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Natural Remedies For Breast Cancer

What Causes Breast Cancer

Treating Breast Cancer in 5 Days

Sadly enough, it remains hard to identify the root causes of breast cancer however, there still emerge some risk factors contributing to it, including genetics with lifestyle and dietary habits.

  • Ages: The risk of breast cancer increases when you become older.
  • Genes : BRCCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes can trigger the risk. Also, women whose family members contract breast or ovarian cancer can need to be tested for the genes
  • Individual factors: When the periods begin before the age of 12 and go through menopause after the age of 55

Another factor can be obesity , consuming birth control pills , using alcohol, having first child after the age of 35, not having children, having dense breasts or using hormone replacement therapy .

What Causes Breast Pain

The common causes of breast pain are listed below:

  • During puberty, breast pain can occur in both boys and girls.
  • During menstruation and pre-menstrual syndrome
  • During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester
  • During menopause, unless you are on hormone replacement therapy
  • After giving birth, a womans breast may become swollen and painful as it gets filled with milk. However, if you notice redness, contact your doctor as it might signify something more serious.
  • Breast pain can occur while breastfeeding as well.
  • Fibrocystic breast tissue is lumps or cysts in the breast that become more painful during periods. These fibrocystic breast changes are a common cause of breast pain.
  • Shingles can also be the reason for breast pain if the rash appears on your breast skin.2
  • Some medicines might be causing breast pain, like:
  • Medicines with digitalis

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Herbal Medicine For Prevention And Therapy In Breast Cancer

Mohd Fadzelly Abu BakarAccepted

Cancer is becoming more common globally. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer and one of the main causes of cancer mortality. While modern medicine has been used as the primary cure for this disease, traditional herbal medicine has been commonly used as a complementary and alternative strategy in some developed and developing countries.

To provide scientific justification for the use of herbal medicine, it is necessary to record and publish preclinical and clinical evidence-based research. Concerns with herbal medicine including the consistency and standardisation of the herbal product , effectiveness, mode of action, safety, and herb-drug interaction if used as complementary and/or alternative medicine need to be further explored.

This special issue seeks to provide a forum for researchers to publish the most recent advances and clinical studies in the use of herbal medicines for breast cancer prevention and treatment, including ethnopharmacology, natural product chemistry, effectiveness, safety, dosage and toxicity, in vitro and in vivo preclinical trials, herb-drug relationship, clinical trials, and potential biochemical and molecular pathways. This special issue included fifteen articles which were carefully reviewed and accepted for publication and briefly described as follows.

Data Availability

All data were obtained from the published studies.

Conflicts of Interest


Mohd Fadzelly Abu Bakar

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The Healthiest Cancer Diet You Can Eat

Try to center your diet around four types of foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains.There are three macronutrients in food, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

The optimal ratio of these three macronutrients should be 80% carbs, 10% protein and 10% fats. So how do you keep these levels? Easy, by concentrating your food on vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans.

Keep your fat and protein levels in check. Reduce your intake of fatty foods like nuts, seeds, and avocado. Avoid any animal products.

Eating vegetables will have the best impact on your body. Vegetables are alkalizing and contain more nutrients than other foods. Eat them as much as you like.

Additional Considerations Before Making A Treatment Decision

Breast Cancer Symptoms and its Natural Remedies

So, how do you go about evaluating treatment options youre comfortable with that will also provide you with the long-term outcome youre hoping for? Being aware of advances in conventional treatment and the importance of incorporating integrated therapies is an important first step.

Other recommendations include:

Ask questions of any provider youre seeing to be sure you understand your options and associated risks. Your care providers job is to make informed recommendations based on the best available science and your unique situation. You then have the right to accept them, refuse them or ask whether there are alternatives.

Consider getting a second opinion. Its perfectly fine to seek a second opinion before making such an important decision. In fact, a second opinion may be a good way to investigate a cancer center that provides advanced conventional treatment while also offering access to integrative care.

You need to feel comfortable with your care providers and confident in your treatment plan. If integrative care is important to you, and if youre interested in combining supportive care services with conventional cancer treatment, seek out a conventional oncologist who understands and appreciates the value of these options. Ask questions to ensure he or she is willing to work with the naturopathic and/or other members youve assembled for your healing team.

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Cure : Alternative Therapies

Many people are turning to alternative treatments for Cancer instead of going the traditional route. This is because natural cures for Cancer have proven to eradicate the disease effectively.

But, these therapies might also interfere with your standard medical treatments, so its best to check with your physician before starting any therapy. And if you do consider going for an alternate treatment, below are some therapies to consider for Cancer patients.

