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Tote Bags For Chemo Patients

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What to Pack in a Chemo Bag


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Selby, Karen. “What to Pack in Your Chemo Bag and Chemotherapy Tips.” Last modified December 20, 2022.

  • Chemotherapy Tips
  • Comfort Care Tote Program

    The Dr. Michelle Prince Comfort Care Tote Program was championed by our friend Michelle and launched in May of 2018! She was inspirational in every way, she used her journey and lent her voice to be an advocate for others who were battling the cancer journey. The Comfort Tote program provides high quality, custom tote bag to patients starting their first appointment for chemotherapy and filled with very useful items to help them to cope and manage side effects. She handpicked these items that were part of a tote she was given and also other items she found beneficial along the way. Were so proud to see her legacy through and continue our shared mission to provide this comfort and a little ray of sunshine to patients who are starting their chemotherapy treatment. By taking this step T2B will be empowering and helping people from day 1 of diagnosis.

    Healthy Snacks And Drinks

    Most infusion centers carry a variety of beverages and snacks to help you stay well hydrated and nourished during your chemotherapy session. You may also choose to bring your favorites from home.

    The American Cancer Society recommends choosing small snacks and focusing on eating protein when you can.

    Some ideas for snacks include:

    It’s also a good idea to pack a water bottle so that you will always have a drink readily accessible. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout chemo to help prevent or reduce dehydration.

    There is some evidence that using ginger for chemotherapy-induced nausea may be beneficial, though store-bought ginger ale often contains little if any real ginger. Bringing your own homemade crystallized ginger, ginger ale, or ginger tea may help reduce nausea in addition to being a pleasant reminder of home.

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    What Should I Put In A Bag

    If youre wondering what to put in a chemo care comfort bag, there are some basic items that are always useful to any cancer patient, mix-and-match as you see fit.

    Here are some items to include:

    A warm hat made of fleece or soft, machine-washable yarn.

    A pair of warm, fuzzy socks.

    A fleece lap blanket.

    A reusable bottle or insulated mug to hold the persons favorite beverage.

    A inspirational chemo port pillow

    Tea bags

    Lip balm

    A way to pass the time. This could be the persons favorite magazine, a book of crossword puzzles or Sudoku, or a deck of cards.

    There are, of course, additional items that you may choose to include depending on the recipient. However, the above list is a great way to get started.

    Essentials To Pack In Your Chemo Bag

    Gifts for Breast Cancer Surgery Hospital Stay

    Until you have visited your chemo center for the first time, it can be hard to know what to expect. Typically there are comfortable recliner chairs and a small table. The amount of privacy varies depending on the design of the facility.

    You may have access to a TV or some light snacks and drinks. It will likely be a comfortable setup, but you still may want to bring things to help you pass the time or make you feel even more comfortable.

    You will want to be sure to bring the essentials for chemotherapy including:

    • Address book or contact information
    • A bucket or bag for the ride home

    There are also many nonessential items you can bring to make your cancer experience more pleasant or comfortable. Consider which, if any, of these might be helpful for you during your chemotherapy.

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    Donate Or Get Involved Today

    Help us support as many women as possible! Your financial contribution will go toward the purchase and delivery of breast cancer care packages throughout our current service area. Thank you!

    Empowering WomenSharing StoriesPractical Support for the Journey Ahead

    If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to know more about joining our effort, please click the link and fill out the contact form well get back to you as soon as possible.

    This was my first encounter with someone who had been through what I was about to endureand a stranger! It was EXACTLY what I didnt even know I neededa lifeline to give me hope for my uncertain future. The most perfect gift, from the heart of a survivor. My inspiration to fight! My inspiration to pay it forward. My inspiration to spread the love and support to everyone fighting this battle. Pam P.

    Warm Clothes And Blankets

    Oncology units are often cold. In addition, hair loss, weight loss, and low appetite may contribute to feeling cold. When preparing for your chemo treatment, dress in layers and plan ahead so that providers can easily access either your port site or PICC line, or place an IV.

    You may also want to bring a small blanket in your chemo bag.

    Chemo can increase skin sensitivity, so you may want to choose soft, natural fabrics. Warm items like socks, a hat, gloves, or an extra sweater will help you stay warm and comfortable.

