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What Are Good Snacks For Chemo Patients

Getting Calories And Protein

Chemo Diet

During your treatment, your clinical dietitian nutritionist may recommend certain foods to help you get more calories, get more protein, or eat more comfortably. Some of these foods may seem like less healthy choices. Its important to remember that you will only be eating this way for a short while. Once your side effects go away and your appetite goes back to normal, you can stop eating foods you feel are unhealthy. Your clinical dietitian nutritionist can help you find an eating plan that works best for you.

Diarrhea And Constipation During Chemo Or Radiation:

Having digestive symptoms makes finding foods that taste good during chemo more challenging, so best to focus on how to manage these symptoms first to help you get your appetite back.

Here are some suggestions to help you manage possible symptoms.


If you are experiencing diarrhea it is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking lots of liquids such as electrolyte drinks and water

With diarrhea, its best to cut down temporarily on foods that are high in fiber.


If you are experiencing constipation, stay hydrated and add more high-fiber foods into your diet.

Examples of high-fiber foods:

Tips For Eating And Drinking Enough

During treatment, you may have good days and bad days when it comes to eating. Large meals can seem overwhelming or unappealing. This can happen when you have a decreased appetite or early satiety .

The suggestions below can help you get the most from your meals.

  • Eat small, frequent meals. For example, have 6 to 8 meals a day instead of 3 main meals.
  • Eat every few hours. Dont wait until you feel hungry.
  • Serve smaller food portions on salad plates instead of dinner plates.
  • Drink hot chocolate, fruit juices, and nectars that are high in calories.
  • Avoid low-calorie drinks . Make Double Milk and milkshakes using the recipes in the Recipes section.
  • Have your favorite snack foods available at home, on the go, and at work.
  • Eat your favorite foods at any time of the day. For example, eat breakfast foods for lunch or dinner.
  • Include different colors and textures of foods in your meals to make them more appealing.
  • Make dining a good experience by eating your meals in a pleasant, relaxing setting with family or friends.
  • Make food that smells good .

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Healthy Nutritional Shakes And Supplements For Chemo Patients Available From Enu

When it comes to supporting the nutritional needs of cancer patients, a meal replacement shake from ENU can be a great choice. Each carton offers 400 calories derived from real food ingredients not to mention 20 grams of protein, heart-healthy fats, complex carbs, and a blend of more than 20 important vitamins and minerals and our new Pro3+ powdered nutritional supplement can easily add calories and protein to any beverage. Learn more about how ENU products can help keep your strength up during chemo by visiting us online or calling 266-6733 today.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Foods Ideas for Chemotherapy Patients?

This smoothie recipe from A Mind Full Moms blog was inspired by the authors impressive calorie requirements as a result of her cystic fibrosis. However, many cancer patients also struggle to meet their daily calorie quota. This recipe is a delicious, simple way to make headway while ensuring vital nutrients are making up caloric intake.

Furthermore, this recipe offers the flexibility of using whole cows milk or substituting for coconut milk or a favorite nut milk for those with lactose sensitivities. Calling for chia seeds or flax seeds for added fiber, this recipe checks off a lot of boxes on many cancer patients lists!

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Essentials To Pack In Your Chemo Bag

Until you have visited your chemo center for the first time, it can be hard to know what to expect. Typically there are comfortable recliner chairs and a small table. The amount of privacy varies depending on the design of the facility.

You may have access to a TV or some light snacks and drinks. It will likely be a comfortable setup, but you still may want to bring things to help you pass the time or make you feel even more comfortable.

You will want to be sure to bring the essentials for chemotherapy including:

  • Address book or contact information
  • A bucket or bag for the ride home

There are also many nonessential items you can bring to make your cancer experience more pleasant or comfortable. Consider which, if any, of these might be helpful for you during your chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy And Cancer Recipes

Welcome to our recipes section! Thank you so much for visiting our site! Dont forget to read ourinformative articles, watch our videos, and even seeChef Ryan Live in a town near you!

