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Knitted Chemo Hats For Summer

Knitted Hat Summer Chemo

Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Tutorial (beginner friendly)

Knitting A Chemo Hat: Five Guidelines

Recently, I knit a chemo hat for someone very close to me. Four weeks earlier, as we talked about her sons upcoming wedding and our respective plans for the holidays, knitting a chemo hat for her was just about the furthest thing from my mind. But life has a way of throwing things at you without waiting to see if youre ready to catch them.

As her husband said in his group email to family and friends, the cancer diagnosis was a bolt from the blue.

Bolt from the blueIve heard that phrase hundreds of times but have never really thought about its true meaning until now. According to, this metaphoric term alludes to totally unforeseen lightning or thunder from a cloudless sky.

Yes, that is a very apt description for what this wasnot only for those most closely affected, but also for their family and friends.

There is a certain sense of powerlessness that comes with finding out that someone you know is battling a serious illness. You do what you can to help, but it doesnt always seem like enough.

I made a chemo hat because it was one thing I could do. At least, I was pretty sure I could. After all, Ive knit a lot of hats over the years. But then I wondered if there were different requirements for chemo hats, so I did some searching online because I wanted to get this hat right.

It turns out that there definitely are things that need to be considered when knitting a hat for a chemotherapy patient.



Over The Years We’ve Developed Some Guidelines To Make The Chemo Cap Projects Successful

  • This is the fourth year that you’ve joined me in making chemo caps for local hospitals.
  • It’s a popular activity because, for many of us, it’s a way to fight cancer.
  • We have developed some guidelines over the years. If you follow these, it will help a lot.
  • A special note: please do not make children’s chemo caps the CDC recommends against them because of the potential for infections.

For three years now, you have been knitting and crocheting hundreds of chemo caps for local hospitals during the spring and summer, and every year you surpass my expectations with your generosity.

Making chemo caps is a way to fight cancer, and I think that’s why this annual project is now in its fourth year. Maybe you make them because you know someone who had chemo. Maybe you make them because you offer prayers of healing as you knit or crochet. Making these hats gives us all a sense of purpose and fulfillment. And the love that you express makes this world a much better place.

If you are making chemo caps for me to deliver to Hunterdon Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Basking Ridge this year, I’d like to ask you to follow these guidelines, which we’ve developed over the years.

The Halos of Hope organization, which has been making chemo caps for hospitals all over the country for many years, has a list of recommended yarns that are soft and durable. If you want suggestions, please check this list out at

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What Awards Have You Won

The business has won various awards. They include Top 100 Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018 by BQ and Business Growth Hub. Finalist Venturefest Manchester Innovation Showcase 2017. Shortlisted for Best Established Business 2017. In 2021, we won the Fefoo Gold Trusted Service Award. Needless to say, it is always satisfying to see our hard work paying off and recognized by trusted bodies. Here at Masumi Headwear, we are passionate about helping others. Our mission is for people to regain their confidence from hair loss. That may be from alopecia, chemotherapy, and cancer. Our ethos is something important to us. So, we are proud of our achievements to date.

Summer Chemo Caps Are Not A Myth

Light Denim Blue Cotton Crochet Knit Hat Summer Beanie Women

The bitter cold has passed and the trees and flowers are in full bloom. You have packed away your bulky winter clothes, coats, scarves, gloves and hats for the season. Its warm and sunny out and the last thing you are thinking about is crocheting a hot sweaty beanie, right? I mean, who on earth would want to wear a hat in the summer? Well, for those fighting cancer it is still an important part of their wardrobe.

The summer months can play havoc on someone fighting cancer. Wigs are a great accessory however they can sometimes be hot and, in my moms case, very scratchy and uncomfortable. Most days when my mom was staying home, she preferred her 100% cotton chemo cap. It was soft and cool and it also kept her from getting sunburned when she was outside. Wearing a mesh cap while sleeping will also help catch all the hair as it falls out.

Here are a few simple but important guidelines when thinking about making a summer chemo cap.

  • Best to use T-shirt Yarn, Microfiber, Satin, Silk or 100% Cotton
  • Can contain small holes/gaps on the sides but the top must be solid to prevent sunburn
  • If large holes in pattern, please sew a cloth liner into the cap
  • Sewn cloth turbans are also welcome
  • Please also review the general Donation Guidelines

I have found several designers that have free patterns that would work great as a chemo cap. Below are links to those patterns.

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Questions Weve Got Answers

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    Heres Your Guide To Knitting Chemo Caps That Will Comfort Tired Heads During The Spring And Summer Months

    Chemotherapy doesnt take a break during the spring or summer, unfortunately!

    Those of us who knit chemo caps normally consider creating warm, wonderful hats to keep bare heads warm during the colder months. But during the spring and summer, chemotherapy patients continue to need the comfort of a cap for their hairless heads.

    They just dont need said caps to be quite as warm!

    So then the question is, how do we alter chemo caps to make them suitable for spring and summer?

    Obviously, the first item of consideration will be the yarn you use. That means you want something that isnt going to retain heat like heavy wool does.

    The second characteristic of a warm-weather cap? Think thinner. Think lighter. Bulky yarn is out, of course, but bulky hat design is as well.

    Below are several free knitting patterns that will work very well for the warmer months of spring and summer! Then, keep reading for yarn suggestions.

    Knitted Chemo Hats For Summer

    How to knit a hat for beginners with circular needles [5 easy steps]

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    One Last Note From A Reader

    I am indebted to reader Isobel, who brought the following to my attention:

    Being in Memphis, I had decided to knit some hats for the children undergoing chemo at St. Judes Research Hospital. I had already made a chemo cap out of Lion brand fun fur which was incredibly soft and looked like a short-hair pink wig. Just perfect for a young lady, I thought.

