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Recipes For Cancer Patients On Chemo And Radiation

Light Meal And Drink Ideas

  • baked beans on toast with grated cheese
  • crumpets or muffins toasted with cheese, and a piece of fruit
  • scrambled or poached egg on toast and a glass of orange juice
  • tuna or sardines on buttered toast with fresh tomato
  • omelette with cheese or mushrooms and buttered bread
  • toast with cheese, avocado or peanut butter, followed by sliced banana and yoghurt
  • cereal or toasted muesli with full-cream milk and yoghurt
  • porridge or rice pudding made with milk and cream
  • pancakes or French toast with fruit and maple syrup

Talking To Your Doctor

In most cases, you have these between meals and carry on with your normal diet as well. You will boost your nutritional intake if you drink between 2 and 3 cartons a day.

Do not take more than your doctor or dietitian recommends. The drinks contain vitamins that could be harmful in large amounts. Tell your doctor, dietitian or pharmacist if you are taking any vitamin supplements.

You may need to avoid taking certain medicines soon after or before having the drinks. The drink may change how much you absorb the medicine. Ask your pharmacist or dietitian about when to take your medicines and when to have the drinks.

What Are The Symptoms Of Foodborne Illnesses

Symptoms of getting sick from food depend on which germ caused the illness. Symptoms are usually similar to what many people call a “stomach flu.”

You may feel sick any time from a few hours to 10 days after eating contaminated food. Most often, people start feeling sick within the first couple of hours or days after an infection. A few germs, such as hepatitis A, do not cause symptoms for several weeks.

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Recipes For When You Have A Low Appetite

Many people with breast cancer have changes in their appetite. You may not be interested in eating or find yourself feeling full more quickly than usual.

Its important to find ways to adjust to a low appetite, though. Giving your body the nutrients it needs is important when going through treatment and coping with the stress of an illness.

Here are some tips to help with low appetite:

  • Set a timer to remind yourself to eat every few hours.
  • Make food more appealing by adding sauces, oils, cheese, or dressings. This can help boost flavor, calories, and nutrients.
  • Go for a walk or get some fresh air to see if this helps to boost your appetite.
  • Make meals more pleasant by eating with someone or while watching your favorite show.
  • Consider smoothies or shakes if drinking feels easier than eating.

Here are some recipes with plenty of calories and protein to help you make the most of each meal:

  • High protein mac n cheese. Cheese, milk, and Greek yogurt make this mac n cheese a protein-packed meal. This recipe has several optional add-ins, so you can customize it to your liking.
  • High protein blueberry smoothie. Try sipping this smoothie throughout the day for some extra nutrition.
  • Coconut banana muffins. There are plenty of nutrients in these muffins, which freeze well for a quick snack. Smear on some peanut butter to boost the protein content.

Here are some recipes that star fruits or vegetables:

Here are some other tips for adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet:

Diarrhea And Constipation During Chemo Or Radiation:

Soup for Chemo &  Radiation

Having digestive symptoms makes finding foods that taste good during chemo more challenging, so best to focus on how to manage these symptoms first to help you get your appetite back.

Here are some suggestions to help you manage possible symptoms.


If you are experiencing diarrhea it is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking lots of liquids such as electrolyte drinks and water

With diarrhea, its best to cut down temporarily on foods that are high in fiber.


If you are experiencing constipation, stay hydrated and add more high-fiber foods into your diet.

Examples of high-fiber foods:

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Easy Baked Chicken Breast Recipes Make Ultimate Comfort Food

I couldnt wait to share this recipe with you on my healthy food blog. My family and especially my kids always request the recipe and it also makes the perfect easy chicken dinner when going through treatment! I believe in cooking for the entire family and this recipe from Eating Well Through Canceris a winner. It is an easy diabetic recipe and a simple chicken dinner packing flavors like chicken soup. What could be better? Another comfort food favorite for cancer patients and your family is my Potato Soup! Check out all my recipes for cancer patients.


If you have specific questions about your diet, please talk to your health care team to determine what is best for you.

Smoothies and shakes are a great way to add protein and calories to the diet if you are having trouble eating well. Keep the following points in mind as you get started making high-calorie, high-protein smoothie and shake recipes.

  • NEVER use raw eggs in a smoothie.
  • If your mouth is sore, skip fruit that contains small seeds, such as strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries. These tiny seeds can irritate a sore mouth. Instead, use another fruit, such as a banana, or peaches, nectarines, or pears without their skins . Also, skip the flax seeds if your mouth is sore.
  • Clean, peel, and prepare the smoothie ingredients and place in the blender.
  • From:

    Can Smoothies Prevent Cancer

    While there are many ongoing studies on various nutrients that could shrink cancer cells or potentially prevent cancer altogether, the results are still inconclusive. It is hypothesized that super foods such as berries may have the potential to fight cancer. Furthermore, several studies show that getting enough fruits and vegetables greatly reduces your chance of getting certain cancers, as well as a lower chance of recurrence.

    Eating healthy is key to a better, more fulfilling life in general. Introducing smoothies into your diet can make sure your body has a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E . Adding berries, cinnamon, turmeric, and flax seed can give you all this and more. Keep an eye out for more cancer related studies and results.