Our recipes are crafted with the cancer fighter and the most common side-effects in mind. Each one is hand crafted to overcome mouth sores, metallic tastes, nausea, and loss of appetite.

If you find this information helpful, we encourage you to please buy a copy of Cooking for Chemo and After! to help support Cooking for Chemo. There are even more recipes, more helpful articles, and interactive learning guides inside of the book than we host on our website!

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Dehydration Is Another Issue During Chemotherapy Besides Drinking Plenty Of Water Are There Particular Foods That Can Help

Staying well hydrated is an important part of chemotherapy. Your kidneys need plenty of fluid to process and excrete the chemotherapy medicines. If you arent urinating regularly or your urine is a dark color, call your doctor right away.

In addition to drinking plenty of fluids, eat water-rich vegetables and fruit, such as carrots, cucumbers, celery, berries, apples, plums, pears, peaches, nectarines, and oranges.

Sip soups and broth, and enjoy smoothies made with milk or non-dairy options.

Along with these foods, minimize the risk of dehydration with the following tips:

  • Add cucumber slices to water for a fresh taste.

Constipation And Diarrhea Are Two Other Common Side Effects Can You Talk About How To Eat For Both Of Those Conditions

“Food for the Fight” – Nutrition Advice for Cancer Patients

Fiber is key to managing both constipation and diarrhea. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber becomes sticky when it gets wet. Oats, which are rich in soluble fiber, are an example of this. When you add liquid to oats, they become thick and gooey.

Insoluble fiber does not absorb much water, so it doesnt change when liquid is added to it. Think of what a piece of celery dropped into a glass of water. It doesnt absorb liquid or change much at all. Thats insoluble fiber.

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    For constipation, include a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. Drink plenty of liquid to help move things through your digestive tract more quickly and easily. This can ease constipation.

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    For diarrhea, you want to eat ONLY soluble fiber. Think of foods that absorb water and have a sticky quality after preparation or cooking. Examples include oats, barley, and white rice.

For more soluble fiber, try:

Beans and peas contain significant amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

A daily fiber supplement, which is mostly soluble fiber, can address diarrhea and constipation. If you arent currently taking a fiber supplement, ask your doctor before starting one.

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Which Protein Powder Is Best For Cancer Patients

When it comes down to which protein is best for you, a lot can go into your decision.

Things like your likes, lifestyle, whether youre currently being treated for cancer, and the different cancer types are factors to consider. Consideration for breast cancer may be different from small cell lung cancer depending on goals, side effects, and difficulties experienced.

You probably also want a protein that has few additional additives and that is safe for you to use.

If youre undergoing treatment, it might be best not to choose a powder with added probiotics, and be careful with concentrated sources of BCAAs, as mentioned above.

For instance, if you want to:

  • Try a plant-based protein, choose a plain pea protein powder or a mixed protein source. Some come with added powdered veggies and are organic.
  • To maintain your weight or gain weight, use your regular protein more often, or use products that include more protein, calories, and fat. Or to make high-calorie drinks for cancer patients, mix in some ice cream.
  • To maintain your weight or lose weight, choose protein as the only ingredient and mix it with fat-free milk or water.

Best Foods For Chemo Patients To Eat Plus Five Tips For Easing Chemotherapy Symptoms With Food

I met my friend Rebekah when she was in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She had three small children at the time, and getting meals together when she was sick was a horrible idea. Neighbors and family members pitched in, but she still had to find the energyand the desireto eat once the meals were prepared.

I learned one thing from watching Rebekah: food counts, even during cancer treatment. You have to eat well enough to keep your body functioning without overloading it. Macronutrients like protein and carbs are essential, and so are the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that keep immune systems working optimally.

