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Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case

Why Cell Phone Anti Radiation Stickers Dont Work

Wallet Cell Phone Case – Anti Radiation Blocking Case – Safesleeve

There are other products out there that claim to provide EMF protection. However, not all of them can be trusted.

Take Anti-Radiation stickers, for example. Maybe youve seen ads for them on facebook?

Sometimes they go by the name EMW stickers which are adhesive patches that stick to your phone and claim to block phone radiation.

But the truth is, instead of blocking EMF radiation, they can actually increase the amount of radiation the phone emits as it powers up even further to connect to the nearest cell tower.

Besides, the science just doesnt work. To explain, anti-radiation stickers only cover a tiny area on your phone, and guess what? Thats the only spot thats shielded .

So it has very little effect on radiation levels.

If you want to decrease your EMF exposure from your cell phone, you need to either put it on airplane mode when not in use or use a partially shielded case if you need it to be in use all the time.

Best Emf Protection And Anti

The time has come, lets talk about the best products available today.

Ill do my best to update this list as I learn more, try new products, and new research comes out. These rankings are based solely on my knowledge, experience, and research. Nearly all of these cases I own and have tried and tested myself on my own cell-phone.

Some of the cases were given to me to test by the companies, but I assure you that I never let that impact my rankings or review of these products.

If you have any specific questions about my experiences, please feel free to contact me!

Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Case

I am putting the Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Case as number 4 on my list mainly because it has the design I like similar to SafeSleeve and DefenderShield. I dont have a Vest case to test, but fortunately there is enough good information out there on this one that I feel like I can speak intelligently on how well it will block EMF Radiation.

If you watch this video produced by Vest, it shows pictures of the metallic metal mesh that it uses as a Faraday blocker. It uses aluminum which is highly conductive, so you cant do much better than that. The more conductive the metal, the better the Faraday effect is. And Vest says they have 2 layers of it so there should be adequate quantity there to do a good job blocking.

There are two YouTube videos I found testing the RF Radiation blocking capabilities of the Vest case. In this first video they test the case properly and it shows a very significant reduction of RF Radiation. In this second video, although the guy was well meaning, he used the meter wrong which is why he saw no reduction in RF Radiation.

He was testing with an older version of the TriField meter. The sensors on the Trifield are right up near the top of the meter. So when he set the meter on the phone, the sensors were right on the edge of the case and were picking up all the RF Radiation coming around the edge of the case. Some RF Radiation come around all these cases.

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Silent Pocket Faraday Bag Smartphone Sleeve

I put two privacy pockets as number 8 and 9 on this list. They are not the kind of cell phone cases that most poeple choose to use all the time, but I think they are important to have for times when you need extra security and privacy. This one, the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve is really nice and very high quality.

Out of all of the phone cases I list in this article, this one, and the one below this have the very best shielding material. They use fabrics with highly conductive metallic mesh fibers woven into them.

This is ideal for times when you dont want to be tracked, and want to go off the grid so to speak. There is so much identity theft nowadays, especially when traveling, that I think all of us should utilize privacy pouches like these.

How Does The Shielding Work

Universal EMF Radiation Blocking Phone Wallet Case: DefenderShield

The front cover of our EMF Radiation Protection Cell Phone Case contains a complex mix of highly engineered, superior alloy metals combined in a single layer and duplicated multiple times. It is capable of blocking the full EMF radiation range up to 10 GHz, which includes both RF and ELF frequencies.

Our shielding does not, in any way, influence the transmission characteristics of a cell phone or other wireless device .

We embed our shielding within the front cover of the phone case but not within the back of the case, so you can still receive RF signals. The front cover of the case should be the side placed against your head or body to block direct skin contact with EMF radiation . A signal can easily transmit to a relatively close cell tower from the exposed side of the phone or other device, without increasing the phones power level. If a cell phone is far away from a tower, the cell phone transmission level increases in order to reach the tower. Even then, the cell phone cannot transmit higher than its capable power level, and the DefenderShield case does not alter this.

Our shielding does not reflect EMF emissions. Nanotechnology included in our shielding absorbs EMF frequencies while providing a resistive path for the energy. Our shielding does not draw in radiation like a typical conductive metal, but instead forms a resistive net, that effectively catches and blocks all radiation headed in the direction of the shield.

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Defendershield Universal Emf Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case

The DefenderShield® Universal EMF Radiation Protection & RFID Blocker Detachable Magnetic Wallet Case blocks up to 99% of harmful EMF cell phone radiation from the face of your cell phone. This handcrafted case utilizes multi-layered, state-of-the-art radiation-shielding technology in the front cover with a textured rubber interior and vegan leather exterior resistant to scratching, staining, and the accidental drop.