The Budwig Approach To Cancer

  • Detoxification Compared with now, some 80 years ago very few people had cancer. Currently, cancer is like an epidemic. What has changed the most over the past 80 years? Our food, water, air, and environment, in general, is much more toxic. Commercial farmers are using tons of toxic chemicals to treat their crops. And foods for humans and animals are loaded with artificial ingredients. So, our first step is to do a major detoxification using herbal formulas, cleansing clays, coffee enemas, and frequency generator sessions. Our Frequency Generator also helps reduce pain, alleviate insomnia and many other common diseases from allergies to headaches.
  • Fortify the Immune System Most people with cancer have a compromised immune system. Especially if they have had chemotherapy before coming to Budwig clinic. Using selected frequencies, natural food extracts, and colostrum extracts called transfer factors, we can boost the immune system in a few days. In addition, we use fruit and mushroom extracts, and herbal combinations to disable cancer stem cells and remove the fibrin cancer coating around cancer cells that prevent the immune system from doing what it was designed to do.
  • Balance the pH of the body Cancer thrives in a pH acidic state. We provide a natural plant-based mixture that is added to clean drinking water that returns the body to a pH neutral state, making it much more difficult for cancer cells to live and metastasize.

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Where Do We Go From Here

On average, 72 Canadian women and 904 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day. In Canada and the U.S., breast cancer is the most common cancer in women . Due to early detection of disease, and improved therapies, fewer women are dying of breast cancer. However, breast cancer is still the 2ndleading cause of death from women with cancer .

Natural Compound Found In Herbs Vegetables Could Improve Treatment Of Triple

What is the Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer?

More than 100 women die from breast cancer every day in the United States. Triple-negative breast cancers, which comprise 15 to 20 percent of all breast tumors, are a particularly deadly type of breast disease that often metastasize to distant sites. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found that luteolin, a natural compound found in herbs such as thyme and parsley, and vegetables such as celery and broccoli, could reduce the risk of developing metastasis originating from triple-negative breast cancer in women.

Triple-negative breast cancers are cancer cells that lack three receptors targeted by current chemotherapy regimens. Because of this lack of receptors, common cancer drugs cant find the cells, and doctors must treat the cancer with extremely aggressive and highly toxic treatment strategies, said Salman Hyder, the Zalk Endowed Professor in Tumor Angiogenesis and professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center. Women with this type of breast cancer also frequently develop metastatic lesions that originate from drug-resistant cells. Therefore, safer therapeutic therapies that are more effective are being sought for this deadly type of cancer in women.

The D.V.M. The Deans Video Message

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Animal Products Increase The Risk For Breast Cancer

Consumption of animal products increase your risk of breast cancer. Humans are herbivores, not meat eaters. Our bodies cant handle animal products.

Meat increases women’s breast cancer risk

Several components in meat increase the risk of cancer. These include IGF-1, HCAs, and Heme iron. Insulin-like Growth Factor One is a cancer-promoting growth hormone.

IGF-1 increases when we consume animal protein. Heterocyclic amines are chemicals formed in meat or animal protein during cooking. They develop when you prepare meat at a high temperature or over an open flame.

The Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project researched the link between cooked meat and breast cancer. Women who ate more grilled, barbecued, or smoked meats over their lifetimes had a 47% higher risk of breast cancer.

Cholesterol may also play a role in the development and progression of breast cancer. Avoiding all animal products and eating more fruits and vegetables may improve survival chances.

How To Treat Breast Cancer Naturally

In a medicals standpoint, once you get breast cancer, the possible treatment is surgery. It can be a mastectomy or a lumpectomy . Other cures can be radiation therapy, hormone therapy or targeted therapy. The targeted therapy takes substances invading cancer cells without leaving any harm to normal cells.

In fact, you can weaken the increased risk of contracting breast cancer by following proper lifestyle to help build up longevity and improve survival rate of breast cancer sufferers such as reducing the alcohol intake, avoiding smoking, managing your weight, limiting the exposure to environment pollution and radiation, reducing the duration of hormone therapy, keeping active as well as getting frequent medical-checkups.

Do remember that home remedies for Breast Cancer are accessible however, they are not for treating fully the disease but for reducing the negative impacts to an extent.

Following are top 15 home remedies for Breast Cancer that you can find it easy to apply at home. Those natural treatments are proven to be safe and hardly cause any side-effects.

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Stage 1 Breast Cancer: Case Study

Dr. Ceaser started her on a specific diet and natural supplements. He also tested her for heavy metal toxicity. With the results, he was able to design intravenous treatments to help her body detoxify from the heavy metals which would help with her recovery. She also received specific intravenous cancer support.

When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Marys inflammatory markers ESR and CRP were elevated but we now see them within the normal range. This indicates the treatments are helping systemically to decrease overall inflammation. Similarly, a tumour marker, CEA was high at the beginning of treatment but is now within the normal range. Likewise, CA-125, which is another tumour marker, tested high near the beginning of her treatment and is now also within range.

Cam Treatment : Special Diet ...

A healthy diet is an important part of cancer treatment. You should eat well whether youre using traditional methods or CAM.

However, some people with breast cancer may start on a special diet in place of taking anticancer drugs.

You should avoid foods that are:

Theyre also available through dietary supplements. However, research is mixed on whether antioxidant supplements are safe to use during cancer treatment.

Dietary supplements may:

  • contain contaminated synthetic prescription drugs
  • contain unknown contaminants

This can result in a number of unexpected complications. People with breast cancer should use them with caution.

If you want to try antioxidant supplements, be sure to talk with your doctor first. They can explain your individual risks and benefits.

Mind-body practices are meant to improve your minds positive impact on the rest of your body.