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    Eating For Cancer Prevention Vs Eating Well During Cancer Treatment

    Its easy to be confused about the difference between eating for cancer prevention and eating a diet that is suitable for someone undergoing cancer treatment. Lets clarify.

    Eating for cancer prevention focuses on reducing your exposure to potential carcinogens. When eaten regularly over an extended period, dietary carcinogens include meats cooked at high temperatures and those preserved using nitrates. During treatment, however, some of these foods may stimulate appetite and thus be beneficial.

    During cancer treatment, you should choose foods that taste good, dont cause heartburn, and help you have regular bowel movements. Typical cancer treatment involves surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies like immunotherapy. Lets look at each in turn and see what diet modifications are most beneficial for each type of cancer treatment.

    Surgery: After surgery for cancer, you need to eat more protein to aid in your recovery. For most people, this means adding another 20 grams a day, or the equivalent of about 3 ounces of fish, chicken, lean meat, or shellfish. Or about 8 ounces of beans, tofu, or quinoa.

    Radiation: During radiation, avoid high-dose single antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, and Vitamin E, as these may blunt the effectiveness of your treatment.

    Chemotherapy: Hydration is especially important during chemo. Protein needs are also increased. A ready-to-drink amino acid or peptide supplement can help you get both.

    Foods To Avoid With Cancer

    Refried Beans – Nutrition and Recipes for Cancer Patients – Cooking With Cancer

    When on a soft diet, it can be helpful to stay away from foods that are hard to chew or swallow. These can include:

    • Hard starches like crusty bread or hard cereal
    • Raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables like celery, carrots and apples
    • Dried, tough, or chunks of meat like beef jerky or casseroles with large pieces of meat
    • Peanut or almond butter or other sticky or stringy foods which can be hard to swallow

    Important: Make sure to always talk to your doctor before changing your diet and/or water intake. He or she will be able to offer guidance that suits your specific health needs.

    Tip: To help coordinate tasks like meal sign up, picking up meds, and more, the CaringBridge Planner is an all-inclusive scheduling tool to help you request and receive support with everyday tasks. Its all there, with a time and place for each task and space for anyone who wants to help.

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    How To Make Ahead And Freeze Cancer

    This soup is perfect for making ahead and taking to a friend. If you want, just change the name to Immune-Boosting Soup if your friend has a cold. It has now been tested from fresh, reheated from the fridge as leftovers, and reheated after being frozen. It is delicious and works great in all these situations!

    If you want to deliver it to a friend as a fresh meal or freezer meal, you can deliver it in one of these freezer containers, including a freezer container with lid or mason jars . I love using mason jars, since the soup can be divided into single servings. Just be sure to leave at least 1 inch of headspace at the top if freezing.

    My hope is that you can make this recipe for yourself and/or take it to anyone else who is battling cancer or an illness. This Cancer-Fighting Soup fights inflammation in the body and provides warmth and comfort when healing.

    You may even want to add a word of encouragement to the container you deliver it in, too. I quickly scribbled out a few favorite encouraging Bible verses in sharpie on the freezer containers of the soup for Darcie.

    Or you may want to include a set of our printable Truth for Trials verse cards.

    To make your meal a little more fancy-schmancy than mine with these Printable Freezer Meal labels to go on top.

    I hope this recipe is a blessing to you or someone else. Please leave a comment for me, and Id love to pray for you or a loved one who is battling cancer.

    Baked Eggs In Tomato Sauce With Kale

    You can make these three-ingredient tomato-simmered eggs with things you probably already have on hand in your freezer and pantry. To make these baked eggs more like eggs in purgatory, look for a spicy tomato sauce and don’t forget some whole-wheat bread for dipping.

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    What Foods To Eat During Chemo

  • Nutritional Supplement Liquid Food:- Instant breakfast items supplement shakes and butter milk are some items, which a cancer patient can have for breakfast during chemotherapy. Eggs, porridge and butter tortilla is also good for health. Patient should try to consume fat integrated products, so that his/her body can regain the weight lost during chemotherapy and the fight against the cancer.
  • Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter greatly improves the taste of food whether applied on bread, cracker or toast and it is great in nutritional value too. During the brunch period of a day, the cancer patient can consume fruit salad as well as bread with peanut butter. Usually, cancer patients will experience decrease in appetite because of which they are not able to take complete meals even twice a day. Peanut butter has essential vitamins, protein and folic acids, which are lost during the chemotherapy sessions. Blood is burnt during the treatment, which is very important to regain by eating good food. So peanut butter is also a very good option to incorporate in diet during chemotherapy.
  • Cheese: There are different types of cheeses which are high in full fat and protein. A plain salad can become tasty by adding some cheese toppings. Cheese is an excellent snack that a cancer patient can have after coming back from a chemotherapy session. The cancer patient can nibble on some cheese in between the main meals to keep his/her energy levels up.
  • Pomegranate Smoothie For Athletes

    If you (or someone you

    This smoothie is designed for athletes and pomegranate is the key ingredient. Pomegranate is called natures power fruit and has been in use as a healing agent for centuries.

