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Root Canals And Breast Cancer: The Connection Is Clear

Leakage From Gum Disease To The Breast

Dr. Panahpour interview on NBC about the Breast Cancer Root Canal connection

A documentary released on Netflix in the fall 2018, Root Cause, questions the safety of root canals.

Netflix soon met opposition from the American Dental Association , American Association of Endodontists and American Association of Dental Research .

In a letter dated 29 January 2019, the ADA, AAE and AADR wrote that continuing to host the film on their platform could harm the viewing public by spreading misinformation about safe medical treatments like root canals.

Root Cause was removed from Netfix but can be viewed on Apple, Amazon and Vimeo for purchase or streaming.

Among the most jarring claims in Root Cause is a connection between root canals and breast cancer.

From a thermographic perspective, it is becoming more common to see oral inflammation that drains from the oral cavity, down the anterior neck and into the lymphatic system, in some cases creating lymphatic pathways into breast tissue.

Thermography offers a non-invasive way to measure areas of inflammation in the dental, cranial and thyroid regions.

It can also be used to help detect any indications of physiological changes around sites of dental work such as the presence of infection, concerns with a crowned tooth or a failing root canal, and/or jaw cavitations due to extracted teeth

Dr. Price discovered that root canals had within them bacteria capable of producing many diseases. He claimed they had no place in the body.

When Is A Root Canal Needed

A root canal is performed when the soft inner part of a tooth, known as the pulp, is injured or becomes inflamed or infected.

The crown of the tooth the part you can see above your gums can remain intact even if the pulp is dead. Removing injured or infected pulp is the best way to preserve the structure of the tooth.

Common causes of damage to the pulp include:

  • deep decay due to an untreated cavity
  • multiple dental procedures on the same tooth
  • a chip or crack in the tooth
  • an injury to the tooth

The most common symptoms of damaged pulp include pain in your tooth, and swelling and a sensation of heat in your gums. Your dentist will examine the painful tooth and take X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Your dentist may refer you to an endodontist if they think you need a root canal.

What Is The Root Cause Movie About

The Root Cause documentary follows a filmmaker through a re-enactment of a period of about 10 years. In the film, Frazer Bailey shares his experiences including a root canal, concussion from a punch to the face, and subsequent fall into a sickened state.

Bailey describes his time as a nearly invalid man as one filled with searching. He looked to every medical, emotional, and spiritual avenue for an answer to his pain and had nearly given up by the time he found it.

According to Bailey, it took an entire decade for someone to point out that he had a failed root canal. Through a series of alternative medicine diagnostics, they determined the root canal was making him tired, depressed, and generally ill.

Then, Bailey interviews many experts with lots of letters behind their names. The titles of each subsequent expert seemingly gives a lot of credence to the progressively startling and extreme claims made throughout the movie.

For example, Dr. Dawn Ewing connects root canals and breast cancer in a shockingly certain manner. 98% of breast cancer patients have root canals on the same side as their cancer?!

Dr. Minkoff, the first expert to speak, essentially insists that his patients constantly have chronic, systemic diseases arising from root canals.

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Do Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer

Each year, over 40 million teeth are treated with root canals. Root canals are performed to remove the nerve and the surrounding pulp at the center of an infected or decaying tooth. Most mainstream dentists see root canals as the only way to save a tooths structure in severe cases. After the pulp is removed, the dentist refills the lost nerve and pulp with a plastic substance to deter bacterial growth.Standard root canals that use manual files for cleaning fail to effectively sterilize the tooth completely. This leaves germs to fester and transform into anaerobic bacteria a type of bacteria that does not need oxygen to grow. Once the canal is filled, no blood flow reaches the root, which disables the immune system or antibiotics from eradicating infections. The plastic filling fails to reach the tiny canals deep within the tooths root. Combined with the fact that teeth are porous, bacterial leakage is inevitable. Thus, infections continue, releasing toxins called thio-ethers that effortlessly travel into the bloodstream. These toxins have been linked to numerous chronic illnesses, including breast cancer.

Your Teeth And Your Overall Health

Why You Should Avoid A Root Canal

We dont often think of the health of our teeth as a reflection on our general health but some researchers now claim your teeth are not only living organisms connected to the rest of your body, but that they are actually part of the acupuncture meridian systeman energy highway that runs through your entire body.

Chinese Medicine believes that Qi energy flows through this highway and accesses all the different parts of your body .

As such, a tooth that is diseased or dying should just be pulled, says Henderson, comparing it to trying to save an infected gallbladder or appendix by filling it with toxic chemicals as dentists do with your teeth during a root canal.

Since each tooth has over 3 miles of tubulestiny fluid-filled holes in its dentin layerit is inevitable that the remaining tooth will eventually become a receptacle for deadly bacteria such as E. Faecalis, which is what is responsible for abscesses that ultimately spread to the rest of your body.