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    Make A Lip Balm Holder

    Including lip balm in your bag means that someone can easily stay ahead of dry, chapped lips.

    When you place the lip balm in a holder with key ring means it, like the tea bag wallet, someone can easily find it when its needed.

    Here is a tutorial to make a lip balm holder with ribbon. Or, you can make a lip balm holder using fabric scraps.

    How To Make A Chemo Care Bag

    DIY Small Tote Bag in 5 minutes

    In honor of World Cancer Day, I want to talk about how to pull together a chemo care bag.

    This is a meaningful way to support family and friends who are fighting cancer and whose treatment involves chemotherapy.

    A chemo comfort bag is not only a great way to be supportive, but also a nice, creative way to add a personal touch to your gift.

    I have already shared tutorials on how to make a chemo port pillow and how to make a mastectomy pillow .

    The beauty of the chemo care bag is that you can make as few or as many handmade items to add to it as you want.

    If you are short on time, its easy to start with pre-fab items. If youre not short on time, then you can make a variety of items.

    A gift of a goodie-filled bag will still hold the same value regardless of how you decide to approach building the bag.

    And while youre at it, why not make a couple of extra items to donate to a local cancer center?

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    Dr Michelle Prince Comfort Care Tote

    The Dr. Michelle Prince Comfort Care Tote Program provides a high-quality, tote bag for patients diagnosed with cancer, who will undergo chemotherapy treatment in Windsor. This tote is the first of its kind to support a patient from the first day of their cancer diagnosis. These totes are handed out at the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Centre.

    Tote Bag For Cancer Patient

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    Create Your Own Chemotherapy Gift Tote


    Item #17603

    Looking for a meaningful way to say you care? Let us help you create your own perfect gift for anyone going through chemotherapy! Begin by selecting the ribbon color for your tote bag, then just pick and choose the items you would like to add. Choose your own colors, ribbons, flavors, or scents from our array of comforting and practical products that will let that special someone know you care. Select any or all of the following items and we will put them together in the tote and send them out:

    All items are of the highest quality and were carefully chosen by our own survivors to make treatment a little more bearable. Let your gift show that special person that they are not in this fight alone!

    Additional discounts do not apply.

    Formerly item C506

    12 × 3 × 14 in
    Cancer Type

    No One Fights Alone® Water Bottle

    3 × 3 × 10 in
    Cancer Type

    Words of Encouragement Mini Padfolio w/ Ribbon Applique & Pen

    7.5 × 0.5 × 8 in
    Cancer Type

    Queasy Drops – Assorted

    This Is What I Kept In My Chemo Bag

    Chemotherapy Tote

    July 28, 2017 | by Adriana Lombardo

    I went for chemotherapy at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre once a week for two years.

    Not knowing that they would turn into full days spent there, I didnt know what to pack at first so I brought along one water, a granola bar, and a book to my first chemo.

    After quickly realizing that wed spend a full day at the hospital on chemo days, the nurse explained to us that although you may have a set-time for blood and chemo, it doesnt necessarily mean that that is when you get called in. She told us that it takes a while for the blood results to come back and once they are cleared by the nurse practitioner, then chemo gets ordered.

    Once chemo gets ordered, its a matter of the pharmacy making the order, which takes time since there are many sections that they provide for.

    From that day on, I always made sure to pack my favorite items that I always kept on-hand not only for chemo, but during my period of treatment whenever I stepped out.

    Crackers & other dry goodies:

    I was on steroids for two years and a bit.

    It was brutal during my intensification phase where I usually had heartburn or nausea and needed to munch on something dry to feel better… or yknow, just felt like eating to pass the time.

    Crackers were my go-to and always a staple item to have in my bag because I just never knew when Id get the steroid munchies.

    Lets be honest, I always carried some sort of food on me whether it be sandwiches, rice, or left-over pasta.

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    Bring Continued Comfort To Cancer Patients

    Its hard to know what to do when a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer and has to go through chemotherapy.

    Gifting a chemo care bag is a thoughtful, unobtrusive way to show your support.

    Cancer centers across the US are always in need of supplies for their bags and handmade items are always in demand.