Examples of these practices include:

found that in women who had breast cancer, massage therapy helped reduce not only anxiety and pain, but also the need for pain medication.

Another study released around that time found that massage therapy and progressive muscle relaxation helped increase protective white blood cells in women with stage 1 and stage 2 breast cancer.

If youd like to incorporate massage therapy into your routine, make sure you work with a licensed practitioner whos trained to avoid or work around sensitive areas affected by traditional treatment.

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Breast Cancer Can Be Cured Naturally Through:

  • Change the acidic environment of the body to alkaline which support in reducing rate of growth of cancer
  • Enhance immunity which starts killing cancerous cells
  • Provide optimum nutrition to all cells to generate maximum energy which is used by immunity for eliminating cancer cells and also provide strength to the body

How Does Breast Cancer Form

In order for any cancer to arise, tissues must undergo three phases of cellular changes, called initiation, promotion and progression.


Entails irreversible structural changes to DNA through substances foreign to our body .


On the other hand, means that once an initiator has changed the conformation of the DNA, the cells with these changes are now susceptible to the action of promoters. Up until this point, the DNA changes were passed onto daughter cells but the cell line did not display any abnormal behaviour . However, once a promotor causes a genetic mutation the cell begins to exhibit the characteristics of cancer .


Typically, our body will sense such abnormal activity and stop the progression of these cells to cancer . However, in the last phase of progression, the cell line accumulates more mutations that allow for a tumour to form despite our bodys defences.

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Home Remedies For Breast Cancer Symptoms

· Updated May 15, 2020

The management of breast cancer is given a better chance of success when it is detected early and followed up with suitable treatment. When cells proliferate within the breasts, it is sure to spread to other parts of the body in no distant time before ending up in a death of the patient if not extricated by surgery.

There are three types of breast cancer:

  • Ductal breast cancer
  • Lobular breast cancer
  • Inflammatory breast cancer

Ductal breast cancer arises from the ducts and is reputed to be the commonest type of the breast cancer. The lobular breast cancer originates in the lobes while the inflammatory breast cancer shows up in the swelling, warmness, and reddishness of the breast.

Patients with a healthy lifestyle have a better chance of survival and recovery from the debilitating effects of breast cancer. The use of home remedies might not cure breast cancer but the patient will have the needed support to ameliorate the effects of the treatment and ravages of the disease.

Combining Integrative Therapies With Conventional Cancer Treatment

New Treatment Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Supportive care modalities, including nutritional and naturopathic support, may help prevent and manage potential side effects of cancer and its treatment. These evidence-informed services may improve your quality of life during treatment and help prepare you for survivorship. If youre interested in both natural and conventional cancer treatment, consider this combination of care.

Access to integrative care is part of every patients care at CTCA. We treat the whole person by incorporating integrative care modalities with a wide range of diagnostic tools and comprehensive treatment options, all under one roof. Its all part of treating our patients like wed treat our own family members, a principle we call the Mother Standard® of care.

Supportive care services we offer to our patients include:

Nutritional support helps patients understand the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment, with the goal of helping patients stay strong and nourished throughout treatment and of supporting the immune system. Patients have the option of meeting with a registered dietitian to address their specific needs and challenges.

Naturopathic support from our naturopathic team may help you determine which dietary supplements, herbal and botanical preparations and other naturopathic approaches may help you. They can also help you avoid those that are known to be harmful when taken with certain medications and in certain conditions.

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Herbal Products Used For Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Figure 2.

Some important members of different classes of phytoestrogens .

Naturally occurring phenolic compounds namely phenolic acids, flavonoids, tannins, quinones, anthocyanins, and others play an important role in cancer prevention and/or treatment . These phenolic compounds are ubiquitous and rich in medicinal herbs and dietary plants. Several phenolic compounds contribute toward inhibiting carcinogenesis mechanism and show chemopreventive activities by their diverse range of biological activities .

What Decides If Breast Cancer Grows In The Left Or Right Breast

Whether you’re right- or left-handed will determine where the breast cancer will lodge. A right-handed woman will respond with the left breast if she has a conflict with her child or mother.

For example, she can worry about her child’s health. The child might have been part of an accident or is taking drugs. Or she worries about her daughter’s divorce or her mother’s health problems.

A right-handed woman will respond with the right breast if she has a partner conflict. Her partners include her lifes partner as in husband, a friend, brother, sister or father. Or it can also be her business partner.

Whether you’re right- or left-handed will determine where the breast cancer will lodge

The opposite will happen in a left-handed woman. So the left breast is a partner conflict, and the right breast is a child/mother conflict. Throughout the conflict, the nursing mother has more milk in the conflict-related breast.

Cancer in the left breast

Right-handed woman:
Left-handed woman: Mother or child conflict

A right-handed woman feeds her child on the left side so she can have her right arm free. So she associates her left breast with her child. And a left-handed person feeds her child on the right side.

Men also have mammary glands. But the breasts remain undeveloped because of their higher testosterone level. In females, estrogen promotes the development of the breasts.

However, if a man has a low testosterone level, he can suffer a nest-worry-conflict like a woman.

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