer, do not be afraid of life after cancer. You will find beauty again.
  • Instead of saying, Im damaged, Im broken, I have trust issues, say Im healing, Im rediscovering myself, Im starting over. Horacio Jones
  • Oh, my friend, its not what they take away from you that counts. Its what you do with what you have left. Hubert Humphrey
  • A survivor is someone who lives over and beyond the trauma of their abuse. It communicates the hope of moving beyond the pain of the past and is an attempt to shape a new narrative and tell a new story. Anne Miller
  • And if cancer comes back, Ill keep fighting.
  • Cancer does not stop your life, giving up your dreams or your goals, it is simply a parameter to manage, no more, no less than all the other parameters of life. Gérard Bourrat
  • To be without hope is like being without goals, what are you working towards? Catherine Pulsifer
  • Even though my past was dark, my future is so bright. Wilnisha Sutton
  • Fighting Cancer Quotes To Make You Strong

    31. Having cancer gave me membership in an elite club Id rather not belong to. Gilda Radner

    32. Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather it is a life sentence it pushes one to live.

    33. Cancer is such a ruthless adversary because it behaves as if it has its own fiendishly cunning agenda. Paul Davies

    34. Some days there wont be a song in your heart. Sing anyway. Emory Austin

    35. Cancer affects all of us, whether youre a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient. Jennifer Aniston

    36. We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. Winston Churchill

    37. Optimism is the foundation of courage. Nicholas Murray Butler

    38. Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life, not the whole story Joe Wasser

    39. Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate. G. K. Chesterton

    40. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength. Corrie ten Boom

    The Goal Is To Live A Full Productive Life

    American comedian, Gilda Radner, encourages living life to the fullest. Gilda puts it bluntly: âThe goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity. No matter what happens, whether the cancer never flares up again or whether you die, the important thing is that the days that you have had, you will have livedâ.

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    You’ve Learned So Much

    Life is about learning. With every experience, you learn something new about yourself that you’ll use in the future.

    You’ve definitely learned some medical jargon and how to navigate the hospital. You’ve also learned how to navigate symptoms.

    You know that ginger ale does help with nausea and that sour candy and lemonade cut the metallic taste you get from chemo.

    You can pass these tips on to other cancer patients.

    With cancer, other life lessons came at an accelerated rate.

    Even though treatment felt like a lifetime while you were going through it, you’ve learned more about yourself, your gifts and life in a shorter time than you did in the years before having cancer.

    No longer will you fall apart at small, unimportant issues.

    Every New Day Is A Beautiful Gift

    55 Inspirational Cancer Quotes for Fighters &  Survivors

    Cancer survivor Lynne encourages renewed hope and strength amid your cancer battle. Lynne says, âEvery new day is a beautiful gift. Open each one and find joy, happiness, and hope. Let those gifts build strength, courage, and healing and wake up every day renewed, refreshed, and ready to accomplish great things!â.

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    Short Inspirational Cancer Quotes That Will Encourage You

  • Cure the symptoms, cure the disease.
  • Optimism is the foundation of courage.
  • Hope, Strength, Love
  • Cancer is life altering, but not defining.
  • Together we will beat cancer.
  • What does not kill us makes us stronger.
  • Cancer Cant, But We Can
  • I want to see cancer cured in my lifetime. It might be.
  • Cancer, You Picked The Wrong Girl
  • Finding the Cure Starts With Hope
  • Tell Breast Cancer to Step Aside
  • Join The Fight, One Step At A Time
  • Cancer is not a straight line. Its up and down.
  • Do not forget to hope and happy be.
  • Our Communitys Favorite Quotes

    For more quote ideas, we reached out to the empathetic CaringBridge community, many of whom with lives that have been touched by cancer. We asked them to share encouraging words that theyve heard or shared:

    When I was given a short time to live, I was told by one of my kids, Mom, youre a fighter! Lets do this!

    A complete stranger overheard a conversation between the pharmacist and myself the day that we received my husbands diagnosis of an aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As I prepared to leave, this gentleman apologized for listening to us, but felt like he needed to share these words: My wife & I were where you are a year ago. Please remember to never give up HOPE! We never forgot those words from a complete stranger and are forever thankful.