The technology shields up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0-10 GHz, which encompasses frequencies used in the fifth generation wireless network.

Rf Safe Radiation Shield Flip Phone Case

RF Safe put years into researching the best technology to protect against cell phone radiation. From this research they determined that the best shield should never block the phones antenna because this will cause the phone to work harder to put out signals, therefore creating even more radiation. Their solution was to create an EMF shield that deflects radiation away from the body while allowing the antenna to do its job properly.

The case has a flip-stye front flap that contains graphene-based materials to deflect radiation in the opposite direction that the cover faces. RF Safe recommends always using the phone with the cover closed, even while on calls. This is because the front flap is the only area that acts as a shield, while the other areas are unshielded to allow signals to flow freely. The company also suggests having the cover side facing your body when the phone is in your pocket or bag.

The flip cover can be folded back to create a stand for the phone, which is a nice feature. There is also a magnetic strip to close the case securely and a single card slot on the inside of the front cover. This is a simple, straight-forward EMF protection phone case for those who dont need a lot of bells and whistles. However, if you want a few more features like additional card slots and RFID protection, you can find more comprehensive cases at similar price points.


  • Full access to phone ports and camera


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Why Cell Phone Radiation Is Dangerous

Ok, so, why do we even need an EMF protection cell phone case or other products?

Well, if youve landed on my site or on this article then you probably at least have some understanding that exposure to EMF radiation, especially in close proximity and over long periods of time, does cause biological harm.

You see, when your cell phone transmits any data, whether that is over a phone call, a text, browsing the internet, or even connecting to Bluetooth, it does so through Radio Frequency, a form of Electromagnetic Radiation. This data is sent in packets over radio frequencies and received by something like a cell tower or other device.

If you have an EMF meter, like the Trifield TF2, youll notice that when measuring RF radiation, it is hard to get a consistent reading. The reason for this is that RF radiation from a cell phone is sent in packets, and does not emit consistently like would be the case with magnetic or electric field radiation. These packets are much larger when operating the phone, and therefore the radiation your body is exposed to is obviously much higher.

This radiation emitted constantly by your phone has absolutely been proven to have biological effects on the body.

Now, you may be wondering why the radiation emitted from your phone isnt more regulated, and in fact, it is . In the United States, and many other countries, they used a measurement called Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, to determine how much radiation the body absorbs from various devices.

More Problems With Emf Blocking Phone Cases

DIY Phone Case Radiation Blocker

Another problem with such phone cases is that they implicitly encourage the notion that its somehow safer to hold your phone against your head if you use their product.

If you take only one thing from this post, let it be this: Its never safe to hold your phone against your head unless its in airplane mode or switched off.

SYB never advocates holding your phone against your head, even if you are using protection. Always use a wired headphone, air tube headset, or the speakerphone feature in your phone.

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Consider Using An Air Tube Headset

I mentioned the Air Tube headset earlier and thats for a good reason.

Headphones can also help lessen your exposure to radiation especially during calls or while you are listening to music, watching videos, or doing anything else on your mobile phone.

This is because you no longer need to put your phone whenever youre doing these things.

But the problem is that most headphones in the market actually emit EMF radiation and it takes that radiation even closer to your head as you place it in your ear.

The Airtube headphones are different because its speaker is located halfway down the cord.

This effectively moves the radiation source away from the head making it less of a risk.

The image below shows how these airphones look like.

If you experience tingling fingers and painful hands whenever youre holding your phone then you definitely need to get the Air tube headphones so that taking calls can become more convenient.

And in order to complete the protection from radiation, consider getting the DefenderShield phone case!

Yes The Latest Cell Phones Typically Do Emit More Radiation

Mobile devices work by sending radio waves in the air. And while the National Cancer Institute has pointed out that the radio-frequency energy cell phone emits is low, it does not discount the possible long term health risks it poses. Some of the most recent smartphones , release a higher level of radiation than older cellphones and with people spending more and more time on their devices, its only a matter of time before adverse effects might catch up.

Right now, there are nearly 2 billion smartphone users around the world. Most of them use cases to protect their expensive gadgets from drops, nicks and scratches, but given the possibility of exposure to cellphone radiation however, it might be the users who will need better protection.

A Simple and Practical Solution

Phone cases which are designed to limit exposure are the easiest way to address potential risks posed by frequent smartphone use.

However, depending on the materials used and how the product was engineered, the phone case may actually do more harm than good.