    But when they asked me about pets in my home, I had to tell them that I had a cat and two dogs. They told me that they could not accept the hat. Most of their patients have compromised immune systems from the chemo and cannot tolerate any pet hair. So if I wanted to make the hats, I would have to limit my chemo hat knitting activities to my office.

    I think it might be worth mentioning to your readers that it would be a good idea to check with the medical center where they intend to donate the caps, to find out what their policy is regarding pet hair contamination of the caps.

    Thank you, again, Isobel, for this very important reminder!

    With these qualifications in mind, here are links to some terrific patterns for chemo caps and headcoverings.

    Why Should I Use A Chemo Sleeping Hat

    Sleeping caps for hair loss are particularly useful. A sleeping cap provides insulation and warmth to the scalp. In essence, performing the role that hair would. Additionally, during warmer nights sleeping caps are a great way to keep cool. Sensitive skin is a common after-effect of hair loss. Thus, a sleeping cap covering the scalp comes as a welcome relief. Also, without it, it may be that skin feels exposed. Especially if wearing headwear or a wig during the day is normal. Furthermore, it minimizes friction between the scalp and pillowcase. Our range of super-soft sleeping hats by having many colors. This means you can easily pair your hat with pajamas, dressing gowns, and slippers. Blue, black, champagne, coral, and grey are just some of the colors available in this collection. Sleeping hats contribute to many factors which promote healthy sleep. Read more about the benefits of the chemo sleeping hats here.

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    What Payment Methods Do You Accept

    At Masumi Headwear, customer satisfaction is our priority. So, to help your shopping experience, we accept many payment methods. Needless to say, you can make payments via credit or debit cards. We also accept PayPal. Additionally, Amazon customers can use their account. So, you can pay at the Amazon checkout page. Or you can even buy headwear and pay later or in installments with Klarna! Klarna lets our customers enjoy flexible payment options. Such as, pay later or pay in 3 installments. There are 3 equal interest-free installments. You have the option to pay later, giving you 14 days or 30 days from order shipment to pay for products. You dont need an account! Just shop as usual until you see the Klarna options at the check-out.

    Knitting A Chemo Cap That Will Make A World Of Difference To A Cancer Fighter Plus Free Patterns

    Dark Brown &  Rust Crochet Knit 100% Cotton Beanie Hat, Chemo Cap

    Have you ever wondered what makes chemo caps such an important part of the recovery process for a cancer patient? You may not realize that it goes far beyond covering a newly-bald head.

    Pamela Haschke of the former Halos of Hope wrote a powerful testament on her website about what it feels like to undergo chemotherapy:

    Your hair falls out in clumps and your scalp hurts feeling like pinpricks where the hair follicles used to be. Its not possible to perform a simple an act like running your fingers through your hair without strands becoming entwined. As the chemotherapy eradicates the cancer cells within your body, youre recovering internally while the pain on your scalp makes you want to cry.

    Before I read Pamelas testimony, I had no idea that chemotherapy could be so painful even for the scalp!

    It gave me a whole new appreciation for just how important it is to knit a chemo cap that is both warm and perhaps even more importantly comfortable.

    In this post, youll learn the basics for knitting chemo caps. Youll find tips, yarn suggestions, knitting patterns, and more.

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    Who Is Part Of The Masumi Team

    An everlasting enthusiasm drives Masumi Headwear, thanks to its incredibly devoted team. Our founder, Ali Nowroozi works in collaboration with the University of Salford. Through this partnership, he recruits many bright students. Together they craft and innovative. Our dedication has led to our close-knit team reaching a global community. Prior to launching the business in 2015, Ali worked in the wig headwear industry for 11 years. While doing so, he realized the vulnerability of cancer patients. At the time, he only saw unexciting headwear designs, solely for practicality. Ali yearned to create a superior alternative. Hence, the idea to launch a range of fashionable headwear materialized. Losing hair loss to cancer is a personal story to Ali, who takes huge inspiration from his wife, Anna. At age 14, she had a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. Thus, they both understand how hair loss knocks confidence and leaves emotional scars.

    Where Are You Located

    Masumi Headwears headquarters are in Manchester, United Kingdom. It is fair to say we are proud to call this incredible city our base. For one, it is where we design our collections and also, the city where the Masumi team first connected. Masumi Headwear works in collaboration with the University of Salford. So, many team members first began during their Masumi journey during their studies. Many have since carried on working for the company. Manchester has given opportunities to form strong ties with charities and foundations. For example, the Christie NHS Foundation Trust. In fact, it has one of the largest cancer treatment centers in Europe. Maggies is a charity providing free cancer support in centers across the UK and online. In 2020, Masumi Headwear opened its first distribution center in Connecticut USA, and in March 2021 opened its brand new center in Leipzig Germany. We love how we are expanding in the world!

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    Reversible Organic Cotton Beanie Slouchy Summer Knit Hat Chemo Cap

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    What Are Masumi Gift Sets

    How To Crochet A Chemo Hat /Beginner Friendly Tutorial

    Treat yourself and your loved ones with an exclusive Gift Set. Each Alopecia gift box comes with a chemo cap and 3 chemo scarves in luxurious packaging! Perhaps you are stuck on what to give as a present? Well, Masumi Headwear has you covered. Our alopecia gift box makes the perfect gift for women with hair loss. No doubt, it creates a memorable gift to be cherished. So, it makes a super present. Also, to show a loved one that you are thinking of them. You can even treat yourself! Because you deserve to be. Each box contains a luxury chemo hat made of bamboo fabric. Plus, a selection of three stunning Yanna Crown scarves. Thus, it offers many fabulous looks. Also, our Masumi Gift Sets are perfect for ladies who love a selection of options. So, you can change your headwear daily. Select from six stunning Gift Sets.

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