    To find out more about cancer resources in your area, check out this American Cancer Society page.

    After creating some items to donate, please tag them #createtodonate and #goodsgivingback so that I can repost them.

    Also, if you already support a local-area cancer support organization, I am happy to feature them and their exact needs for FREE here on Create to Donate. So, just contact me!

    A Note Lending Our Support

    At its core, the reason we do all of this is so that others on this journey know they are not alone, were all cheering for them. A handwritten note in each tote relays this support on behalf of the sender and all who made the tote possible.

    Tote and tote goodies may vary. We send these goodies because we found them helpful during my treatment, that said we always recommend that recipients talk with their doctor prior to using to ensure theyre right for them.

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    What To Bring To Chemo

    Weve compiled a list of things that our own survivors as well as former cancer patients and health care professionals believe are must-haves to include in the chemo tote bag you bring to every treatment appointment. So grab your favorite tote bag and lets get packing! Heres what you need for the ultimate chemo care package!

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    What To Pack In Your Chemo Bag

    Chemo treatments can be long and emotionally draining. A chemo bag helps provide entertainment and comfort, ensuring you have what you need throughout the day.

    Apart from essentials such as your insurance card, drivers license and medical records, youll want to pack your bag with items that help pass the time and keep you comfortable.

    1. Reading Materials

    During long days and treatments, reading materials provide you with entertainment outside of your cell phone and an opportunity to get your mind off your diagnosis. Bring along books, magazines or any other reading materials to help fill some of the treatment hours. Plus, infusion rooms are typically quiet, making them perfect places to get some reading done.

    2. A Jacket

    Oncology units are typically cold, so youll want to keep yourself comfortable by bringing a jacket. That way, youll be able to layer up if you get too cool and take your jacket off if you start feeling too hot.

    3. Snacks

    During treatment, its likely youll get hungry. Bringing along snacks to have throughout the day helps you remain strong and energized, and also ensures that you have something on hand that you enjoy eating. There are many foods you can eat during chemotherapy, but most recommended snacks are light and high in fiber.

    Some Popular Snacks to Eat During Chemotherapy:

    • Bread and crackers

    4. A Pen and Journal

    5. Unscented Lotion

    6. Headphones

    7. Coloring Pages and Crayons

    8. A Blanket

    9. Cellphone Charger

    10. Mind Games

    #bettereveryday Chemo Care Totes

    Inspired by the many care packages and letters I received from friends and strangers alike during my treatment, #bettereveryday chemo care totes are reusable tote bags filled with goodies intended to bring chemo patients comfort and joy on their journey.

    The totes, goodies and shipping costs are covered through the generous donations of companies and individuals.

    To date we have distributed more than 400 #bettereveryday chemo care totes to chemo patients in more than 30 states across the country. to nominate someone you care about to receive a tote.

    We respect you, your loved ones and your privacy. .

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    Empowering And Supporting Women With Breast Cancer One Tote At A Time

    We are survivors. We have been there. We know what that first chemo session is like.

    Peace Love Tote support bags are filled with items that founder Kim Carew wishes she had during that first long chemo session. After being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, Kim had a long battle ahead of her. She had been prepared for feeling nauseated and possibly losing her hair. She had been given the statistics and prognosis. What she didnt know was how cold it was going to be in that chemo room. She sat through the hours of her first chemo round shivering, wishing someone would have told her what to expect in more practical terms.

    After beating breast cancer, Kim was inspired by her experience to provide women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis with the necessities she wishes she had on that first day.

    Find out more about Kim and the Peace Love Tote mission.

    Whats in the Tote?

    • A Pair of Warm Socks
    • An Inspirational Book
    • A Coloring Book and Markers
    • A Personal Journal and Pen
    • Magazines and Puzzles

    Important Tips For Packing Your Chemo Tote Bag

    Chemo bag

    There are many uncertainties when it comes to chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Its impossible to know how long your treatment will take, anticipated wait time for labs and chemo, and how warm or cold the treatment room will be. We all know chemo isnt fun, but if you can think ahead and pack your chemotherapy tote bag with things that will make you feel more comfortable, then treatment will be easier for you. And every little bit helps!

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