    Studies indicate that pomegranate may help prevent heart disease, high blood sugar levels, and breast and prostate cancer.

    Along with pomegranate, this smoothie recipe includes spinach, flax-seed meal, and berries. These are all powerful foods which help prevent disease, including cancer.

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    Different Types Of Medicine May Be Used To Treat Loss Of Appetite And Weight Loss

    Medicines that improve appetite and cause weight gain, such as prednisone and megestrol, may be used to treat loss of appetite and weight loss. Studies have shown that the effect of these medicines may not last long or there may be no effect. Treatment with a combination of medicines may work better than treatment with one medicine. Patients who are treated with a combination of medicines may have more side effects.

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    Proteins To Heal Cells

    Protein is the building material of your body, and is necessary for healing and rejuvenating your body. It is particularly important to get sufficient amounts of protein-rich foods during all the stages of your cancer treatment and recovery. A review published in “CA,” a journal for clinicians, recommends that patients in recovery get at least 10 percent of their daily calories from proteins. The best sources of protein include low-fat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat milk and dairy products, legumes and nuts.

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    Cooking Tips To Increase Calories And Protein

    • Add nutritional yeast to smoothies, hot cereals,soups, salad dressings, and baking mixes .
    • Dont serve anything plain. For instance, adda spritz of fruit juice to ice water or iced tea, top cereal with fruit, add a dollop of vegan sourcream to top soups, serve cake or muffins withapplesauce or frozen vegan ice cream, etc. Evenif a small amount is eaten, every calorie or gramof protein counts.
    • If baking, blackstrap molasses is a source for iron.
    • Avocados are creamy and high in good caloriesand nutrients try to include them as tolerated.On days when intake is not going to be too large,a combination of silken tofu and avocado can packa lot of nutrition into a small amount of food.

    Here are some ideas for nutrient-dense foods that canbe offered as snacks or combined to form small meals:

    Common Causes Of Malnutrition And Dehydration In Cancer Patients

    Healthy Recipes For Breast Cancer Patients

    Even when patients are actively trying to eat well and stay hydrated, conditions caused by the cancer itself and side effects of treatment may lead to malnutrition and dehydration. A lack of appetite, nausea and difficulty swallowing are just a few of the more common symptoms that affect a patients nutritional status.

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    Use Beetroot Juice For Cancer Treatment

    Using beetroot juice for cancer treatment started in Germany in 1920 and has been gaining momentum to date. Beet juice contains vitamin A & C, calcium, betaine, potassium, iron, manganese, and folic acid.

    These phytonutrients aid in body detoxification and in circulating nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body.

    Studies have also linked the anti-cancer properties of beets to its betaine content. This flavonoid increases the level of blood oxygen by 400% while protecting all the anti-cancer nutrients in the cells.

    This higher oxygen in the cells improves cellular respiration, which helps in killing cancer cells.

    In another finding, extracts from beetroot were used on mices skin and lungs to test their anti-tumor effects. The result proved that beetroot consumption can help prevent cancer.

    Tasty Recipes If You Have Chemo Mouth

    The category of dysgeusia-designed fare is still new and is much more popular abroad.

    In addition to Mamma Beer, Amsterdam boasts the HungerNDThirst Foundation, an organization that helps people find relief from dysgeusia through education, research, tastings, and product development.

    In England, the nonprofit Life Kitchen offers free cooking classes at restaurants around London to people undergoing chemo.

    For those of us stateside, circumventing the changes in taste go back to the basics.

    Teh, for example, started getting heavy-handed with spices. I adapted to the changes in taste by trying out different spices that are good for health, like basil, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper, and trying new cooking methods like frying, grilling, baking, and pan-searing, she explains.

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    Tips For Adding More Protein To Your Diet

    Your body needs a balance of calories and protein to work best. Your doctor or clinical dietitian nutritionist may tell you to temporarily increase the amount of protein in your diet. If you recently had surgery or have wounds, eating more protein will help you heal. The suggestions below will help you increase the amount of protein in your diet.

    Best Foods For Breast Cancer

    Healthy Recipes For Chemo Patients

    Its not clear whether eating a specific diet can improve outcomes for everyone with breast cancer. However, a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is usually linked with better results than an eating pattern that includes lots of refined sugars, red meats, and processed meats, per the American Cancer Society.

    A balanced diet may include:

    • Grains. This includes rice, pasta, quinoa, teff, bulgar, buckwheat, oats, and wheat.
    • Lean proteins. This includes chicken, fish, soy products, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and eggs.
    • Dairy and non-dairy alternatives. This includes yogurt, cheese, and milk, as well as plant-based alternative milks made from almond, soy, or oats.
    • Fruits. Choose a variety of fruits, including fresh, frozen, dried, or canned types.
    • Vegetables. Eat a rainbow of colors from this group, whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned.

    For a diet to work well, it shouldnt only focus on the essential nutrients it should also include foods you enjoy. So make sure you incorporate your favorite foods that you eat simply because they taste good and feel nourishing in your body, as well.

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