    My first oncologist told me: When you read about the statistics/prognosis remember that you are NOT a statistic, you are YOU and you are unique. The prognosis I later read about was not good, so his statement always gave me hope. I have survived over 10 years. The prognosis was 2-3 years. He was right!!

    Cancer is a marathon you cant look at the finish line. You take it moment by moment, sometimes breath by breath, other times step by step.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best and live for the moment!

    I dont know what tomorrow holds, but I know WHO holds tomorrow.

    People who said I am here for you were some of the sweetest words I ever heard.

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  • Cancer Quotes To Give You Hope & Strength To Fight

    Supporting Cancer Patient With Photos And Inspirational Quotes

    If you need some inspiration to fight every day, then these cancer quotes are for you.

    Cancer is one of the most researched and talked about diseases globally. This is primarily because its one of the leading causes of death in many countries.

    This disease will throw numerous challenges that will test you to your very core. Because of that, fighters and survivors of this illness need tremendous amounts of strength, hope, and resilience to rise above it.

    Having cancer can be scary, but it is something that will give you a lot of realizations about life.

    For one, patients will learn about appreciating the little things in life through the hardships they face. But, there will also be times when dark thoughts can get the best of us.

    So, dont miss out on our quotes that can inspire and motivate you to keep fighting in life. Check out our entire collection below to learn about love and positivity.

    Start reading here.

    And dont miss out these fighting quotes and positive quotes.

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    Positive Message For Cancer Patient

    1. You are very strong you can overcome this, as you have always overcome any challenge that comes your way

    2. I want you to know that cancer has no place in your life, always fill your heart with love, be determined, and have hope, everything will come to pass.

    3. Cancer does not mean its the end of the world its too early to give up, fight medically and emotionally.

    4. HOPE is everything its a gateway to recovery from cancer. Get well soon!

    5. The easiest way to fight cancer is to accept reality, do not be stressed, find the courage to move forward, and fight it a day at a time.

    6. It all starts with our mind, take cancer as any other disease. Be positive in every way. You will overcome the disease.

    7. I know going through the pain of fighting cancer is tough. You are also strong. Dont give up, you are almost there. You will recover soon.

    8. Life after cancer is fun, its worth fighting for.

    9. Fighting cancer is a long and difficult battle, but in this battle, you will emerge victoriously. Its a fight you will be happy you fought.

    10. No matter how dark things look, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You must keep on fighting for a better tomorrow.

    11. How you beat cancer depends on how you live. Be positive and have hope in life.

    12. You are stronger than you have ever imagined, you are very brave, and this is just part of a challenge in life. You will overcome and get back to normalcy.

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    World Cancer Day 202: Inspirational Quotes

    1. Cancer opens many doors. One of the most important is your heart. Greg Anderson

    2. You have to be willing to give up the life you planned, and instead, greet the life that is waiting for you. – Joseph Campbell

    3. Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. – Samuel Smiles

    4. “Don’t let pain define you, let it refine you.” – Tim Fargo

    5. Cancer didnt bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet. – Michael Douglas

    6. Theres no one way to tell how our experiences change us or shape us. Not all transformations are visible. What Ive learnt is to never let it hold me back. Id rather dress up and show up! -Sonali Bendre

    7. You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. Its a mindset. Dave Pelzer

    8. “Cancer is a marathon you can’t look at the finish line. You take it moment by moment, sometimes breath by breath, other times step by step.” – Sarah Betz Bucciero.

    9. Cancer cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot conquer the spirit. – Unknown

    10. Our way is not soft grass its a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun. – Ruth Westheimer

    11. When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds, and diamonds are made under pressure. – Peter Marshall

    12. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin. – Mother Teresa

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    Inspiration For Any Survivor Of Cancer

    • Keep searching for what you’re looking for.
    • You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control the way you deal with it.
    • Your life .. Your story. Write it well. Edit it Often.
    • If this not the life you want or hoped for, it’s life.
    • You might not be where you want to be right now, but you’re just doing the dance of life.
    • If you loved your life before cancer, do not be scared of life after cancer.
    • Don’t waste time worrying about the things that you cannot control.
    • You cannot control the past. Keep moving forward.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