In a best case scenario, with a strong, healthy individual, the constant influx of harmful bacteria can adversely affect your immune system, leaving you run down and at risk for illness. For those with compromised immune systems, this added bacterial assault can wreak havoc on their bodies, even leading to sepsis and death in severe cases .

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Root Canals And Breast Cancer: The Hidden Link No One Told You About

Going to the dentist can be pretty stressful for some people, especially if they dont practice proper oral hygiene.

But what happens if a routine visit can actually leave you more prone to a life-threatening disease?

Unfortunately, an increasing amount of research is showing that getting a root canal can lead to bacterial overload and may increase your chances of developing breast cancer.

A Potential For Public Harm

Earlier this year, the American Association of Endodontists , American Dental Association and American Association of Dental Research requested Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo and Apple’s iTunes remove the film from their platforms, citing a potential for public harm.

Despite the opposition, “Root Cause” remains available on Amazon, Vimeo and iTunes. It is no longer available on Netflix, but it remains unclear why the streaming service removed it.

Justin Lyons, the film’s producer, claimed Netflix removed the documentary due to public pressure from dental associations. The streaming service did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

A Vimeo spokesman said the company has left “Root Cause” available on its On Demand service because it is an open platform that allows creators to sell their videos. Vimeo On Demand does not solicit or screen for content and only removes content when it violates its service terms or guidelines.

“The availability of any content on Vimeo On Demand should not be viewed as endorsement of any statement therein, spokesman Jordan Smith said in an email.

Amazon and Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

Root canals are a common dental procedure that save a patient’s natural tooth and alleviates pain. They eliminate the infected pulp in a tooth and replace it with an inert material to prevent reinfection. The procedure typically costs hundreds of dollars.

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Did You Know That Root Canals Can Have Untold Negative Effects On Your Health

There is a growing recognition among integrative dentists and physicians that dental health has a tremendous impact on the overall health of the body. People are slowly discovering the hidden dangers of root canals as more medical professionals speak out about their dangers.

The toxicity of root canals was disclosed by Mayo Clinic and Dr. Weston Price jointly back in about 1910. Close to a century ago. Prices textbook on root canals, published in 1922, upset the dental associations at that time, and still does today. The American Dental Association , denies his findings and claims that they have proven root canals to be safe however, no published data from the ADA is available to confirm this statement. Statements, but no actual research.Dr. Hal Huggins D.D.S.

The late Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S, M.S., F.A.C.D. former director of Research for the American Dental Association, discovered that root canals had within them bacteria capable of producing many diseases. They had no place in the body.

He made the claim that teeth that have had root canals are removed from people suffering heart or kidney disease, these diseases will resolve.

He found that implanting these teeth, even after rigorous sterilization, when put under the skin of an animal, resulted in the animal developing the same disease as the person and resulted in the animal dying of that disease within weeks.

Is there a link to breast cancer and root canals? Dr. Weston Price seems to think so.

‘root Cause’ Alleges Dental Procedure Causes A Number Of Serious Health Problems

Do Root Canals Cause Cancer?

A new documentary questioning the safety of root canals has drawn the ire of dentists and endodontists who say it is based on information long debunked.

Root Cause,” released earlier this year, chronicles an Australian filmmaker’s search to find the cause of his chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. Eventually, Frazer Bailey blames his health problems on a root canal procedure he received years ago, thanks to the help of an obscure piece of scientific apparatus and some holistic dentists.

Along the way, the 72-minute film claims that root canals cause an array of alarming health problems, including cancer, heart disease and chronic illness. It urges viewers to have any root-canal-treated teeth removed and replaced with a ceramic bridge or zirconia implant.

One of the more eye-popping claims is delivered just nine minutes into the film. A holistic dentist asks viewers, “What if I could tell you that 98 percent of women who have breast cancer have a root canal tooth on the same side as their breast cancer?”

But dental organizations across the United States including both dental schools and membership groups have rebuked the film’s claims, noting they are not based on valid scientific research.

Already, Barnett said, patients have requested to have symptom-free, root-canal-treated teeth extracted.

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Debunking The Root Cause Netflix Documentary

Netflix is a never-ending stream of comedy, drama, and adventure. With new shows appearing weekly, some will naturally fly under the radar. But if Netflix thought the documentary Root Cause would go unnoticed by endodontists, they were mistaken.

This film follows the life of a young man after he undergoes extensive dental work, including a root canal. Afterward, he is plagued for years by insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, and more. Searching for the cause of his pain, he links it back to his dental work. The documentary features scientists and doctors spouting compelling fallacies that will have viewers running from their dentists.

The documentary would have you believe that root canals readily allow bad bacterium to enter the rest of the body, leading directly to cancer, atherosclerosis, and a host of other diseases. However, this is based on research done by Dr. Weston Pricein the 1920s. Back then, polio and measles were still widely spread, and root canals were done without local anesthetic. Since that time, science has advanced tremendously, and Dr. Prices research has been discredited.