The best foods for chemo patients to eat may vary from household to household, but they seem to be easy to digest, easy on the immune system, and easy to prepare. If youre interested in learning more, read through this list of the best food for chemo patients. At the end of this article, Ill share five tips for using food to ease the process of chemo treatment.

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Foods To Avoid With Cancer

When on a soft diet, it can be helpful to stay away from foods that are hard to chew or swallow. These can include:

  • Hard starches like crusty bread or hard cereal
  • Raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables like celery, carrots and apples
  • Dried, tough, or chunks of meat like beef jerky or casseroles with large pieces of meat
  • Peanut or almond butter or other sticky or stringy foods which can be hard to swallow

Important: Make sure to always talk to your doctor before changing your diet and/or water intake. He or she will be able to offer guidance that suits your specific health needs.

Tip: To help coordinate tasks like meal sign up, picking up meds, and more, the CaringBridge Planner is an all-inclusive scheduling tool to help you request and receive support with everyday tasks. Its all there, with a time and place for each task and space for anyone who wants to help.

Which Foods Have A Lot Of Protein

The Best Snacks for Chemo Patients

Meat and fish, eggs, dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, tofu, nuts and pulses are good sources of protein.

Tips to get more protein

Try to eat protein food at every meal, spread over the day, rather than only at one meal.

  • Eat more hard and soft cheeses. Add them to food where possible.
  • Use full-fat milk as a nutritious drink. Use it to also make smoothies and in cooking whenever possible.
  • Add high-protein milk or yogurt to drinks, fruit and cereals.
  • Add chopped hard-boiled eggs to salads, vegetables, casseroles. Avoid raw eggs.
  • Add nuts, seeds and wheat-germ to your food. Add to casseroles, salads, breads, biscuits.
  • Add chopped meat or fish to vegetables, salads, casseroles, soups, baked potatoes.
  • Add hummus to sandwiches and salads or have with crackers.
  • Eat more beans, lentils and peas. Add to soups and casseroles.

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Living With Cancer Exercise Ideas

There are lots of ways you can become more active. It is important to do something you enjoy that also fits in with your life.

If possible, try to do a mix of activities that improve your aerobic fitness, balance, strength and flexibility.

We have more information on types of physical activity.

Remember, you can ask for advice from your cancer specialist or GP if you have any questions about becoming more active. They may refer you to an exercise specialist or physiotherapist.

Tips for getting started include joining a walking group or exercise class, playing a sport or encouraging your friends and family to join you. Setting realistic targets and keeping a record of your progress will help you to stay active.

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If Your Tastes Have Changed

  • Try adding herbs, spices, garlic or lemon juice to your food. Alternatively, choose stronger versions of foods you normally enjoy.
  • Remember that chutney, pickles, relishes and dressings can all add flavour to your meals.
  • Try eating foods at room temperature rather than when theyre very cold or very hot.
  • If youve gone off tea or coffee, try fruit or herbal teas.
  • If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, see if using plastic cutlery makes a difference.
  • Keep trying foods you previously disliked, as your tastes may change again.

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Healthy Drinks For Cancer Patients

Cancer as well all know is one of the most dangerous and terrible diseases known to humans. This is the reason there are many medical professionals specially suggest healthy drinks for cancer patients. When it comes to searching for perfect drinks for cancer patients there are plenty of amazing choices are available. You can easily search for these items all over the internet and also get complete information about their nutritional values.

Drinks for Cancer Patients

Here are 8 healthy drinks for cancer patients that can prove to be really helpful. You must ensure all these drinks in your daily diet so that you can fight cancer and if any of your friends or family member is at risk of cancer then you can recommend these drinks without any doubt in your mind.

1) Smoothies Made Out Of Vegetables And Fruits

  • The best part about having smoothies made out of vegetables and fruits is that they are easier on stomach and has got that refreshing appeal. There are many cancer patients who find it little difficult to swallow and digest their food. These smoothies are perfect for them and give them the required energy that their body wants.