    23 Fighting Cancer Quotes: Encouraging Words (Images)

    Raising awareness of the scope and seriousness of this disease is one of the most important and impactful functions of breast cancer events and promotional items. Naturally, these slogans help raise awareness, but they can also educate people about the cause and make breast cancer fighters and survivors, as well as their loved ones, feel more united as a group working for a cure. There are many different breast cancer awareness slogans you can use, such as:

    • Breast Cancer Awareness Is Not Just a Month
    • Fighting Breast Cancer Takes Everyone
    • Every Ribbon Makes A Difference
    • Awareness Is Power
    • A Cure Worth Fighting For
    • One Team. One Dream. Lets Find A Cure.
    • Feel For Lumps, Save Your Bumps
    • No One Fights Alone
    • Fight The Fight, Find The Cure
    • Finding the Cure Starts With Hope
    • Join The Fight, One Step At A Time
    • Early Detection Is A Better Choice
    • Hope, Strength, Love
    • Early Detection For Your Protection

    Breast cancer is an incredibly difficult disease to fight or to watch a loved one go through. However, no one has to go through it alone. These breast cancer awareness slogans and inspirational quotes are a powerful way to remind your loved one that they have the love, support, and drive they need to fight this disease.

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    Giving Up Is Not An Option When Someone Calls You Mommy

    I once dreamed of lying in bed all day and letting other people fold my laundry and entertain my kids. When the side effects of treatment turned this dream into a reality, I refused.

    I woke by 7:00 a.m. every morning to the pitter-patter of little feet down the hallway. I barely had enough energy to open my eyes or crack a smile. Their little voices asking for pancakes and snuggles forced me up and out of bed.

    I knew my mom would be over soon. I knew the kids could wait for her to feed them. But Im their mother. They wanted me, and I wanted them.

    The nagging list of demands actually gave me a sense of worth. It forced me to move my body. It gave me something to live for. It reminded me that I couldnt give up.

    I continue to push through every obstacle for these two. Not even cancer can knock the mommy out of me.

    Tell The Story Of The Mountain You Climbed Your Words Could Become A Page In Someone Elses Survival Guide

    I was homebound for at least a week as I recovered from each round of chemo. Much of my exposure to the outside world was through the screen on my phone, as I lay on my couch browsing social media.

    I soon found people my age on Instagram living with #breastcancer. Instagram seemed to be their outlet. They bared it all, quite literally. It soon became my own safe haven to share and envision what my life would be like.

    It gave me hope. I finally found other women who actually understood what I was going through. I felt so much less alone. Each day I could scroll through and find at least one person who could relate to my current struggle, no matter the physical distance between us.

    I became more comfortable sharing my own story as I went through each part of my treatment. I relied so much on others when cancer was so new to me. I now needed to be that person to someone else.

    I continue to share my experience to anyone willing to listen. I feel its my responsibility to teach others. I still receive hormone therapy and immunotherapy, even though Im done with active treatment. I cope with side effects and have scans to monitor the cancer inside of me.

    My reality is that this will never go away. Cancer will forever be a part of me. Im choosing to take these experiences and do all that I can to educate others about such a prevalent and misunderstood disease.

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    Cancer Quotes To Help You Go Through Hard Times

    23. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as youd ever imagined. Dont let cancer cause you to sell yourself short or forget your worth. Anonymous

    24. Love and laughter are two of the most important universal cancer treatments on the planet. Overdose on them. Tanya Masse

    25. Cancer is messy and scary. You throw everything at it, but dont forget to throw love at it. It turns out that might be the best weapon of all. Regina Brett

    26. Having had cancer, one important thing to know is youre still the same person at the end. Youre stripped down to near zero. But most people come out the other end feeling more like themselves than ever before. Kylie Minogue

    27. Cancer is a journey, but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment. You just have to be willing to take it. Emily Hollenberg

    28. Surviving cancer is not the end of a gruesome story. Its the beginning of a beautiful one. Anonymous

    29. Cancer doesnt define who you are. You do it, so keep going. Nelda Blair

    30. I had cancer. Cancer never had me. You are not defined by what you are going through. Cancer will never have you. You are much more than your disease. Anonymous

    31. If you loved your life before cancer, do not be afraid of life after cancer. You will find beauty again. Anonymous

    33. You are stronger than cancer. Beat it. Odeta Stuikys Rose

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