Using nearly 100-year-old discredited literature for the basis of a documentary is irresponsible. Root canal procedures have changed during the last century. At Central Ohio Endodontics we use microscopes, rotary files, and irrigation adjuncts. This state-of-the-art technology disinfects the root canal, removes infection, and saves your tooth.

Final Note:

Key Takeaways About The Root Cause Movie

SoRoot Cause movie. Believe it? Dont believe it?

The root causes of your diseases are usually a lot more complex than a failed root canal. But it is true that bacteria from a root canal can sometimes make its way into the bloodstream and cause infection.

The root canal/cancer connection made in the Root Cause movie is not only weakits non-existent. Other claims about heart disease, back pain, depression, and many other conditions have no legitimate science behind them, either.

While I was somewhat glad to hear someone finally released a movie about functional dentistry, I was supremely disappointed in what I saw.

If your dentist tells you to get a root canal, you should be able to have an informed conversation with him or her about your options and the risks involved. You shouldnt have an ominous voice in the back of your head warning you that root canals cause breast cancerbecause they dont.

As with every topic in health, its true that prevention is the best medicine overall. Eating a diet and living a lifestyle to reduce your risk for cavities may prevent this from ever being an issue in your own life.

However, dont fear. If you do need a root canal, a skilled dentist or endodontist can help you preserve some tooth structure without looking to expensive orthodontics down the road.

Got more questions about root canals or this documentary? Just ask me and Ill respond personally.

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A New Film Claims Root Canals Cause Cancer Dont Believe It Dentists Say

Oral care professionals urge Netflix, Amazon and other companies to remove Root Cause, a documentary spreading misinformation

Dentists, endodontists and dental researchers are warning Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Vimeo to removea documentary that spreads fear and misinformation about the safety of root canals and extracting wisdom teeth.

Root Cause takes viewers through the Australian film-maker Frazer Baileys years-long quest to identify the cause of his fatigue, anxiety and depression. Bailey tries therapy, antidepressant medication, juice cleanses, chakra balancing and hypnosis. He even drinks his own urine. But aided by holistic dentists, he eventually concludes that the source of his malaise is a root canal he got as a young man a procedure he needed to save a tooth after getting punched in the mouth.

Baileys 72-minute film makes eye-popping claims about how cancer, heart conditions and other serious illnesses are caused by asymptomatic infections inside root canals or in the empty spaces left behind after a wisdom tooth extraction. Bacteria and other toxins, the film argues, fester in the jaw and then travel to other organs along meridian lines, which according to traditional Chinese medicine move life force throughout the body, spreading infection and causing cancer and other illnesses to take root.

Its the first time the AAE and AADR have ever issued a member-wide alert or written to a media platform in response to a film or TV program.

The Truth Of Root Canal And Cancer

Root Canals

The American Association of Endodontists states that over 25 million root canal treatments are carried out every year in the US. If it were true that root canals caused diseases like cancer, there would be much more information about it available in peer-reviewed scientific publications, and root canals would not be the preferred treatment option to save teeth. To conclude, Some people who have cancer may have had a root canal treatment at some point in their life. This does not mean that the root canal procedures had anything to do with the development of cancer.

Advancements in medicine, techniques, and technologies have made endodontic treatment a more predictable, successful treatment than ever before. Today, digital imaging, rubber dams, rotary instruments, powerful disinfectants, and medicated filling materials help ensure successful root canal treatment. When a severe infection in a tooth requires endodontic treatment, that treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth. If a dentist can save the tooth by performing a root canal procedure instead of removing a tooth, it is the most likely recommended treatment.

The myth about root canal procedures may be prevalent on the internet, but there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims.

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Root Cause Movie: Fact Check

What did Root Cause get rightand what did they get wrong?

Root Cause Says: 98% of women with breast cancer have a root canal on the same side as their offending breast cancer.

The Facts:

Theres no scientific evidence Ive ever been presented that supports this theory. Im unable to find any review of breast cancer that includes any statistic like this.

In fact, the idea of the cancer being on the same side as a root canal is based on the premise of the meridian system, not proven scientific fact. While I dont challenge that traditional Chinese medicine has its benefits, theres no solid proof that this system is real in the way it was presented in the Root Cause movie.

Theres been a lot of sensationalism around statistics that include people who have root canals and those who die of cancer. Its true that a lot of people who die of cancer have had a root canal.

But its also true that a lot of people have had root canals. Over 15 million teeth have new root canals each year. Since less than two million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in a calendar year and a little over 600,000 people die of cancer each year, the fact that cancer and root canals exist together isnt surprising. It certainly isnt proof of causation.

Root Canal Says: The number one cause of heart attack is a root canal tooth. This is specific cause and effect, not correlation.

The Facts:

There is no published scientific evidence whatsoever to prove this claim.

The Facts:

The Facts:

The Facts:

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