2) Clear And Simple Broths And Soups Are Also Good

  • There are many medical professionals who advice cancer patients to drink clear broths and soups. By doing this they get their fair share of essential nutrients and again these drinks easy on stomach and easy to swallow and digest.

3) Fruit Punch

7) Organic Tea

Foods For Cancer Patients To Avoid

Integrative Oncology: Nutrition During Chemotherapy

If youre losing too much weight, try to avoid foods that provide little energy or nutrients. These include low-calorie drinks, salads and clear soups. These fill you up without giving your body the calories and protein it needs.

You might find you need to avoid certain foods because of side-effects youre having during treatment. If you have a sore mouth, you might want to avoid spicy foods. If your immunity is low , you may need to avoid foods that could cause infection. These include cheeses that are mould-ripened or made from unpasteurised milk, raw meat and seafood, and runny eggs. Your nurse will discuss this with you.

Check with your doctor or nurse before drinking alcohol when youre having treatment for cancer. Youll usually be able to drink small amounts of alcohol with most types of chemotherapy. But alcohol can interact with certain chemotherapy drugs and make you feel unwell. It can also irritate any sores in your mouth caused by cancer treatment.

You can read more about foods to avoid in our section: Tips for eating well during cancer.

With our health assessments you get an action plan thats tailor-made for you. Find out more about health assessments >

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Difficulties Eating During Cancer

Having cancer and cancer treatments can make eating difficult for several reasons.

  • If cancer is affecting your digestive system, it might cause symptoms like sickness, stomach pains and constipation. This might put you off eating.
  • You may feel tired, low or in pain from cancer or your treatments. This may affect your appetite.
  • You may find you dont have the energy for buying and preparing food.
  • Treatments may cause side-effects such as feeling sick, mouth ulcers and a dry or sore mouth. These symptoms can make it hard to eat and drink as much as you need to.
  • Chemotherapy can change your sense of taste and smell, which might put you off eating.
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can cause digestive problems such as diarrhoea or constipation. You may need to change your diet to help control this.

Vitamin And Mineral Supplements For Cancer

If youre eating a good diet, theres usually no need to take extra vitamins and minerals when you have cancer. Your doctor may recommend a multivitamin and mineral supplement if youre finding it hard to get all the nutrients you need from your food. There may be other times when your doctor might recommend particular supplements. For instance, they may recommend calcium and vitamin D supplements if youre having hormone treatments for prostate or breast cancer. This is to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

If youre thinking of taking a supplement, its important to speak to one of your healthcare team first. This is because advice on supplements can differ depending on which treatment youre having. Certain vitamins and minerals might affect how some cancer treatments work. Your doctor, nurse or dietitian can give you advice on your diet and exactly what supplements might be suitable for you.

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Five Quick Food Tips For Thriving Through Chemo

Now that youve read about the best foods for chemo patients to eat, there are a few tips and tricks to consider as you plan your chemo-therapy meals.

Tip #1

Eat bland foods whenever possible. Foods that have too strong a taste or scent, or that are too spicy, can set off bouts of nausea and vomiting. Foods that are greasy or too fatty could do the same thing. Start off with easy-to-digest foods and add other well-balanced foods on the days when you feel better.

Tip #2

Cook all your food thoroughly. This is important because raw foods can contain microbes, and people undergoing chemotherapy may not be able to fight them off because their immune systems wont be working optimally. This doesnt mean you have to cook all your food to mush, though. Lightly steaming vegetables for about three minutes helps keep the nutrients while killing off microbes, so you can get the best nutrition while staying safe.

Tip #3

Eat small meals throughout the day. Keeping your stomach full with small meals can help keep the nausea at bay.

Tip #4

Tip #5

Use chemo as a healthy eating reset. As you end your chemotherapy treatment, remember to include foods like cruciferous vegetables, healthy teas, and fiber-filled foods in your daily diet. This can help prevent new cancer cells from growing.

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