Here are some ways you can identify if the case youre about to purchase is the real deal:

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Up Down And All Around

Moving the meter around the case, we detect readings on the side, back and front of the case. We use the multi-directional TES 593 meter which measures 10 MHz to 8GHz. We use the unit of micro-watts per square centimeter, which looks like this little symbol: W/cm² and we use it on the max setting which shows the maximum measured value. In non-science speak: the highest level of RF we see, which could be from the back the side or the front.

We did not simply measure energy coming from the front of the case which is the area of the case where the phone would be “shielded” from radiation. If we had taken readings with a directional meter, specifically measuring energy coming from only the front or flap cover where the shielding material is, we assume as the manufacturers claim, that we would have seen a drop in the radiation readings.

However, we measure all around the phone that is in the case because we want to demonstrate what happens as far as wireless energy goeswhen you put that baby in your hand. Or, in your pocket , or purse, or backpack.

Can You Trust So Called Emf Experts Who Promote Anti Radiation Or Emf Protection Phone Cases The Government Cautions Us About Cell Phone Radiation Scams

Universal EMF Radiation Blocking Phone Wallet Case: DefenderShield

Yeah they do. Both the FTC and FCC have warnings against what they call Cellphone Scamsand offer step by step cautions to avoid and reduce the amount of EMF exposure from your smartphone.

If you’re looking for ways to limit your exposure to the electromagnetic emissions from your cell phone, know that, according to the FTC, there is no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduced exposure from these electromagnetic emissions. In fact, products that block only the earpieceor another small portion of the phoneare totally ineffective because the entire phone emits electromagnetic waves. What’s more, these shields may interfere with the phone’s signal, cause it to draw even more power to communicate with the base station, and possibly emit more radiation.

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Women Are Also At Risk

Effects of heavy EMF exposure from cell phones arent limited to men. Consider pregnant women, who are one of the most vulnerable groups.

Research by Dr. De-Kun Li of the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute found that women exposed to higher levels of EMF have a 2.72 times greater risk of miscarriage than women who try to avoid EMF exposure during pregnancy.

One 2018 study published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology says that:

The effect of EMFs on human gametes and, more in general, on female fertility is still poorly understood, but it seems to correlate with higher miscarriage rates and birth defects.

Learn more about the link between EMF and miscarriage in my post, The Connection Between EMF And Miscarriage Risk: Scientific Study Breakdown.

Now, this is not to say that women should carry their phones near their reproductive organs while not pregnant. Numerous animal studies have shown that EMF exposure has a toxic effect on female ovaries and directly leads to decreased ovarian follicles.

Carrying a device in your bra is hardly an ideal solution, either. As discussed in this post about cell phones in bras, many compelling studies link EMF exposure to cell damage and breast cancer.

In short, regardless of whether you keep your phone in your back pants pocket, front pants pocket, breast pocket, or bra, its harming you.

Is There A Correlation Between Signal Weakness And A Phone Case

Regardless of the type of phone case you may have, you may be wondering Can a cell phone case affect the signal? This is a legitimate concern, but it is not likely to happen.

There are, however, incidents where this does happen. The design of the case could cause the signal to be blocked, and therefore, make it difficult to call, receive or send messages, and use the internet.

The majority of phone cases, including EMF phone cases, are perfectly suited to protect and preserve the quality of your phone. Materials such as metals and some magnetic pieces should be avoided to prevent any foreseeable problems.

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Emf Protection And Anti

There are a few things that we really want to make sure of when we go to buy a quality EMF protection product.

The reality is, as more and more people begin to understand the dangers that EMF radiation poses, the market for protection products grows. As it has begun to grow, more and more companies have entered the market, many with inferior, poorly made, or non-working products.

These companies are just trying to make money off a hot new trend, but have not done the work, research, or due diligence to ensure their product will actually improve peoples lives and health.

Another disclaimer I want to make real quick is that no EMF protection or anti-radiation cell phone case is a perfect solution. None of them will, in reality, block all EMF radiation if you are holding the phone up to your head. Our goal with a quality case is simply to reduce EMF radiation exposure.

Remember the famous Benjamin Franklin axiom: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Although many of the ones I recommend here will reduce your exposure, there are some other really important ways to reduce your cell phone radiation exposure that Ill encourage you to follow later in the post.

Its also extremely important that you actually use the cases as they are intended to be used. Many of the best EMF blocking cases that I mention down below, can actually increase your exposure to EMF radiation if not used properly.

Alright, now lets get to those cases.

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